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Gucci Tights Review | Everything You Need to Know Gucci Tights

Gucci Tights Review | Everything You Need to Know Gucci Tights

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Gucci tights and stockings | Hit or Miss?

Gucci tights or any brand of designer tights seem like they might be a bit on the expensive side for a pair of stockings. This Gucci tights review is to help you decide whether they’re worth it or not and if they’re still in style for 2021-2022. As well explain how Gucci tights sizing runs so you know what size to order and to offer some Gucci tights outfit inspo. They keep selling out everywhere so I’ll keep updating the links of where to get the Gucci GG tights from in the ‘shop the post’ section. I’ve also shared lots of different designer pantyhose including both the beige and black Gucci interlocking G tights and chic Fendi stockings. Scroll straight to the bottom if you just want to shop.

Gucci tights and Gucci stockings are both the same, people just call them different things. I’ve also linked the Gucci leggings that are becoming more popular with the luxe loungewear fashion.

Gucci Tights Unboxing

Are the black Gucci tights worth it? Full Gucci Tights Review

I was hesitant about ordering the black Gucci tights at first as it seemed a lot for a pair of tights I was worried I might rip on the 1st wear. They range from $95-210 but they’re thicker than your average pantyhose and will last if you take care of them or don’t snag them on a zipper or bracelet. I’m all about CPW (cost per wear) and I’m onto year 3 of wearing these beauties.

Are Gucci tights durable

The Gucci tights are thicker than most pantyhose but this will come down to how you take care of them. As well as what you wear with them. Thanks to some TLC, dressing carefully and avoiding bags and bracelets that could catch, mine are on year 2. These care tips will help to make them last.

How to wash Gucci tights

  • Hand wash cold with laundry detergent or baby shampoo
  • Air dry
  • Don’t tumble dry
  • Avoid wearing with diamond bracelets or anything that could snag including your bag.
  • Be careful when pulling on skirts and pants with hooks and eyes to not get caught.
  • Do up zippers carefully to avoid catching the tights.

This post contains affiliate links which do not affect the price in anyway.

The Gucci interlocking G tights are very hard to get hold of now but I found them in stock for $150.

Black Gucci tights outfits designer logo fashion blogger Eve Dawes

How do Gucci Tights Fit? Sizing Tips

What size Gucci tights should I get? You’ll probably want to either order your normal size or size down in the Gucci black tights as they’re not as elasticated or snug as some other brands. However, they are pretty thick which is brilliant for the Winter so you can still wear dresses without going blue from the cold.

I find them really comfortable as some tights can feel quite restrictive. They don’t cut into your waist at all but also have enough elastic for them not to be baggy. They also don’t have a seam over the toe joints that some others do that cause shoes to rub.

Mr. Dawes is quite into them too; looking at not wearing them!

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How to style Gucci tights | Outfit Ideas

If you’re wondering what to wear with Gucci tights, make the black Gucci interlocking g tights the focal point of your outfit and keep other logos and distractions to a minimum. This will keep the look classy and less ostentatious.

Gucci tights can be styled and worn with pretty much anything, from work dresses to cocktail dresses. They even look great with jeans and stilettos when there’s just a peek of them at the bottom. With the added bonus of an extra layer of warmth and not having bare skin showing on your feet in Winter.

Avoid wearing diamond bracelets or any kind of jewelry or bags that might catch on your tights and snag them. Also be careful doing up your zipper on your skirts, dresses and shorts so you don’t catch the tights in them.

I hope this Gucci tights review, care and styling tips helped your buying decision.

how to style black Gucci tights luxury fashion outfit

The black Gucci GG tights were sold out for ages and come in and out of stock from SSense so definitely sign up for back in stock emails as they restock often. If the Gucci interlocking G tights are sold out when you look, you can sign up for back in stock alerts or bookmark this page and check back here as I’ll keep updating the link. They also come in beige/nude if you prefer a lighter shade going for Fall or Spring/Summer or want a pair to go with your beige suede boots.

I’ve never seen the Gucci tights go on sale but if they do I’ll be sure to share the sale with you here. Even on resale sites they’re selling for their original price or more as they’re so hard to find. The 2021 version of the Gucci logo tights have gone up a lot in price and are slightly different to the pair I have. They’re equally gorgeous but to be honest they look less durable and are available in store only.

I’ve shared some other great designer tights too like the Fendi logo tights and Versace logo tights which at $138 are one of the better priced styles in this shoppable image carousel. If you’re looking for this years hot Winter trend: colorful or patterned tights, keep scrolling down.

Are logo tights still in fashion this year?

The stylists and what came down the FW2122 runways say yes, logo tights and Gucci tights are in for Fall Winter 2021/2022. Actually, pretty much anything with logos is still in.

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Shop Gucci Tights

Locating the sold out Gucci tights

If wearing logo’s isn’t your thing, (some think it’s tacky) then try one of this years new Winter trends; colorful and patterned tights as seen at Vivienne Westwood or black vinyl and PVC leggings.

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I’m not sure if I’m going to hop on or skip the colorful tights or stick to classic black ones. Bright stockings are fun and trending but it’s a trend that can look fresh and fashion forward or go easily wrong. To get it right, go for a bright pair in a sheerer material so it doesn’t look like you threw a dress over your workout leggings. I also recommend avoiding solid grey tights to avoid looking like a granny or that you accidentally put a white pair of surgical stockings in the dark wash and stick to the prints or bold colors trending for Winter 2021/2022.

Make a Statement | Bold Colorful and Patterned Tights

Polka dot tights, leopard print tights and bright colors to make a statement this Winter. From designer tights to budget buys, here’s the best statement tights for 2021 – 2022.

Gucci Leggings

Another trend for 2021 is leather, faux-leather, vinyl or PVC leggings and joggers. If leggings are more your style, Gucci brought out a couple of different styles of Gucci leggings in their Pre-Fall collection:

Black Gucci logo waistband leggings. These simple black leggings will go with everything, are regular length and have a fitted silhouette.

If you’re worried, the logo’s are looking tired, switch to patterned, fishnets, or plain sheer black tights instead.

Gucci tights outfits | Style them your way

The beauty of fashion, is that it’s about making it uniquely yours and breaking some rules now and again. So do what makes you feel confidently beautiful.

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