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19 Summer Jewelry & Accessories to Wear in 2022 | The Editors It List

19 Summer Jewelry & Accessories to Wear in 2022 | The Editors It List

summer jewelry accessory trends 2022

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Summer jewelry and accessory trends 2022 are so varied there’s something for everybody whatever your taste and however casual or glam you want to go. Jewelry and accessories have the power to really pull an outfit together, add your own sense of style and easily update your look each season. The Summer jewelry trends 2022 and Summer accessories this year have a lot of 90’s and Y2K flair to complement that whole style trend thats so in right now. So wear any of these cute summer accessories to add a beautiful touch to complete any of your outfits this Summer for a look that’s totally on trend.

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What accessories are popular in 2022?

These are the summer jewelry and accessories seen the most on the SS2022 runways and style influencers so far this year. The trending cool, chic, glam and cute summer accessories for 2022. Make these looks your own whether that’s beachy, glam, boho, elegant or festival vibes you’re going for.

  1. Chain belts
  2. Belly chains so chic even Chanel had them on their runways.
  3. Body chains.
  4. Hair claw clips to give that 90’s/Y2K aesthetic.
  5. Chokers in all iterations from gold to sparkly to pearl variations as seen at Lanvin and Tom Ford.
  6. Cuffs worn on both the upper and lower arm as seen at Prada and Fendi.
  7. Chains necklaces in silver and gold as well as on bags.
  8. Colorful baubles especially turquoise and green.
  9. Fringe necklaces as seen at Chanel. fringe clothing
  10. Natural accessories like natural stones
  11. Shell jewelry
  12. Sporty sunglasses
  13. Gold earrings and not just hoops for Summer 2022
  14. Baseball caps
  15. Wide waist belts for a flattering Y2K silhouette.
  16. Pearlcore : pearl jewelry.
  17. Bright colored driving colors (Prada), we can probably thank Dua Lipa and Emily in Paris for this trend
  18. Green accessories from jewelry to shoes to bags.
  19. Purple accessories including gloves.

The most on trend Summer jewelry and accessories for 2022

Obviously I’m all over the pearls and anything glam. The bodychains and bellychains also have me as they bring back so many fun memories from the 90s and Y2K.

Actually I’ve pretty much been wearing all of these accessory trends already as I’m all about accessorizing and as Coco Chanel would say, put everything on and take one thing off.

1. Chain belt

I brought my Chanel gold chain belt back out again a couple of years ago and have been continuing to wear it in 2022 along with my new Versace Medusa bag with it’s chain strap. It’s definitely an investment piece but I’ve had mine 10 years and it still gets worn.

versace bag 2022 medusa small pink chain fashion blogger style

2. Belly chains

Belly chains are a fun way to get the 90’s trend going strong right now and can be worn with everyday wear or swimwear.

3. Summer jewelry trend 2022 | Body chains

I picked up my body chain years ago from Beach Bunny and haven’t really worn it. So I’m excited to get some wear out if this cute Summer accessory this year. They do get tangled pretty easily so try to hang it to store it.

4. Hair claw clips to give that 90’s/Y2K aesthetic.

I was never really into claw clips the 1st time around and reserved them just for the shower, doing a hair mask or blowdrying my hair. What got me this time was how easy it makes doing your hair, it’s so perfect for 2nd day hair and there’s some super cute styles around in 2022.

5. Summer jewelry trends 2022 | Chokers

Chokers were such a massive 90s trend that there’s no surprise that they’re back as one of the summer jewelry trends for 2022 as seen at Lanvin and Tom Ford. Think less plastic ones that were around a few years ago and more glam which is perfect for the sparkly party fashion trends we’re seeing in 2022.

jewelry trends 2022 pearl choker Eve Dawes Summer fashion

Chokers in all iterations from gold to sparkly to pearl variations are in style for 2022, these are my favorites.

6. Summer jewelry | Cuffs

Worn on both the upper and lower arm as seen at Prada and Fendi. Look for styles that the band can be adjusted on for the perfect fit. I’ve never worn cuffs on my upper arms before as I haven’t wanted to draw attention to them but I’m going to give it a go this year.

7. Chains

Chains and double chain jewelry and accessories are everywhere for 2022 from jewelry to bags. I think most of us have been wearing gold chain necklaces for the last few years and they’re still in style for 2022. As well as silver chain necklaces, chain strap handbags and obviously belts.

8. Colorful baubles especially turquoise and green.

Think festival jewelry from brightly colored bracelets to belly chains. Green is a big trend this year for a color pop or to create a monochromatic look since green is a big color trend for 2022.

9. Summer jewelry 2022 | Fringe necklaces

Fringe clothing isn’t the only fringe trend for 2022. Fringe necklaces are also a summer jewelry trend 2022 as seen at Chanel. Think more glam than cowgirl fringing for 2022.

10. Natural accessories

Accessories made from natural materials like natural stones. Style them with your t-shirts and everyday basics to let the jewelry be the style statement.

11. Summer jewelry | Shell jewelry

Not just for vacation and the beach. Shell earrings, necklaces, belly chains and anklets are a super cute summer accessory.

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12. Sporty sunglasses

I’m not going to admit to how many pairs of sunglasses I own. As they’re a Summer (actually year round) accessory that has the power to completely change your look and style.

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small cat eye sunglasses womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes versace outfit summer trends

Sporty sunglasses can be 90’s, Y2K or more modern for Summer 2022 so wear whatever’s most flattering on you and that you love the most.

13. Gold earrings and not just hoops for Summer 2022

My gold hoop earrings are probably my most worn earrings. For summer jewelry 2022 it’s not just gold hoops that are in style still but unusual and unique less structured shapes.

Spring shopping wardrobe must haves Gold hoop earrings ShopLC fashion blogger Eve Dawes

14. Baseball caps

Another accessory trend that makes life easier. I love a baseball cap for covering up 2nd day hair, roots or running to the grocery store. The baseball caps for 2022 are one color, logos are still in style but stay away from trucker caps.

15. Wide waist belts

If you want to create a flattering hourglass shape these are the belts to do it with. Style them with your maxi dresses, work dresses, or over your blazers.

16. Summer jewelry Pearlcore : pearl jewelry

The beauty of pearls is that they go with everything from a simple tank to a gown. If a pearl choker isn’t for you, wear them in your hair or pick up a pearl anklet or drop earrings.

Pearlcore pearl trend 2022 fashion blogger Eve Dawes

French Kande has some beautiful pieces in both gold and silver designed for layering. Each medallion also has a meaning and is repurposed from old medallions found in France.

17. Bright colored driving gloves

We can probably thank Dua Lipa and Emily in Paris for this trend and Prada has some of the most beautiful and practical versions thanks to it’s little pouch. I haven’t bought a pair yet but am definitely planning on it going into Fall as my hands are always cold.

18. Green accessories

You can’t avoid green this year. It’s everywhere from clothes to bags to shoes to jewelry trends 2022. If you think green isn’t for you try different shades or try purple instead which is another big color trend for 2022.

19. Purple accessories

Purple is another trending color for 2022 whether that’s a bag, gloves or platform shoes. It’s an easy way to add a pop of color and brighten up your Summer wardrobe or create a monochromatic look.

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