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Is Rent The Runway Worth it? Review, Haul & Your Key To Accessing Designer Looks

Is Rent The Runway Worth it? Review, Haul & Your Key To Accessing Designer Looks

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Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Rent The Runway : Everything You Need to Know

Rent The Runway review, haul and everything you need to know. RTR carries dresses, clothing and accessories from over 700 designers whose value range from under $100 up to $3500 but is it worth it? Scroll down for a Rent The Runway promo code to try it for yourself as well as to find out if I’m still using them or not.

Some of the benefits of renting clothing is that it lets you wear the more expensive brands without paying full price for something you’re only going to wear once or that will go out of style. It also saves your dry cleaning bills.

This Rent the Runway review blog post contains affiliate links including the rent the runway promo code that auto applies for you. All opinions are my own.

Rent The Runway review | Everything you need to know

If you prefer to watch than read this Rent the Runway review and want to see Rent The Runway dresses on, here’s a review and haul video.

If you want to try it for yourself, this discount link automatically applies a $30 off Rent The Runway promo code to your 1st order. In this Rent The Runway haul, I’m sharing my 4 most recent Rent The Runway dresses; quality, sizing, and tips on what to look for when ordering. I’ve been using them for 6 months.

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Is Rent The Runway worth it?

If you go out a lot, have a special occasion, need nice clothes for work, are pregnant and/or fluctuating in size or take lots of photos, absolutely! Rent the Runway dresses, outfits and accessories have saved me so much money buying clothes that I’d only wear a couple of times. As well as given me access to clothes I wouldn’t normally spend as much on just to wear once.

I love how fast the turn around time is, all orders arrive in 2 days or less. As well as the fact I don’t need to wash or dry clean anything. Sizes range from 00-22 so there’s something for pretty much everyone from super casual to formal gowns. There is a but coming up…

The average member rents $34K in clothing a year.

Rent The Runway

Why I stopped using Rent The Runway

The styles on Rent The Runway tend to be a few years old so what’s really on trend is limited. Although they have a lot of classic styles that don’t date. I found within the time I used them I ran out of styles that I wanted to rent from them.

The 2nd issue came when they changed who they did their shipping with. Every time I sent my rentals back they’d say I still had them at home and charge me late fees. I would have to send them the tracking information and proof of delivery that they did in fact have my clothes back. They’d then apologize and refund me.

Am I still renting clothes

Yes. I’ve switched to Fashionpass which has much more on trend, fashionable styles. Although they’re not designer, you get unlimited swaps and the clothes arrive really quickly. You can use code EVE1E for $15 off your 1st months subscription and cancel at anytime.

I still like to buy clothes, especially wardrobe staples I’m going to wear more than a few times. However, renting clothes is great for special occasions or trying new brands and seeing how their sizing runs. As well as if you’re pregnant or fluctuating in size and for clothes you’d only wear once or twice.

Although, if you love something you can keep it longer or buy it from both Rent The Runway and Fashionpass. You can often find the clothes cheaper for new than Rent The Runway is selling them used as they tend to be older styles that are on sale, so definitely shop around.

Rent the Runway promo code

Just click this link to automatically get $30 off your first RTR order, no promo code needed.

Rent The Runway Review Rating

The reason I’m giving my Rent the Runway review 3 out of 5 stars is that I wish they carried more current fashion trends. It’s great for classics but carrying new season pieces and fixing their shipping issues (which they might have done by now) would earn this Rent The Runway review 5 stars as everything else including customer service, shipping speed and the fact I don’t have to dry clean anything is perfect.

How do you use Rent the Runway?

All you have to do once you have a membership is browse the closet. Then you can heart your favorites and add 4 items to your delivery. Then you can keep it as long as you want or return it after one wear, it’s up to you.

There are no return dates as long as your membership’s active. Once you’re done just pop them back in the bag it came in with the enclosed pre-paid shipping label.

I tend to filter pricing when I’m looking from high to low to try to get the most out of my membership. Rather than ordering something more affordable I could just buy. I always seem to end up choosing Rent The Runway dresses and bags as I get the most wear out of them. As well as seasonal trends I wouldn’t want to spend as much on buying.

Another thing I love about Rent The Runway is that you don’t have to wait for them to receive your return before placing your next order. As soon as you click return on an item on their site, it unlocks your next item to ship so you can instantly select your next rental piece.

There are lots of user reviews on Rent the Runway and photos if you’re not sure how a brands sizing runs. Worse case, exchange it for another size. The membership also includes one free ‘Fit Do-Over’ that can be used in the first two months. That way, if you receive something you can’t wear you can contact Rent The Runway and exchange it for something else.

How much does it cost to rent the runway?

There are 3 options for Rent The Runway memberships. You can also do one-off rentals where the price is based on the value of the item. This is the better option if you’re just doing it for a special occasion like a Wedding, vacation or holiday party.

Shipping both ways and dry cleaning is always included in the rental price or membership.

With the monthly rentals you can freeze, cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. They also offer discounted trial memberships where the 1st month of option 1 is discounted and the first 2 months are discounted for membership options 2 and 3.

Rent The Runway membership options

Membership option 1

RTR’s most affordable plan is $89 ($69 the first month to try it out). This includes 1 shipment with your choice of 4 items from their basic closet. The value of the clothing and accessories in the basic closet only goes up to $350.

I personally think it’s better to pay $46 more per month and upgrade to option 2 for double the amount of rentals. As it also gives you access to the full closet where the retail value of items goes up to $3500.

For $135 month ($99 first 2 months), you get double what you get in option 1: 8 items in 2 shipments from the full closet (retail value up to $3500). In my opinion, this is the best Rent The Runway membership for most people unless you either go out a lot (4 x per week) or are using it for work clothes and accessories.

Best Value | Membership option 3

This is the most expensive at $199 per month ($149 for the 1st 2 months). However, it’s the best value and you don’t really need to shop for much else. This membership option includes 16 items per month in 4 shipments and full closet access.

This is the option I started with but downgraded to option 2 for the next few months as I don’t have enough places to go to wear all of the fabulous outfits with travel coming up. I did like being able to pick 2 outfits and 2 bags to create complete outfits. As I found I got more use out of ordering this way than just renting 4 items of clothing in each order.

Rent the Runway got rid of their Rent The Runway Unlimited Swaps plan in 2021 as they found only 4% of users were swapping more than 16 items per month. Which is how the new 16 items a month came into play to save users paying for more than they were using.

Rent the Runway promo code

$30 off your 1st order.

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My favorite Rent The Runway designers

Some of my favorite Rent The Runway designers are Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler, Bronx and Banco, Emporio Armani, Self-Portrait and Cushnie for dresses and clothing, Cult Gaia for bags and Veronica Beard for blazers. I reviewed a lot of these designer brands in the Rent The Runway review haul video above.

I haven’t rented any of their jewelry as I get most of mine from Chanel, Shop LC (use code Eve20 for 20% off), Ettika (use code eve20 for 20% off) and Kollectin (invite code girlfriend).

Besides Rent the Runway dresses and separates, I love renting their bags to stay on top of seasonal trends that I don’t want to splurge on.

Other membership benefits

Besides your monthly rentals, Rent The Runway membership perks include:

  • Shipping both ways is included
  • No need to wash or dry-clean. Return them worn.
  • You can pause or cancel your membership for the following month(s) at any time. I just froze my membership for Fall as that’s our business travel season so I don’t need anything fancy.
  • Access to members-only sales of their pre-loved designer styles.

Does Rent The Runway only rent clothing?

No besides clothing (Rent the Runway dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, blazers, rompers) from casual to formal, they also rent accessories: jewelry, sunglasses and handbags.

They’ve even partnered with West Elm to rent out home decor. So if you fancy a living room or bedroom refresh or trying some new colors out before committing to them you can do that.

Rent the Runway is the premier subscription fashion service that powers people to rent designer styles for work, weekends and events

Rent The Runway

Can you purchase Rent the Runway dresses?

Yes! If you love your Rent the Runway dress or anything you’ve borrowed you can either keep it as long as you want as long as your memberships active as there’s no return date. Or if you really love it, you can buy it at a discount (no rent the runway promo code needed, the discounted price automatically shows next to each item).

PRO TIP: Check on other stores first like The Real Real in case it’s a better price or you can find it new on sale. I’ve linked all of the photos on here to the best prices I could find to buy them new as you know I love a sale.

Is renting clothes better than buying?

Renting V buying clothing and accessories comes down to a few things.

  • How much are you going to wear it?
  • Is it classic or seasonal?
  • Are you the weight/size you’re going to stay at for a while?
  • Do you prefer designer clothes but don’t want to keep buying them?
  • Where are you going to wear them?
  • Are you a creature of habit or do you like trying new things?
  • Do you like doing laundry and dry-cleaning? Sounds silly but some people find it therapeutic. I have had to steam a few items when they’ve arrived just to get the creases from shipping out but no washing!
  • Do you wear most of your clothes more than once?

I think that covers anything but if I’ve missed something you want to know, shoot me a DM on Instagram @glamourandgains.

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Rent the floral dress | Buy the floral mini dress


Thanks for reading lovelies. I hope this Rent The Runway review helped you make a decision on whether it’s right for you and the best plan for you.

Eve xo

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Rent the white dress | Own the white dress
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