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Top 15 trending bags 2023 | Handbag trends already taking over Instagram

Top 15 trending bags 2023 | Handbag trends already taking over Instagram

trending bags 2023 pink Versace new collection

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Trending bags and the handbag trends for 2023 are fun, colorful and more practical than the micro handbag trends of the past couple of years. They’re an easy way to update your 2023 wardrobe. These trending handbags are the ones I see the most often on Vogue, fashion blogs and influencers. It’s not just the runway shows that are shaping the popular handbag trends of 2023 but also TV shows and the ethical and sustainable movement that’s influencing some our bag shopping habits. Designer handbag trends 2023 in bright hues, metallic and pretty sparkling iterations continue from Fall and the trending styles include classics like top handle bags bags, the Lady Dior, Balenciaga Hourglass bag, and Prada Re-Edition 1995 bags. It doesn’t have to mean buying something new but even bringing out an old style that you might have tucked away. However, if you like to change it up every season or year, there are also lots of fun trending bags in this best purses 2023 edit. Keep scrolling for the top 2023 bag trends and handbag color trends 2023 to know.

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The 15 handbag trends of 2023

A lot of this years bag trends were last years bag trends too which means no need to do a complete purse shelf overhaul. If you’re looking for a new piece to update your look this season, these are 14 of the purse trends for 2023 to have fun with this year that are shaping up to be the most popular handbags for 2023.

  1. Metallic bags.
  2. Green bags.
  3. Crescent bags.
  4. Oversized XXL bags.
  5. Textured fuzzy bags.
  6. Embellished bags.
  7. Top handle bags.
  8. Box clutches.
  9. Ethical and sustainable brands and bags.
  10. Doubled up bags.
  11. Heart shaped bags.
  12. Re-edition bags.
  13. Fringe bags.
  14. Baguette bags.
  15. Quiet luxury.

Best purses, trending bags & handbag color trends for 2023

If you’re wondering what purses are in style for 2023 and what the trending bags and color trends are, these are the top 15 most seen on the runways and celebrities. A lot of these handbags are preorder so you can be the first to get your hands on them. I’m tempted by the Valentino crystal bag as it’s so pretty and the metallic silver Diesel DX1 when it’s back in stock.

The designer handbag trends 2023 are stunning but I’ve also included luxe for less versions that are more friendly on the credit card. As well as quiet luxury bag brands to embrace the stealth wealth fashion aesthetic and buzzword of the year!

1. Trending bags 2023 – Metallic bag trend

It’s not just clothing that’s got the high shine, glam update this year but handbag trends 2023 have got the metallic treatment as well. Metallic bags were everywhere in silver, gold, pink, lavender, green and blue. As seen at Gabriella Hearst, Tom Ford and Diesel whose D1 XS silver bag has already sold out.

Shop the hottest metallic bags for 2023

From designer handbag trends 2023 to luxe for less styles these are the best purses to nail the metallic handbag trend for 2023.

2. 2023 handbag color trend – Go Green

Green was big last year and it’s still in vogue for 2023. It came down the Spring Summer 2023 runways in all shades from neon green at Givenchy to forest greens at Jil Sander.

JW Pei Gabbi ruched hobo bag (pictured below) is one of the majorly trending styles and it’s under $100. This celeb fave as seen on Gigi, Emily Ratajkowski and Megan Fox to name a few comes in over 30 colors. The only problem now is choosing just 1!

If you’re not a fan of green other handbag color trends for 2023 include pink, red especially for Fall/Winter 2023, metallics and if you’re doing quiet luxury, neutrals will always be in style.

Shop the green handbag trend

3. Handbag Trends 2023 | Crescent Bags

Crescent bags were everywhere at the 2022 and 2023 fashion shows so they’re set to stay in style for 2023. It doesn’t matter with this 2023 bag trend if they’re slouchy, ruched or structured. Bonus points for creating a monochromatic look with is as seen at Balmain and Hermès or going for details like gold handles as seen at Bally.

JW Pei bag review fashion blogger eve dawes abacus
Crescent bag comes in 30 different colors and materials

4. Trending bags | Size up with oversized Bags

This bag trend is still going for 2023 and I’m thankful for it as my bags always seem to be bulging. The oversized bag trends for 2023 are both structured and unstructured as seen at Marni Spring Summer 2023 fashion show with their bright yellow pillowy oversized bags and can be either neutral or bold colorful prints.

Whether it’s an oversized bag tucked under your arm or a shoulder bag, this practical bag trend can stick around as long as it wants to. Which is why it’ll probably continue to be one of the most popular handbag trends for 2023. If you don’t want to splash on a designer bag, check out this luxe for less leather tote by Radley London.

Faux fur bags add texture and warmth to your outfits and you don’t have to worry about them getting scratched like you do lambskin. Y2K fashion trends are still going strong and this is just another way to wear it. As seen at Fendi, Balenciaga and Khaite to name a few. I have only linked faux fur and faux shearling here as I don’t support real fur.

6. Embellished Bags

Embellished and sparkly bags are one of my favorite handbag trends for 2023 and one of the most popular handbag trends for 2023. The more sparkly and glam the better. They’re an easy way to bring your outfit to life and are in keeping with the optimistic fashion vibe this years bringing.

Tom Ford black sequin bag gold zip fashion blogger NYC

These beauties aren’t just to be worn with your cocktail dresses, they look just as good styled with your jeans and everyday wear. Think sparkly sequins, crystal embellished styles as seen at Chanel Metiers D’Art and even fringing.

black cut out dress fashion blogger Vegas rhinestone bag
Sparkly rhinestone bag under $100

The Balenciaga hourglass bag might be the most stunning designer handbag trend of 2023 bag but there’s lots of more affordable luxe for less versions around. The one I have (above) is under $100.

7. Classic Style Top Handle Bags

Top handle bags will always be a classic but this year they’re a trend again and one of the most popular handbags for 2023. They came in all sizes on the 2023 runways from Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton. From mini to medium in all colors. So break out your classics or invest in something new. It doesn’t have to be rectangular or square there are lots of other iterations around this year to play with this bag trend.

medium lady dior bag fashion blogger glamour gains
2023 bag trends – resurgence of classic top handle bags | Lady Dior bag

If you’re unsure what style of bag to invest in and want to splurge, classic top handles will always be in style and are one of the designer handbag trends of 2023 worth splurging on.

8. Trending Bags 2023 | Box Clutches

Box clutches are still in style for 2023. Structured, solid box clutches with and without chains in black, gold, red, white and green were seen at Proenza Schouler, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors and Khaite. With this years fashion having more of a celebratory party vibe these make a great evening bag, especially the crystal encrusted styles. If you’re looking for more of a day bag, the graphic prints are edgier and fun.

trending bags 2023 box clutch

9. Ethical and Sustainable Bags and Brands

Ethical and sustainable brands are becoming more and more sought after and some of the most popular handbags for 2023. So although this isn’t a specific handbag trend for 2023, it is a trending way of shopping. Some of the best purses for 2023 just happen to be vegan and brands like Stella McCartney and Public Goods are great for finding sustainable and vegan leather alternatives.

10. Bag Trends 2023 | Double Up

If one bags is great, 2 is even better. Think either one bag with it’s baby version attached or 2 of a similar size in the same color. Like the green sequin baguette bags at Victor Virgile where one wasn’t enough, models carried two on the same arm down the runways. Fendi also sent models down the runway carrying 2 metallic purple bags, one on each shoulder. So if you can’t normally fit everything into one bag, now you don’t have to!

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11. Trending Bags 2023 | Heart Shape Bags

I’ve had my eye on some quilted heart Chanel bags for a while and now might be the time to take the plunge as they were all over Chanel’s Spring 2023 collection runway show. Along with their boxy vanity bags which are still very much in style and glam crystal embellishes styles.

Whether it’s a heart shaped bag or heart clasp they make the cutest addition to your 2023 wardrobe not just for Valentine’s Day. Other designers showing heart shaped bags and embellishments include Ester Manas, L’Alingi and Alaia with their Le Coeur bag.

12. Re-Edition bags

It makes sense with Y2K and 90’s styles being in style that bags like the Prada Re-edition 1995 are in. Last year it was bowling ball bags in all sizes, leather hobos, Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder bags, 90’s bags like the Lady Dior and Balenciaga’s City bag. For 2023 it looks like Prada could be having a moment with not just their triangle bag but their structured re-edition 1995 handbag.

13. Fringe Handbag Trend 2023

Fringe bags were everywhere at Versace, Dries Van Noten and Cult Gaia. From shorter length to floor grazing styles. For practicality maybe stick to the shorter to mid length styles. They’re one of those bags that always make a statement and are perfect for Spring/Summer 2023. So if crystal bags aren’t your thing, you can still bring the drama with a fringe bag.

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14. Baguette Bags

While we’re on the subject of re-edition bags and vintage shapes the baguette bag is staying in style for 2023 too. Take a look at Carrie’s purple sequin Fendi in ‘And Just Like That’ for inspiration. I’ve always loved this style as it’s big enough for the day and small enough for the evening. Plus you can wear it as a shoulder bag or carry it.

trending bags in style 2023 fendi baguette

Surprisingly Prada has one of the better priced designer baguette bags in nylon. Nylon bags are also making a come bag again this year too. Fashionphile also has a huge selection of vintage Fendi baguette bags.

15. Quiet Luxury Designer Handbag Trend 2023

Forget logos and the handbag color trends for 2023 and go back to neutrals and understated classics for this 2023 purse trend. If you’re into fashion at all you can’t have failed to have noticed the quiet luxury trend which seems to be the buzz word of the moment.

Think luxe leathers and fabrics, superior craftsmanship and under the radar luxury names like Delvaux rather than large flashy names or logos for this 2023 handbag trend.

designer handbag trends 2023 quiet luxury

Which purses are out and which purses are in style 2023

If you’re wondering which styles in your closet to put in their dust bags for this season and which to take out and about this year these are some of the styles that are out and the trending bag styles and purses that are in style for 2023.

Are top handle bags in style 2023?

Yes, absolutely! Some of the best purses that are in style for 2023 are top handle bags. They were at all of the 2023 runway shows from Versace to Chanel to Rokh and influencers like Leonie Hanne and In The Frow are always carrying them. They’re a classic style that never really goes out of fashion but are most definitely in fashion for 2023.

bag trends 2023 top handle pink Zac Posen

However, if yours has been gathering dust or you were thinking of buying one, now’s the time to bring it back out or go get the one you’ve had your eye on as they’re most definitely in.

popular handbags 2023 designer top handle Lady Dior
Top handle bags 2023 Dior

What bags are staying on or coming back into rotation in 2023

Since top handles are in those will definitely be staying in rotation. I purchased the pink Versace Medusa bag as soon as it came out in Fall ’21 and am still going to keep wearing it in 2023 along with my top handle medium Lady Dior bag.

I’m also bringing back out my gold studded Christian Louboutin bag that hasn’t seen daylight in a few years since metallics and studs are back in style.

Are bucket bags in style 2023?

They’re on some but not all fashion editors bag trends lists for 2023. The last time I saw them on a runway was Dior’s fashion show back in June 2022 but they were all over the streets at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. They were more predominant at the FW2223 fashion shows like Flying Solo, Louis Vuitton and Chloe. So while they’re in for Fall Winter 2022-2023, I’m not sure how much they’ll stick around for the rest of 2023.

What are the handbag color trends 2023

The handbag color trends for 2023 are bright or metallic! Some of the most popular handbag colors for this year are bright red, pink, lavender, blue, all shades of green and metallic. As seen at Balmain, Loewe, Valentino, Ferragamo and Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week to name a few.

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From more of the best purses for 2023 trending now to classic investment pieces, check out these bags and reviews.

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