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The Best Belly Chains & How To Nail The Belly Chain Trend | This Comeback is Cuter Than Ever

The Best Belly Chains & How To Nail The Belly Chain Trend | This Comeback is Cuter Than Ever

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The It Girl accessory trend of 2022 & how to wear it

Belly chains are everywhere for 2022 from the runways to street stars. So if you’re wondering if belly chains are in style for 2022, the answer you’ll get from any fashion editor or blogger is yes. I remember wearing gold belly chain jewelry the last time they were in style and love this Summer accessory trend for giving a retro touch to any outfit. Whether you wear the belly chain trend a with a dress, jeans, crop top or swimwear it’s a super cute and fun addition to your wardrobe as seen at Jacquemus, Chanel and Dior. Since they start at $1, they’re worth a try. Here’s how to wear a belly chain in 2022.

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Are belly chains in style for 2022

Belly chains are most definitely in for 2022. They’re everywhere and one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe this year. If you’re not quite sure about them, try a chain belt instead which is near enough the same thing but they can be easier to pull off and more chic. They’re also a big accessory trend this year.

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Gold chain belts

How to wear a belly chain in 2022

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the belly chain trend and think it’s not for you, they’re surprisingly versatile. While the easiest way to wear belly chain jewelry is with a crop top and bare stomach or bikini, if that isn’t for you there’s lots of other ways to style them.

7 ways to wear a belly chain in 2022

  1. Over your dresses.
  2. One of the biggest belly chain trends is with mini skirts and crop tops.
  3. With tank tops and shorts.
  4. Style them with pant suits.
  5. With tank tops or crop tops and wide leg pants.
  6. With a satin slip skirt.
  7. Over a romper.
  8. With a crop top and shorts or pants.

You can also nail the belly chain trend by layering your crop top and belly chain under a blazer for a bit more coverage and just a peek of skin and chain.

The best belly chains trending now

It’s not just gold belly chains that are in for 2022. Silver, brightly colored, shell adorned, crystal encrusted, pearls and multi-strands are all in for 2022. These are the cutest belly chains for 2022 in all iterations to nail the belly chain trend from sparkly to beachy, designer to luxe for less. Can’t decide? Layer a few together.

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On that note, I’m off to do some more Peloton so that I can switch up my chain belt for a dainty belly chain and not just over a swimsuit! Although to be fair the 2 are very similar. It’s just that chain belts are normally chunkier and worn over outfits and not on bare skin.

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