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Festival Dresses & Outfits for Your Hottest Look Yet

Festival Dresses & Outfits for Your Hottest Look Yet

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Last Updated on September 26, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Everything you need for your next music festival | Statement making outfits, dresses, shoes & makeup

Festival dresses and outfits are one of the most fun looks to shop for. They’re sexy, daring, colorful and fun. I live in Las Vegas, the music festival city of the World and love seeing everyone come and go in their womens festival dresses, outfits, festival tops, matching sets, cute boots and creative festival makeup and hair. From iheart Radio Musical Festival to Life is Beautiful, each one has it’s own unique aesthetic. Whether it’s white festival outfits or bright colors, the styles have come a long way and there are so many fashion forward hot festival outfits this year that make me want to grab a festival pass just so I can dress up.

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Shop the best festival outfits 2022 edit

The hottest festival dresses, outfits and festival tops for however risqué or conservative you want to go. There are so many cute styles around this year from white festival outfits to bright colors that it was hard to narrow them down. Especially as some places like Revolve even have their own dedicated festival shops.

Festival shoes, accessories and makeup

Everything you need to go with your festival dress to complete your hot festival outfits. If you’re going to a music festival in Las Vegas, the desert or a field, which is pretty much most of them you’re going to want desert color or black boots or shoes or cheap ones that you don’t care if they get ruined. As much as I love heels, the chunkier and thicker the sole the better since it’s a lot of walking, dancing and hot swollen feet.

Festival makeup is probably my favorite part of festival outfit looks. It’s so fun and glittery and I’m all about the glitter, rhinestones and pearls.

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The best music festivals to attend

If you’re looking for a festival to go to this year, the Music Festival Wizard has the most comprehensive list. It makes it easy to filter by date and location, etc.


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From Vegas pool party outfits to Thanksgiving, here’s all of the styles you need for every occasion.

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