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27 Best Bucket Hats for Women

27 Best Bucket Hats for Women

best bucket hats women style

Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Eve Dawes

The best bucket hats for women (and men) are still in style along with so many other 90s and Y2K trends. You can’t have missed them everywhere from the countless Kangol bucket hats in Emily in Paris to Hailey Bieber’s endless collection of Missioni and Lack of Color bucket hats to Kylie Jenner’s pink Fiorucci bucket hat. Here’s the best bucket hats trending now including must have bold prints, reversible styles, Gucci, Dior and Prada bucket hats, faux fur and all of the style star favorites.

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Lack of Color pink bucket hat

I never thought I’d be a wear them again. I loved them back in the 90’s but never thought I’d consider wearing one now! That was until I saw the cutest baby blue Dior bucket hat. I still don’t think I’m going to be wearing them but I do think they look super cute and retro on others.

Best bucket hats women lack color pink

What are bucket hats good for

Womens bucket hats are one of those styles that’s perfect for the beach, pool days, or even the faux fur iterations for Fall and Winter. I love structured hats and giant sun hats but bucket hats are durable, retro, fold up easily into your bag and luggage, offer some sun protection and cover up roots.

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Shop the best bucket hats for women 2022

If you’re torn between colors or solid or prints, look for reversible styles like the black and white reversible Dior bucket hat or this more affordable Lulu Lemon one. If you’re looking for the ones you’ve seen on celebrities, a lot of them are either Prada bucket hats, Fiorucci or Lack of Color. For logo’d styles go for Dior or Gucci bucket hats.

Are bucket hats in style

Yes! Love them or hate them, they’re in style and everywhere! Just look at Hailey Bieber’s Instagram for style inspiration. I tried the trend and it really doesn’t work for me (proof is in these photos)! It’s one trend I tried and will pass on going forward. I think it depends on your face shape and style aesthetic as I’ve seen them look super cute on others.

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