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How to Style White Boots 12 Ways For All Seasons

How to Style White Boots 12 Ways For All Seasons

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Stylish ways to get more use from your white boots

Styling white boots is so easy as they’re so versatile and go with pretty much as much as black boots do. Can you wear white boots in Fall & Winter? Absolutely, they give a polished fresh look and still in style for Winter 2022/2023. White boots style ideas include wearing them with your jeans for a dressier look, or giving sweater dresses a fresh look for 2022 with a pair of trending white high heel boots.

I got mine as they’re so in right now but wasn’t sure how much I’d actually wear them. I’m ending up wearing them more than my black boots so far this season. Keep scrolling to see my favorite ways of how to style white boots. Shop the post.

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How to style white boots? 12 ways to style 1 pair of white boots for Fall/Winter

There’s so many ways for styling white boots but these are the most practical and fashion forward ways to wear them for 2021/2022.

  1. With a mini dress or short sweater dress.
  2. Under a midi dress.
  3. Under your winter coat.
  4. With a knit coord set.
  5. Style yours with white jeans and a white top for a fresh monochromatic look.
  6. With neutral faux suede or faux leather leggings for an on trend look for FW2122.
  7. Under a work dress.
  8. Under a pant suit.
  9. Style white boots with a skirt suit.
  10. Wear them with a Canadian Tux (denim on denim: jean shirt or denim jacket with jeans).
  11. Style them under or over a jumpsuit.
  12. With jean shorts.

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How to style white boots? White boots styling ideas

Styling ideas for how to style white boots for all seasons, from casual to dressy.

1. Style white knee high boots with a short sweater dress

This is such an easy look and I just add a pair of tights when I want to be warmer. My Gucci tights are my most worn tights. I have 3 pairs on rotation that I’m onto my 3rd year wearing. These, the pink Gucci slides and All Saints slides are my 3 best selling items on this blog.

Styling white boots with a colorful sweater dress is more of a fun, vibrant, style statement than a black dress and boots. Although I wear plenty of all black too. This or jeans tends to be my go to look in Fall/Winter when I’m just popping out for pre dinner drinks with the girls or my hubby.

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Shop the dress under $100 & boots under $150

These boots were made for walking…

2. Create a monochromatic look

If you follow me on Instagram or have been here for a while you know I do monochromatic looks a lot to cheat looking taller. I’m 5’2″. I’m definitely one for breaking rules and don’t believe in not wearing white after Labor Day.

I love white in the Fall/Winter for brightening up grey days and a fresh look. When styling white boots with jeans just make sure they’re skinny or straight cut jeans. Then tuck them into long socks to keep them in place to avoid the material bunching above the boots.

white knee high boots white holland cooper jeans fashion blogger Vegas
This white top’s now on sale for under $30

3. Style your white boots under a midi dress

Styling white boots with a midi dress solves the issue of cold legs and not wanting to wear tights or pants.

I just discovered shrug dress matching sets. I think the last time I wore a shrug was to ballet class. I’m always freezing outside but too hot inside in long sleeve sweaters and sweater dresses. Sweater shrug sets have been my answer!

This blue knit ribbed dress and shrug set is a spaghetti strap dress that comes with the matching shrug. I’ll use the shrug with my white tank tops and bodysuits as well to get more use out of it. Use code TULIP to get 15% off.

white boots styled with blue sweater dress shrug set glamour gains

4. With a light colored coat

Wear them with your beige, white, neutral, blue, green or pink coats for something different to black. I got leather white boots so they’d be easier to clean after being in the rain or walking in the Vegas dust etc.

5. Style white boots with coord sets

Can you tell I have a thing for knits, coords and sweater dresses for Fall/Winter? Black boots would also have worked with this outfit but given it a heavier look. I like styling white boots with sleeveless styles for a lighter, transitional season look.

Then I can just add a blazer, denim jacket or light colored coat in the evening when it gets colder.

winter matching knit set revolve winter wardrobe essentials
White boots styling ideas | Matching knit midi skirt set

6. Wear your white boots with neutral faux suede or faux leather leggings

This is a look thats really on trend for FW2122 as well as comfortable and practical. Style it either with a matching top for a monochromatic look or with a contrasting color to break up the look.

7. Under a work dress

This looks more on trend and fashion forward than your regular work stilettos. This look works best under midi dresses and looser styles. As they can create a weird outline and bulk when styled with fitted skirts.

8. Under a pant Suit

An easy way to change up the look of your pant suits. If your regular work or lifestyle look is more tailored, styling white boots still looks polished but is more youthful and less corporate.

9. With your skirt suits

Switch out your pumps and add a fun vibe to your corporate suits with white knee high boots. It also means you can wear skirts year round and keep your legs warm and feet dry.

10. With a Canadian Tux

Casual, a little retro, comfortable and practical. This is a look that can be worn thousands of ways and you can really make it your own. Whether it’s flare jeans with white ankle boots and a denim shirt, or skinny jeans with over the knee boots and a denim jacket.

This looks all about denim on denim and whatever length and height boots you feel like wearing.

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11. Wear your white boots with a jumpsuit

More white boots style ideas is to wear them with your jumpsuits. This look is giving us all of the Fall vibes. It’s relaxed but edgy and can be dressed up or down depending on the jumpsuit material and cut and accessories you choose. I love how Rachel styled this below. It’s kind of checking off both looks 8 & 9.

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A post shared by Rachel (@rachelmargaritaa)

12. Style white boots with jean shorts

Western style white ankle boots styled with jean shorts give a cute cowgirl vibe without being full on Cowgirl. It’s a great way for keeping your jean shorts on rotation longer than just wearing them for Summer.

13. Style white ankle boots with rompers

Similar to styling white boots with jumpsuits, wear white ankle boots with rompers for Spring and Fall. Or for walking wear flip flops wouldn’t be practical and you want to wear a heel vs sneakers.

Shop the white boot outfits post

Shop all the dresses and white boots styled in this post.

What do white boots go with?

Styling white boots is a bit like styling black in that it goes with pretty much every color you have in your wardrobe. I personally prefer white boots styled with white, light wash or navy jeans or beige faux leather or suede leggings than I do black jeans or leggings.

Some more white boots style ideas include wearing them with sweater dresses, work dresses, under midi skirts and dresses, over or under jeans, with leggings, with jeans, a t-shirt and blazer.

White boots literally work with everything except your gowns! Although never say never and fashion’s as much about having fun, taking risks, what makes you feel good and self-expression as it is following trends and functionality.

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