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Airport Outfits to Travel in Style

Airport Outfits to Travel in Style

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Comfortable, travel friendly clothes for a chic arrival

Airport outfits really come down to artful layering and the right materials whether it’s chic or a cute airport outfit you’re going for. You don’t have to limit your womens travel outfits to sweatsuits and leggings or cute summer dresses you’ll freeze in on the airplane. These stylish airport outfits are stylish, comfortable and easy to layer so you don’t get too hot or cold.

I’ve rounded up the most stylish womens travel outfits made of the most crease proof materials (leave the linen behind) and practical but fashionable shoes and accessories! Give your travel outfits an upgrade for your next vacation or business trip with these travel savvy looks.

airport outfits stylish white suit glamour gains
Wide leg pants sold out (similar on sale | best for budget) | Prada tote | White unstructured blazer similar

What should I wear to the airport? Stylish womens travel outfit ideas

comfortable airport outfits Revolve gray jumpsuit Glamour Gains
Revolve gray jumpsuit (super warm for cold flights) | Messy bun how to video
  1. This doesn’t apply just to womens travel outfits but to everyone. Make sure you wear shoes that you can easily get on and off for security (if you’re non TSA Pre). Avoid flip-flops or anything you won’t be able to run in if you need to run to your gate.
  2. Look for materials and clothes that are less likely to crease sitting down or sleeping for hours.
  3. Wear clothes that are easy to layer for when the plane or destination are either too hot, too cold or both.
  4. You don’t want to wear clothes that will drag on the bathroom floor: anything too long, trousers or rompers with long belts.
  5. Don’t wear clothes that are hard to get on and off to use the bathroom for your travel outfit. You’ll appreciate this in the confined space of the plane or rushing to the restroom between connections.
  6. Crop length tops might make a cute airport outfit but longer length tops and dresses to avoid any awkward situations if you have to raise your arms in the body scanner.
  7. Avoid clothing with enough metal details to set off the security metal detectors.
  8. Underwired bras are hit and miss as to whether they set off the airport security metal detector or not. So for an easy life, wear an alternative like a regular bra or sports bra if you want more support.
  9. Be sensitive to others when it comes to perfume. Go to town with your deodorant but perfume can be really overwhelming in the confined space of a plane.
Femme Luxe Finery wide leg trousers cute airport travel outfit
Femme Luxe Finery wide leg pants (elasticated waist makes them super comfy for flying)

Airport Outfit Inspiration

Bring your womens travel outfit to life with these looks that are comfortable without sacrificing style. I haven’t recommended denim as I honestly find it really uncomfortable to fly in or linen as that’s just a nightmare when it comes to creasing. I’ve also avoided anything too tight, especially pants, as if you’re sitting in them for a long time, you run the risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis and they’re just not comfortable.

beige comfy pants black blazer comfy travel style glamour gains
Theory long wide leg pants similar on sale & best for budget | Black cropped blazer | white one shoulder bodysuit | Prada tote | TAG Heuer Aquaracer diamond watch

Cute Airport Outfits | Stylish Women’s Travel Outfits

casual chic comfortable airport outfit fashion blogger style
Casual chic airport outfit and essentials | Luxe & luxe for less
  1. Add a blazer to your favorite loungewear set
    For a comfortable and practical women’s travel outfit, layer your loungewear over a tank top and finish with a blazer and scarf for removable layers that work for all climates. Throw a pair of tailored shorts or bike shorts and sandals in your carryon if you’re heading to a hot destination and you’re all set. Think chic loungewear in the softest materials, not discolored and mismatched tops and bottoms that have seen better days. A designer scarf elevates any travel outfit and can double up as a blanket. Fresh white sneakers make this a super comfortable option and great for airports where there’s a lot of walking between gates.
  2. Loungewear Co-Ord Set | Pants and Long Line Cardigan
    Throw a long line cardi over your loungewear set, tank or tee and joggers for an instantly chic laid back look. A cardigan’s easier to get on and off than a sweatshirt if you’re trying not to mess up your hair and also doubles up as a blanket on the plane.
  3. Wide leg pants, super soft tee, blazer or leather jacket and scarf
    Wide leg pants are one of the biggest trends for 2021 and look so European. A leather jackets going to give you that cool girl look versus jet set look, so you can choose the style that’s more you and based on your destination. I love a blazer for city breaks and throwing over a summer dress but if I’m going somewhere cooler or wetter the leather jacket wins.
  4. Oversized blazer, tank top and leggings
    The fitted under layers balance out the oversized blazer so that it doesn’t look like a sloppy airport outfit. I’m recommending tank tops over bodysuits for flying for the sake of easier bathroom runs.
  5. High waisted trousers with a super soft t-shirt and colorful or patterned blazer or scarf.
    Break up the monochromatic look with either some color or a designer print for a chic, luxe womens travel outfit. Perfect for city breaks or going straight to business meetings. Just throw some heels and red lippy in your carry on for a quick change.
  6. Jumpsuits
    Ok, so there’s pros and cons to wearing jumpsuits flying. Pros: they make cute airport outfits that look stylish and are so comfortable. Cons: a little more tricky going to the bathroom (roll or pull them up so they don’t drag on the floor). Look for ones that don’t have lots of buttons or that you need help getting in and out of. PS The grey cargo jumpsuit I’m wearing is super thick and cozy so better for cooler destinations. The pants are cuffed which means no issues dragging them on the bathroom floors!
  7. A belted coat over joggers and a t-shirt or button down shirt
    These are great if you’re headed to cooler climates or traveling for work. If you tend to run hot, swap out the joggers for bike shorts.
stylish womens travel outfits comfortable airport fashion
Comfortable and warm women’s travel outfit | Shop luxe and luxe for less

Complete Your Women’s Airport Outfit

Shoes, bags & accessories really finish airport outfits and pull it altogether. Whether you’re going for a chic or cute airport outfit, these shoes are perfect to complete your travel outfit. Think chic designer flats, fresh white sneakers and soft leather espadrilles that are comfortable, stylish and can be worn with lots of your other vacation or work outfits.

The best travel totes for your trip

An oversized, envy worthy carryall bag that you can discard layers into and fit a change of clothes is another essential in case your luggage doesn’t make it. Plus it can make or break a stylish airport outfit. As much as I love totes this year, my 2 requirements with carryon bags is that they have a top zipper (goodbye pickpockets and things falling everywhere if you have to stow them overhead). As well as sections to make everything easier to find.

This one’s my top pick for flying and on sale for under $150. It has lots of compartments and comes in lots of colors. No one wants to be that person holding everyone up in the security line looking for their passport or ID.

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Stay Warm In Flight

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Don’t forget a lightweight blanket or for a stylish airport outfit, a pashmina or scarf that folds up small. Even if you’re flying first class, it’s much more hygienic and you can use it wherever you’re headed as well.

Wherever you’re going this year, have a fabulous time. I know I’m excited for vacations, family reunions and work trips again this year! Tag me in your women’s travel outfit pics @glamourandgains and share your cute airport outfits with me on Instagram #glamourandgains so that I can share your style.

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