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12 Chic Chanel belt outfit ideas Ways To Wear a Chanel Belt

12 Chic Chanel belt outfit ideas Ways To Wear a Chanel Belt

chanel belt womens chain pink tweed dress

Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Styling ideas for how to wear Chanel chain belts & women’s leather belts

Chanel belts for women are pretty up there price wise when it comes to belts but if you follow me on Instagram or here you know that my black leather Chanel belt and Chanel chain belt are a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve worn them lots over the past few years as it’s such a classic style. If you’re wondering whether a Chanel belt or designer belt is worth buying or not have a look at these Chanel belt outfit ideas and see if you’d actually wear it or not. The more use you’ll get out of it the better the CPW (cost per wear) & the more likely it is that it’s worth buying. I’ve linked mainly to vintage Chanel belts as options for buying new online are limited. Chanel is one of those brands that you have to buy mainly in store and not all of us have one close by.

This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored by Chanel.

Chanel belt womens jeans blazer fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Black leather logo Chanel belt | white bodysuit | long black blazer | Black Christian Louboutin pumps | Prada tote

If you don’t have a designer or women’s Chanel belt to try these 12 ways to style and wear your Chanel belt it doesn’t matter. You can still use these Chanel belt outfit ideas for styling inspiration for any of your favorite leather or chain belts.

I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of the black Chanel belt for women as I wore my Gucci one on repeat so much. Belts are one of my favorite accessories because of how versatile they are, how you can add your own flair to an outfit and how easy it is to give shape to dresses and coats.

best wide leg pants black chanel inspired glamour gains
Black top sold out similar | Black flare pants similar | vintage Chanel chain belt gold | Gucci bag | Tag Heuer watch | Shop the outfit

Are Chanel belts worth it?

A Chanel belt can be dressed up with your favorite dresses and workwear or down with shorts or denim. I wear mine every season and have definitely had my money’s worth out of both of my black leather Chanel belt and Chanel gold chain belt.

chanel belt outfit womens stripe top skirt
Stripe skirt set use code EVEDMM20 for 20% off

I tend to swap between the two. Depending on how much I’m wearing jeans versus sweater dresses and skirts and how dressy my outfit is. As obviously the Chanel chain belt is a much dressier style.

Because I’ve had my chain belt for over 10 years, it’s definitely had it’s fair use over the years and I’d buy it again. I just had it re dipped as I dropped it and the coin snapped off! On the plus side, it looks brand new again.

I also feel like it’s more special and more of a statement piece than the black leather belt and you can pick up some beautiful vintage Chanel belts from luxury consignment stores.

luxury items worth investing in womens fashion Glamour Gains
Emporio Armani sold out, similar blue dress | womens leather Chanel belt | Chanel sandals better for budget/similar

12 Chanel belt outfit ideas | Ways to style & wear it right now

Try these 12 ways to style and wear your Chanel belt or any belt to get more use from them and to create more looks from your closet.

  1. Wear your Chanel belt with your favorite pair of jeans or pants.
  2. Add it to a shirt dress to create shape.
  3. Style a black Chanel belt with jumpsuits to dress it up.
  4. Add a Chanel chain belt to your skirts and dresses for more luxe look that creates interest and shape.
  5. Dress up a blazer dress and give it a waistline with your belt.
  6. Dress up jean shorts and shorts with your Chanel belt and a blazer.
  7. Belt coats that don’t have buttons or a belt to create a flattering waistline.
  8. Add interest and break up solid colors by wearing it with a matching set.
  9. Add it to your tailored workwear for a more pulled together, finished look.
  10. To belt oversized blazers. It creates better proportions for us petite girls.
  11. Use your Chanel belt to cinch sweater dress or looser dress to add interest and to create a waistline.
  12. Belt your swimsuit for instant retro glam.
  13. Style them with your jumpsuits in Winter.
  14. Belt your rompers for a more luxe look.
chanel chain belt pink tweed dress
Similar pink tweed dress | Versace sandals | Chanel chain belt gold

I’m always looking for new ways to style what I have rather than to just keep buying new things. These are the 12 ways I wore my Chanel belts in the last year that you can try. I’ll keep adding to this as I find new styling ideas and as fashion changes.

1. Casual Chanel belt outfit idea | With your favorite pair of jeans or pants

Wearing a belt and jeans is nothing ground breaking. But I couldn’t do a post about 12 ways to style a Chanel belt and not include probably the most worn way to wear a belt. Whether it’s jeans, a t-shirt and blazer or jeans and a sweater. It makes any pair of jeans instantly more chic with the added benefit of keeping them up!

2. Add it to a shirt dress to create shape

Shirt dresses are so easy to throw on and comfortable but I tend to replace the belt it comes with, with a Chanel belt to make it look more expensive. You can also layer your shirt dress under a blazer with knee high or thigh high boots and belt the blazer for another look that’s warmer for Fall.

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3. Wear it with jumpsuits and rompers

gold chanel chain belt white outfit
White romper | Gold womens Chanel chain belt | nude mules | Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Another go to of mine is jumpsuits in colder months and rompers in warmer months. Again, because they’re so quick and easy to throw on and go. To make them dressier or create more of a waistline, add your belt and heels and you’re good to go.

Black leather crystal Chanel belt pink jumpsuit Christmas outfit fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Similar hot pink jumpsuit | Black Chanel belt leather | Similar gold star earrings

A Chanel belt adds interest and can make a more affordable style look more expensive. I also like it for breaking up 1 color and creating more of a waistline on jumpsuits and rompers.

4. Add a Chanel chain belt to your skirts and dresses

For more luxe look that creates interest and shape, add a Chanel chain belt or leather belt where you wouldn’t always expect one.

winter fashion trend crop top blogger Glamour Gains
Emporio Armani long coat | Versace black pencil skirt | black crop top | Prada tote | vintage Chanel chain belt statement styles

5. Dress up a blazer dress

Not only does the belt give it a waistline it also makes it a bit dressier. The blazer dress I’m wearing came with a belt but I swapped it out for a touch of sparkle and because the feathers needed a more glam finish than the plain belt it came with.

6. Dress up jean shorts and shorts

A Chanel belt instantly dresses up jean shorts and shorts especially with a blazer and heels or chic leather flats. Belts aren’t just pretty, they’re functional. So if you have a low rise pair or ones that are too big this solves the issue of sitting and showing more than you intended or pulling them up all day.

7. To belt coats

Belt a coat that doesn’t have buttons or swap out the belt it came with to create a flattering waistline. As well as to keep it closed and change up the look of it.

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8. Coordinated Chanel belt outfit idea | With a matching set

As you know from this blog, I’m a huge fan of matching sets and coords as they make dressing so easy. As there’s no having to worry about what top coordinates with which bottom. However, sometimes a matching top and bottom can look a little flat and a Chanel belt breaks up the look, makes it more chic and adds interest.

9. Work Chanel belt outfit idea | Belt your tailored workwear and suits

A black and gold belt will go with pretty much any color suit or workwear, whether it’s a skirt, pants or dress. It makes it look more polished and fashion forward and adds a designer look to high street brands.

This is such a simple styling hack that creates a more pulled together, finished look. You can style the same outfit with different belts and shoes for totally different looks and to take your workwear from the office to after work drinks.

luxury fashion blogger glamour gains chanel
Chanel belt vintage | Sarah Flint nude pumps use code SARAHFLINT-BAEVE for $60 off

10. To belt oversized blazers and blazer dresses

I’m petite so oversized anything can drown me or look sloppy. It’s easy to make oversized blazers look dressier and not drown you by adding your Chanel belt. Especially if you have a petite frame.

11. Style your Chanel belt for women with s sweater dresses

Infinitely chic and great for giving shape to and changing up the look of your sweater dresses. This is a look I come back to time and time again.

If you want to create more of a waist with your dress, an hourglass silhouette or if your dress needs some more shape, a belt is a quick fix. It’s easy to add a leather belt for a cinched waist or a chain belt for a more relaxed fit.

12. Luxe swimwear Chanel belt outfit idea

Add a luxe touch to any swimsuit with your Chanel belt. This is such a retro glam look. A gold Chanel chain belt makes any one piece swimsuit look more glamourous. This is definitely more of a poolside shade bathing, pool party or look for photos than for swimming or sunbathing as the metal can get hot fast.

Where to buy Chanel belts

Obviously Chanel stores are the best place to buy a Chanel belt but since many of us don’t live close to one, online luxury consignment stores are the next best option. Not just for vintage Chanel belts but also for new giftable condition belts. Dear Santa…

You can filter by condition e.g. giftable, new, excellent, good, etc as well as for the price range and style you’re looking for. My go-to’s for both buying and selling are Rent The Runway (review) and Fashionphile.

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