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Best brunch outfits 2024 | Sundays never looked so good

Best brunch outfits 2024 | Sundays never looked so good

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Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Eve Dawes

What to Wear to Brunch? Trendy Brunch Outfit Ideas That Make Sunday’s Better

Brunch outfits that are cute, on trend and allow for eating! Dressing to meet the girls and brunch outfits can be the hardest to choose. What’s a girl to wear to brunch? I’m sharing my trendy brunch outfit ideas for all seasons for 2024. As sometimes it’s harder finding cute brunch outfits and getting dressed for the day than for date night! Too dressy, too casual, too tight? Plus, a brunch outfit that’s fashion forward, stylish, will look good in photos and will hide the food baby without looking like you’re wearing a Mummu or getting frozen in the AC. Here’s my top picks for the best brunch outfits and looks for 2024 to give you lots more style inspiration.

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I still have no idea why they insist on making everywhere so cold, I do not want to be a human ice cube or poke someones eye out with body parts!

I’m sharing my favorite trendy brunch outfit ideas from some of my favorite online stores and designers including luxury brands, mid-range and luxe for less like Lulus and some of the brands on ASOS.

Separates, matching sets, dresses and shoes that make the perfect brunch outfit. Plus reviews including sizing, quality and various ways to style them for all seasons.

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Brunch Outfit Ideas Spring Summer 2024

These cute and feminine brunch outfits for Spring Summer 2024 are a mix of dresses, separates and matching sets. I’ve added more Summer outfits than the other seasons as I know that’s when my friends and I brunch the most. I live for those long leisurely lunches over a glass (or bottle) of rosé in the sun.

Fall trends 2024 womens fashion pink dress

A lot of these brunch outfit pieces like the tweed Balmain crop top are either classic styles or 2024 fashion trends.

More Spring/Summer Trends

Brunch Outfit Ideas For All Seasons | What to Wear to Brunch

Here’s 12 outfit ideas for brunch updated for 2024. What to wear for brunch changes by weather and location so I wanted to share brunch outfits for all seasons from casual to dressy, on trend to more classic styles. As well as show you how to create multiple looks from a couple of capsule wardrobe items you probably already have like white pants/trousers not just give you 12 full new outfits to run out and buy! I hope you enjoy the video and have a fab brunch!

Brunch outfit ideas

Fall and Winter Brunch Outfits 2024

These cozy chic brunch outfits are perfect for when you want to dress up for the weekend rather than be Sunday casual. When thinking about what to wear to brunch in the cooler months, think layers, flattering knit dresses, luxe leathers and tailored high waisted pants, cozy knits and neutral colors that suit everyone. Along with some sparkling accessories to complete the look.

I’ve also started wearing jeans again recently after taking a long break from them. They’re easy to dress up or down and I love them with a crisp white shirt for a classic, smart casual brunch outfit.

For something extra warm and cozy, this black sweater maxi dress is super thick and warm. Unbutton or button it up for as conservative or sexy a look as you want.

Best brunch outfits 2024 : Designer to affordable, fashionable, feminine cute brunch outfit ideas

Maybe it seems odd that I blog about luxury fashion and travel but still buy budget friendly clothes sometimes. It’s not something I’d have done in the past, as I was dubious of the quality.

However, lower costs fashion sites like Lulus and Femme Luxe can be great to pick up lower cost brands for seasonal trendy brunch outfits that won’t stay in style for long. That’s not to say, all of their outfits are great, I’ve had some misses too but that’s what returns are for. I also like to mix both high end and more affordable options.

I know a lot of us are guilty for wearing some outfits only once, others I’ve had 20 years. Which is why I like to have both designer brands and affordable options to choose from. I’m always hunting down sales. We’ve all had at least one annoying experience when you pay full price and then it goes on sale!

I also don’t like to waste money on clothes I’m going to wear only once or for 1 season. I prefer to spend my money on designer shoes, bags and accessories I’m going to get a lot of use out of and vacations that create memories for life. So I’m sharing a mix of luxe for less, designer and sale brunch looks for 2024.

Shop the best brunch outfits 2024

From dresses to rompers, shirts and pants, these are some of my favorite items to create brunch looks for in 2024.

Black Faux Leather Joggers | The Brunch pants for all seasons

Joggers aren’t something I’d originally have thought about wearing for brunch but black leather joggers are so versatile and comfortable; hello elasticated drawstring waist and pockets. They’re also easy to dress up or down for wherever you’re brunching.

Faux leather pants that are cuffed at the bottom are great for us petite girls so they don’t drag on the floor. For more style inspiration, here’s 11 ways to style joggers from date night glam to cute brunch outfits.

Chic but comfortable brunch outfit | Rompers/Playsuits

Rompers are one of those easy outfits to throw on for brunch that don’t take any thinking about what top to wear with which bottom. There’s some beautiful floaty lightweight ones that make super cute brunch outfits or more upscale and structured ones this year to match your brunch location and dress code.

best womens rompers playsuits fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Business Casual Brunch: White Shirt Dress

A plain white shirt dress is easy to dress up with your favorite belt like a Chanel or Gucci belt instead of the plain white one they tend to come with and some killer heels. It’s a simple but effortlessly chic brunch look for 2024 that you can really make your own.

Brunch layering must have | Unstructured white blazer

Technically this isn’t a brunch outfit but a blazer, but if you’re sitting inside anywhere I know I’m not alone in needing a jacket and I don’t want to wear an outside coat inside.

Add a blazer to layer over any of your cute brunch outfits. I have so many in my wardrobe as they’re so versatile and make any brunch look more polished. This white blazer has also been my work blazer this week to keep down on what I’ve been traveling with as it’s super thin and folds up tiny.

White’s a brave choice of color for brunch but it’s fresher than black for Summer and Fall and goes with everything. Buy a few, like I do my white blazers and camis, and keep them on rotation.

Classic Style | Tweed Dress

Tweed always looks classic and elegant for a brunch look. It reminds me of Chanel and Jackie O. It’s one of those timeless styles you can make look modern with the cut and how you accessorize it.

This tweed dress is sold out but I’ve linked a similar, newer style in the photo below.

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Pink Romper / Playsuit

I love a pink romper for giving me color and especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Plus pink is still in style for 2024, along with lilac, yellow, blue and green.

This one looks like a mini skirt but is actually a romper which is way more comfortable and means you can go shorter with the hemline without worrying about how you sit.

Classic White Shirt and Bike Shorts

This is a more casual brunch look that could take you straight to or from the gym. A simple classic white shirt tied over bike shorts and a sports bra or cami with white sneakers is about the easiest and comfiest brunch outfit there is.

Plus this look doesn’t need heels so throw on your sneakers and you’re good to go. Which also makes it perfect for some post brunch shopping too.

Casual brunch outfit white shirt bike shorts blonde blogger Eve Dawes

Lace Top & Jeans

Lace, bows and sheer layers are still trending and this ones so easy to pop over a cami to dress it up and wear all seasons. This lace bodysuit would look great with a skirt or shorts for the Spring/Summer and with jeans or pants for Fall/Winter. 

White Jean Jacket

A cropped white denim jacket is perfect for layering over dresses and cami’s in Spring and Summer. It’s lightweight, cropped, casual, and goes with pretty much everything! Or grab black version for Fall and Winter.

More Brunch Outfit Ideas | Shop The Looks

The trendy brunch outfits above range from super affordable online stores like Femme Luxe Finery, to mainstream like ASOS, BCBG and Revolve, and high end luxury designers like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Versace and Zimmermann.

I’ve also linked lots of end of summer sale find options and brunch outfit ideas in the edits above as I love a good sale find.

ASOS also has lots of cute brunch outfits from affordable to more high end but nothing over $340. On the other end of the scale, if you’re looking for more designer brunch outfits, FarFetch has some beautiful dresses and separates that are more luxury fashion that you should definitely check out.

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Fashion News

I’m super flattered to be quoted on fashion alongside Kerry Pieri digital fashion and features editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Justine Carreon market editor at Elle, Marina Liao, beauty news editor at Marie Claire and Lauren Eggersten, fashion editor at Who What Wear. Among others I admire greatly in Best Life Magazines Fall Fashion round up of the most flattering fashion trends to adopt. A lot of which has transferred over to this years fashion trends.

If you want to check out the article and what all of the fashion editors had to say, its here: Best Life Online Fall Fashion trends

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