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The Only Chanel Vanity Case Review & Care Guide You Need to Read

The Only Chanel Vanity Case Review & Care Guide You Need to Read

Chanel vanity case bag review black calfskin gold

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Chanel vanity bags are the cutest bag to own right now but are they worth it & are they practical?

Chanel vanity cases with chains were part of the Chanel Fall Winter 2022-2023 Pre-Collection and are still one of their cutest bags in their collections. This Chanel Vanity Case bag is from Look 20 from the Chanel FW 2022/23 Pre-Collection. Not to be mistaken with a makeup bag, these are most definitely handbags! Luxury handbags are one of those things I normally really contemplate before buying but this was love at first sight. When you know you know. The only 2 things I wanted to check before handing over my credit card was does the Chanel vanity case fit an iPhone and is it calfskin? Here’s all the answers to your questions you should know before buying this Chanel quilted, top handle bag.

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Chanel vanity case bag review black calfskin gold small eve dawes fashion blogger

Chanel vanity case bag review

Everything you need to know about this small Chanel quilted, top handle bag including size, warranty, how to care for it properly and some cool features to this bag. The size I mention in the video is for the Chanel large vanity bag, the small vanity case is 4.5 × 5.9 × 3.3″

Chanel vanity case bag review

What size is the Chanel small vanity case?

The small Chanel vanity case is 4.5 × 5.9 × 3.3″ inches which is big enough for your iPhone, credit cards, car keys and a lipsticj. My one caveat when buying a bag is that it has to fit my phone. However cute it is, if it doesn’t it’s a pass.

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Chanel bags lots on Fashionphile limited on Chanel

The large Chanel vanity case bag is 5.9 × 8 × 4.1″ which might be more practical for an everyday bag. I’d probably have chosen the large vanity if it had been available when I bought mine but mine was a last minute rush buy on the way to boarding the plane at Heathrow.

chanel vanity bag black calfskin

What material is the Chanel vanity bag with chain

This Chanel vanity case is black calfskin & gold tone metal. I always look for calfskin bags (the Lady Dior was the exception as the only non patent leather available is lambskin) as they’re more durable than lambskin. I’m quite heavy handed with my bags and get nervous about my rings, etc scratching them. I also prefer structured looks to more supple styles which is why I love Chanel top handle bag styles. 

Chanel vanity case black calfskin gold   luxury fashion blogger review eve dawes
Chanel vanity case black calfskin

Chanel bag care and storage tips

Lambskin and suede Chanel bag care is a bit different to calfskin leather bags as it’s more delicate. These care and storage tips are for Chanel calfskin leather bags.

  1. Try to avoid exposing your Chanel leather bag to sunlight and artificial light.
  2. Avoid moisture for prolonged periods. It’s definitely not a bag for using in down pours or really humid places.
  3. If it does happen to come into contact with water, carefully dab it dry with an absorbent non-piling cloth. 
  4. Try to minimize contact or friction with materials that could alter the color of the leather or damage the edges. Especially light colored bags with dark colored denim!
  5. Be careful if your clothing has buttons or you’re wearing jewelry that could scratch the leather.
  6. Avoid using cleaning lotions and polishes and only use the cleaning cloth your bag came with to gently polish the metal and leather parts in small circles.
  7. It’s natural for your Chanel vanity case and bags to develop a sheen overtime.
  8. Store your Chanel bag inside the dust bag it came with upright.
  9. Tuck the chains inside the bag when you’re not using it to prevent them leaving marks on the leather.
chanel small vanity case black calfskin quilted top handle review

Do Chanel bags come with a warranty

Yes! If you buy your Chanel bag from a Chanel boutique they come with a 5 year warranty. If you buy your bag second hand you might want to email them and see if they can send you the original warranty email if it’s not expired.

The warranty covers any repairs or replacement parts from wear that’s happened with proper use. You’ll need proof of purchase from one of their boutiques to be able to take advantage of the warranty.

Chanel vanity case black gold bag

How much does the small Chanel vanity case cost

It varies from country to country. Back when it was released for FW2223, it was listed on Chanel UK at £3,860 and on the US site at $4700 (plus tax). However, unfortunately you can’t buy it online unless you’re buying it pre-loved, only in Chanel stores.

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Yellow dress | Chanel bags on Fashionphile | Balmain heels sold out

Shop Chanel vanity cases and bags

Unfortunately I can’t link to Chanel directly and they also don’t have this bag style available online. However, these are the Chanel beauties that you can get online.

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How to style your Chanel vanity case

Chanel vanity bags are one of those versatile styles you can pretty much wear with anything. Structured top handle bags like this Chanel quilted bag are classics and elevate a simple jeans and tee outfit but are also smart enough to wear with a cocktail dress.

The only thing I would say is to watch proportions. Because the bag is small, I personally think it looks better with sleeker more fitted styles, even if that’s just leggings than oversized sweaters. When I tried it on at the airport with my baggy leather joggers, boxy blazer and flats it made me look massive and the bag too small. It’s not a rule, you do you, but just my personal preference.

chanel mini bag black caviar chain strap


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