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Fashionpass review | Will I keep using this clothing rental subscription

Fashionpass review | Will I keep using this clothing rental subscription

Fashionpass review cocktail dress blue midi backless fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Fashionpass VS Rent the Runway | Which is better?

Fashionpass VS Rent The Runway an honest Fashionpass review and comparison into which clothing rental subscription service is better. The California based company Fashionpass launched in 2016 and I’ve been renting with them for a couple of years on and off so wanted to share my honest Fashionpass review. I got swayed into trying it after seeing it on Instagram and wanted something to replace my Rent the Runway subscription. I always need new outfits and new clothes for the blog and don’t always want to buy them so rental companies are perfect for me. So now that I’ve tried both, I thought I’d compare Fashionpass vs Rent the Runway and write a fashionpass review. As well as answer those wanting to know is Fashionpass legit, how much is Fashionpass and is Fashionpass worth it. So you can decide which company is best for you.

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Fashionpass clothing rental subscription red dress
Rent fro Fashionpass or buy Elliatt camo dress

Use code EVE1500 for $30 OFF your 1st months clothing rental subscription.

Fashionpass review

In this Fashionpass review I’m answering all of the most asked questions including:

  • Is fashionpass legit?
  • Is this clothing rental service worth it?
  • How much is Fashionpass?
  • What are my favorite and least favorite things about this monthly clothing rental subscription service?
  • Fashionpass vs Rent The Runway
  • Which carries more high-end brands Fashionpass or Rent The Runway

Here are my thoughts. I’ll keep updating as new pieces arrive.

Lady Dior cut our maxi dress Eve Dawes
Fashionpass black cut out dress | More cut out dresses | Dior bag review
UPDATED: I’ve Rented Clothes For Years! Honest Fashionpass Review, Try On, Pros & Cons

Fashionpass review | Pros & cons

Like any company, there’s normally pros and cons. Honestly, Fashionpass has a lot more pros than cons if you’re based in the US. So far, I’ve been really impressed by the speed of shipping, their customer service and the condition of the clothing. A lot of which have come new with the tags still on them.

Fashionpass Pros

As you can see there’s a long list of positives for using Fashionpass:

Fashionpass clothing rental subscription blue cut out midi dress
Shop this Fashionpass outfit
  • Unlimited rentals: Rent as many times as you want per month for 1 clothing rental subscription price.
  • 3 different monthly clothing rental subscription plans.
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription service plan anytime.
  • There is no minimum subscription service length, you are not committed to more than 1 month.
  • Rent clothing, shoes and accessories to make a complete outfit.
  • Free shipping both ways.
  • Send your worn clothes back and they do the free drycleaning.
  • Option to buy what you rent.
  • Swap whenever you want as often as you want VS Rent The Runway where you are allowed a set amount per month based on your subscription.
  • Free insurance so you don’t have to worry about wine spills.
  • You can have your order delivered to a hotel address.
  • You can pause your membership if you want to take a break rather than canceling it.
  • You can gift Fashionpass membership from a little as a 1 month subscription.
  • Fashionpass clothing is pretty current and on trend. With a lot of the same brands that Revolve and Nordstrom carry like Amanda Uprichard, ASTR, Bardot and Elliatt.
Lady Dior bag medium beige cannage lambskin eve dawes Venetian Vegas
Black mini dress (only on Fashionpass) also comes in white and pink

Fashionpass Cons

As with most companies, of course there’s a few downsides as well:

  • Fashionpass clothing subscription service is currently only available in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).
  • You can’t tailor any rentals but if they don’t fit just ship it back. So definitely plan ahead if you have an event coming up to make sure you have enough time to do an exchange.
  • You have to return all of your items together. You can’t keep one piece longer than the rest or you’re be billed for purchasing it.
  • They don’t update their inventory very much. So if you’re renting often you might run out of new clothing and pieces you want to rent.
  • Fashionpass’s target audience seems to be pretty young as the styles are more trendy than classics.
  • They don’t have designer pieces like Rent The Runway does.
Fashionpass clothing rental subscription cocktail dress Glamour Gains Vegas
Rent it or buy it new

How much does Fashionpass cost | Is this clothing rental subscription worth it

No Fashionpass review is complete without reviewing the pricing so you can decide whether it’s worth it or not and if the value’s there for you. There are currently 3 pricing plans and different subscription services on Fashionpass. You can use my code EVE1500 for $30 OFF of your 1st months Fashionpass clothing rental subscription on any of these plans:

  1. $89/mo for 2 clothing items and 1 accessory at a time.
  2. $119/mo for 4 clothing items OR 3 clothing items and 2 accessories at a time which is the plan I’m on.
  3. $149/mo 5 clothing items and 1 accessory OR  4 clothing items and 3 accessories at a time.
Fashionpass review clothing haul dresses blogger Eve Dawes blue dress

You can also rent additional items for $11.95 each if the membership tiers don’t offer enough new items for you. Each shipment comes with return packaging and the label. So you don’t have to do anything accept for drop it off at a FedEx location.

Pistola black leather pants Fashionpass rental
Pistola black leather pants

It’s pretty good value for money but is Fashionpass worth it? It depends on what you have on your calendar and if you’ll wear everything or not.

amanda uprichard black mini dress fashionpass
Amanda Uprichard dress (runs true to size, adjustable straps).

Fashionpass Vs Rent The Runway | Which is better?

If you’re deciding betweeen Fashionpass VS Rent The Runway, here are some things to consider.

Fashionpass VS Rent The RunwayMembership costs

Both Fashionpass and Rent The Runway have 3 different rental service plans. Fashionpass plans are $78-$149/mo vs Rent The Runway $94 (5 pieces)-$149 (15 items) a month.

fashionpass clothing rental subscription floral mini dress
For Love & Lemons floral mini dress

The best thing about Fashionpass and one of the main differences is that they offer unlimited swaps per month compared to Rent The Runway whose plans are based around how many shipments you’re allowed per month.

fashion blogger dior black mini dress
Black mini dress only on Fashionpass | Pink and white versions for sale

You can pause or cancel both companies clothing rental subscriptions at anytime.

Fashionpass VS Rent The Runway Shipping and cleaning

Both Fashionpass and Rent The Runway offer free shipping and free dry cleaning.

fashionpass show me your mumu matching set zermatt pants top

What brands do these clothing rental subscriptions carry

Rent The Runway tends to carry more designer higher end brands at a higher price point from designers like Retrofête, Roland Mouret and Joseph. Versus Fashionpass who carries more high street brands like For Love & Lemons, Yumi Kim, Elliatt, Bardot, the Jet Set Diaries and lower value items.

winter wedding guest dress black cocktail satin midi
Fashionpass Bardot black satin dress | Buy the black midi dress

Rent The Runways clothing tends to be a lot older (several seasons old), versus Fashionpass which tends to carry more current, fashion forward styles.

Which is better Fashionpass or Rent The Runway

I switched from RTR to Fashionpass as RTR weren’t adding new styles often enough so I ran out of things to rent. The styles were also a little dated for my taste. However, now I’m running out of pieces to rent from Fashionpass so I’m going to take a break for a while.

fashionpass review red velvet mini dress
Amanda Uprichard dress from Fashionpass

Update: Since taking a break Fashionpass has added lots more styles so I just restarted my membership (for a couple of months anyway). It’s one of those flexible subscriptions where you don’t have to sign up for a whole year but can just choose certain months e.g. for the holiday season or if you have a lot of weddings you’re attending one month.

is fashionpass legit red satin dress fashion blogger review
Red Elliatt dress rent or buy the dress. Comes in more colors & lengths

Another big reason I stopped using Rent The Runway was that they always said my items hadn’t been returned and were billing me late fees. So every time I had to send the tracking info to show proof of delivery and that they’d signed for it and they’d apologize for the oversight and refund me.

This is stressful when its thousands of dollars of clothing they’re saying hasn’t got back to them, so definitely hang onto your tracking information.

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Fashionpass review: Pro clothing rental subscription tips:

Here’s how to make the most out of your subscription and make it worth it. I prefer to rent higher value clothing like special occasion dresses and coats. Versus tops I’d wear more than once and wardrobe basics that you’d be better off just buying.

If you decide you want to keep something, google it first and see how much it is new. A lot of the time you can find it cheaper online new on sale (especially as Rent the Runways clothes tend to be older styles).

I find Fashionpass resale prices much better and just bought this romper which looks like a mini dress.

Amanda Uprichard Giacini romper pink Versace medusa bag Dior heels luxury fashion blogger Venetian Vegas
I loved this romper that looks like a dress so much I bought it | Dior heels | Versace bag

Fashionpass review | Clothing quality and condition

Everything I’ve rented so far has been in great condition with no signs of damage or wear and makes Fashionpass worth it to me. Especially for going out or event dresses I’d only want to wear once.

The quality depends on the brand. With the more expensive brands tending to be better quality for the most part. Which is true of most brands to be fair.

for love lemons best leather dresses womens fashion trends
For Love & Lemons dress from Fashionpass | Pink Versace bag

Shop my Fashionpass review clothing rentals

If you want to buy instead of paying a monthly fee for a clothing rental service, these are the dresses and similar styles to what I’ve rented so far. A lot of the styles like the satin Elliatt dress come in different colors and lengths so definitely click into the product and have a look.

An honest Fashionpass review & dress haul

Is Fashionpass legit? Is is Fashionpass worth it? Here’s everything you need to know in case you prefer to watch my fashionpass review than read it. I’ll update this post with more pics when my next order arrives this week.

Fashionpass discount code

Use my brand ambassador code EVE1500 for $50 OFF your 1st months Fashionpass clothing rental subscription.

fashionpass clothing rental subscription white feather mini dress fashion editor eve dawes
White feather dress from Fashionpass

This black bodysuit runs true to size and is a thong which means no VPL. There’s some tops like this one that count as an accessory towards your rental rather than an outfit. As all plans include a certain amount of outfits and accessories.

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private pool palazzo suite venetian vegas
Rent from Fashionpass or buy gold sequin dress dress

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