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The best Vegas pool party outfits

The best Vegas pool party outfits

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Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by Eve Dawes

What to wear to a pool party? Here’s the best pool outfits and dresses to wear this Summer!

Vegas pool party outfits aren’t your normal pool party outfit and most Vegas pool parties have strict dress codes. If you’re wondering what to wear to a Vegas pool party forget practical! Vegas pool parties are one of those scenes where it’s ok to be extra and the more fashion forward the better. So wear your wedges, sexy outfits and makeup that you wouldn’t normally wear to your neighbors pool party and have fun with it. I was Mrs. Nevada 2017 and have lived in Vegas for 8 years, so I’ve definitely done my fair share of pool parties with more to come this Summer.

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What to wear to a pool party in Vegas | The best Vegas pool party outfits for your hot girl summer

How hot or how chic you keep your Vegas pool party outfit is completely up to you. There’s literally no such thing as too sexy or too glam in Vegas but sexy doesn’t mean trashy, it can still be classy. It mainly depends on the group you’re going with, your personal style and whether you’re actually getting in the pool or not.

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This years Vegas pool party outfit and dress trends include a lot of cut outs, bodycon dresses (more about that below), crotchet dresses, mini skirts, platforms (wedges are a safe bet) and everything 90’s and Y2K.

Pro Vegas pool party fashion tips

  1. It gets super hot here, we’re talking 110-120 in the Summer so you might want to rethink the any bodycon dress which will show sweat. Wear them, just be careful with the color and fabric.
  2. Be careful with clothing, belly chains and swimwear with metal as it’ll heat up in the sun.
  3. Take a dry change of underwear so you don’t get in your Uber or have to walk around afterwards in wet swimwear.
  4. Don’t forget your sunscreen, a hat and to hydrate. Vegas sun during the afternoon is brutal.
  5. Follow the dress code to make sure you’re not denied entry.
vegas pool party outfits sexy womens fashion
Sexy Vegas pool outfits and dresses shop the edit

Vegas pool party outfits

I’ve added some rompers in this Vegas pool party outfits edit in case it’s windy, which Vegas is famous for. As well as some long sleeve options to cover up. If you’re wearing a one piece swimsuit you can probably just get away with shorts (not denim) and a caftan or glam coverup.

Shop the best Vegas pool party outfits

Vegas pool party dresses

Sexy summer dresses, breezy coverups, and the most fashion forward pool party dresses for Insta worthy pool pics. A lot of pool parties entrances are accessed via walking through the casino or hotel which means covering up your bikini.

Vegas pool party outfits sexy dresses

Some of the key fashion trends for 2022 include crotchet, cut out dresses and fringe. I haven’t included any floaty maxi dresses as honestly, they’re a nightmare dragging through the wet pool deck.

Vegas pool party outfit sexy white cut out dress
Tao beach Vegas | White cut out dresses

Shop the Vegas pool party dresses

Rent your Vegas pool party outfit

If you only see yourself wearing your Vegas pool party outfit once check out Fashionpass to rent something instead. Use code EVE15 for $15 off.

Vegas pool party sexy swimwear

Super sexy bikinis and one piece swimsuits because Vegas pool parties are just as much of a fashion show as they are about the pool.

Belly chains are in for 2022 and look chic over swimsuits and super cute with bikinis. Just be careful the metal doesn’t get too hot in Vegas!

Vegas pool party shoes and accessories

When it comes to shoes, forget the word practical, Vegas pool parties are all about the scene. I’d normally say flats for a pool party but this is Vegas and if you wear flip flops you’ll probably be the only one.

If you’re going to wear flats, make sure they’re super fashion forward slides. Otherwise wedges, espadrilles and even platforms just not stilettos for 2022 are the way to go.

PS: don’t forget your glam gold accessories, statement sunglasses and sunscreen. If you don’t have a cabana, I definitely recommend a stylish hat to give yourself some sun protection.

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Vegas pool party bags

If you have a cabana and a safe area to keep your bags a designer tote is the way to go to complete your outfit. If you haven’t or are more about the dancing and pool, these super cute belt bags are perfect for keeping everything safe. Be sure to check the pools bag policy before you go.

What should I bring to Vegas pool party?

Keep it to a minimum especially if you’re planning on getting in the water and dancing, etc. You basically need 6 things: ID, SPF, credit card, phone, sunglasses & your key.

Definitely bring your driver’s license or some other official ID because most of the Vegas pool parties are 21 and over.

Don’t forget SPF. Bring mini sunscreen sachets or at least the smallest size possible rather than a bottle to keep your bag as small as possible. As well as sunglasses and your credit card for water, cocktails and food, etc. Then if you have room, your lipstick and blotting sheets for makeup for touch ups.

See you at the pool xoxo


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