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12 top tips on how to shop for affordable designer clothes for less

12 top tips on how to shop for affordable designer clothes for less

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Last Updated on March 29, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Designer Clothes Sale tips, when to invest and when to save, swapping, selling, recycling and more

Affordable designer clothes for less and fashion on a budget, doesn’t have to mean fast fashion and it definitely doesn’t mean fakes. There’s lots of ways to stay in style and do fashion for less while not breaking the bank. These 12 tips for staying fashionable, stylish and finding cheap designer clothes for less while sticking to your budget are based around savvy shopping. Including designer consignment, renting websites you need to know about, where to shop for designer dresses for less and other top smart shopping tips.

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 Affordable Designer Clothes For Less

Cheap designer clothes may seem unlikely but while they’re not really cheap, there’s ways to make them more affordable and accessible. Over the last few years due to global events, I think most of us have had to learn to be more frugal which is why I put together this affordable online shopping, renting and selling guide.

I’ve always loved a good sale and finding bargains as well as wearing a mix of both designer and high street pieces.

In this fashion and style blog and podcast episode I’m sharing my fashion on a budget tips, how to get designer bags and clothes for less, sale tips, what to splurge on and what to save on, and how to save money when it comes to updating your wardrobe/closet.



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What type of fashion do you really want or need?

What can you swap, sell, or donate? You don’t have to cut back on everything but you can reevaluate your priorities. I believe in spending on things that bring lasting joy and cutting out expenses on things that don’t. Whether that’s calories, money or time!

The key is to admit what makes you happy and what doesn’t, what’s worth the investment and what will leave you with buyers remorse.

12 Tips for Staying Fashionable on a Budget & Finding Designer Clothes for Less

Clothes, shoes and more. For designer jewelry for less, scroll down to the bottom of this page to listen to the next episode. To find brands that are designer on a budget listen or read on.

12 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Budget Without Looking Cheap

  1. Buy separates to mix and match

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    Coordinating set

    Buying various matching tops and bottoms and coord sets gives you so many options versus buying dresses or playsuits (as much as I love those too). For example, If you bought 12 tops and 12 bottoms, you’d have 144 different outfit combinations!

  2. Search the sales and seasonal sales

    I always feel so much better when I get something on sale. I hate that feeling when I buy something and then it goes on sale the next week. Most sale sections are searchable by price.

    I definitely recommend using this option and setting a budget. That way you won’t be lusting after something you can’t currently afford.

    Nordstroms Anniversary Sale is going on right now, check out the curated Nordstrom sales guide to make it easier to shop by category and not get distracted by things you don’t need.

    Shopping the sales as soon as they start will help your size or style selling out. It’s worth checking out stores membership programs too for inside perks and early access to sales.

    Always check the return policies on sale items so you’re not stuck with something you’ll never wear or that doesn’t fit. The whole point’s to save money, not waste money. Revolve and ASOS have great return policies, just watch out for anything that says ‘final sale’ unless you’re 100% sure of your size in that brand.

    For designer dresses for less and cheap designer clothes FarFetch and YOOX are two of the best websites for both men and womens fashion at massively discounted prices.

  3. Affordable designer clothes for less | Look for discount codes

    Google ‘discount code {store name}’ for codes. Some won’t work or will be out of date but most of the time you can find a current code for non-sale and sale items depending on the stores policies. I prefer hunting for my own codes than using a Safari extension like Honey, as the pop ups got annoying but you might love it.

    If you’re following any influencers on Instagram or using the app, keep an eye out for discount codes in their captions as brands often give them codes to share with their followers. You don’t have to recreate the wheel, you can copy their looks. You’ll also get sale alerts on any items you favorite.

    Chloe Veitch from ‘Too Hot To Handle’ always looks right on trend and wears really affordable outfits. Get Chloe’s outfits and some fashion inspiration with most outfits costing under $50!

  4. Look for versatile pieces

    Look for styles that you can dress up or down, that make great outfits for the day or night. A change of shoes, accessories and lipstick can easily take a laid back look to a glam style for the evening.

  5. Swap outfits with friends

    You obviously have to be a similar size for this to work but if you’ve been eyeing your friends wardrobe, ask if you can do a swap. I’d caveat this by saying, only borrow what you can afford to replace and always return it clean and in the condition is was loaned to you in. Let’s preserve those friendships.

  6. ROI & CPW | Cost Per Wear PW

    Consider the cost per wear or return on your investment. How many times are you going to wear it? If you’re only going to wear it once, unless it’s your wedding dress, it’s probably not worth shelling out for unless it has a good resale value.

    That’s why I’ll spend much more on my shoes, bags, and accessories than clothes. Unless they’re for a special occasion, as I get so much more use out of them.

    Plus, they can take an ordinary outfit to something beautiful and luxe.

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  7. Designer clothes for less | Special Occasion Outfits

    If you’re going to a wedding, ball or event where you need a gown or outfit you’re only going to wear once consider either borrowing, renting, or buying second hand from somewhere like Rent The Runway or Fashionpass for rentals or Poshmark or RealReal for purchases.

    The Real Real often has 70% off sales which are up to 90% off of their original purchase price. You’re not going to find cheap designer clothes at a better price than here.

  8. Follow the wash and care instructions

    This sounds so obvious but I know I’ve been guilty of trying to hand wash something in cold water instead of dry-cleaning thinking it’d be fine. Following the care instructions will help your clothes last longer so they don’t need replacing as often.

  9. Resell what you no longer love

    It can be hard to part with clothes that have memories attached to them but if you’re no longer wearing it and can make money from it, sell it.

    Try Poshmark for your high street buys you’re ready to let go or RealReal for your luxury designer outfits, accessories, shoes and even home items. Use code REAL for 20% off or hunt their sale section.

    This will give you money to go towards something new that you love and can create new memories in.

  10. Cheap designer clothes for less | Quality over quantity

    Sometimes it’s worth spending a little more for better quality than trying to save and spending less on something that’ll fall apart after the first wash or wear. It depends what you’re shopping for.

    Shop the annual or biannual sales to pick up designer pieces and classics that will last and elevate any outfit. Mixing at matching high street and luxury brands is a definite do not don’t.

    If it’s a trend that’s probably only going to last one season, look for something on the less expensive side and do fashion on a budget versus investing in a classics from a designer.

    There are so many great online stores now who do fashion on a budget so well, to get pieces like that such as In The Style, Femme Luxe Finery, SHEIN, etc.

    They can be a bit hit and miss but as long as you can return them, you should be good. I find SHEIN runs big and did a review on SHEIN’s Summer dresses and rompers if you’re considering buying from them and want to learn more, or just ask me in the comments below.

11. Classic styles are always in

If in doubt, go for classics. They’re the pieces to spend on and then save on the ‘fashion forward’ pieces. Clothes like a classic cut pair of jeans, trench coat, black and nude stilettos, a black and or white blazer, designer brooch or bracelet, and sunglasses that you’ll get lots of wear out of.

12. Shop for designer investment pieces abroad

One of my favorite things about shopping abroad is that it always reminds me of that holiday whenever I wear it. Like the Hermés bracelet I got in St. Barts and the Chanel necklace I got in Venice.

It’s also a great opportunity to get designer clothes for less thanks to duty free shopping. Make sure you get the duty-free receipt from the store and then you can claim the taxes back at the airport. Different stores provide different amounts back but it’s still more economical than buying at home.

This is a really savvy and fun way for shopping for cheap designer clothes and fashion for less as well as accessories, bags and shoes.



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13. Make sure you do price comparisons

To find the most affordable designer clothes and best prices use price comparison sites like Modesens.

Where to shop for designer jewelry and designer clothes for less

The best places to buy, rent, gift or sell are on these 3 of my favorite online jewelry stores.

Stay ahead of the fashion trends and add an expensive, luxe, glam look to any outfit by shopping online for stunning designer jewelry at affordable prices. Instead of looking like you’re doing fashion on a budget, you can add a more luxe touch to all of your outfits.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to accessorize! To prove it, I did a little searching and found these 3 websites to be the best for everything. From statement pieces to classic jewelry from designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Christian Dior and David Yurman as well as independent designers.



Affordable designer jewelry model Eve Dawes Chanel Hermes Van Cleef bracelets


Whether you want to buy, sell, rent or gift, get saving and get shopping on these websites

Girlfriend Box Choose to send once, monthly or preschedule 5 dates for 5 boxes to be sent on special occasions throughout the year.

RealReal use code REAL for 20% off. Consign or buy designer clothes for less (plus everything else you can imagine) and look out for their big sales where you can find some really cheap designer clothes. They have stringent quality control so whatever you buy you know will be pretty near to mint condition.

Switch Unlimited Designer Jewelry For $25 credit use code: DawesEve22J for designer jewelry you rent and return or buy and keep at discounted rates.

What are your favorite shopping tips for designer dresses for less, fashion on a budget and saving money?

Besides not shopping! Share your top tips for fashion on a budget and finding cheap designer clothes or designer dresses for less. Along with anything else you think will be helpful to others in the comments below.


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