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28 Best Feather Pajamas | The Glam Sets To Slip Into This Season

28 Best Feather Pajamas | The Glam Sets To Slip Into This Season

best feather pajamas womens

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Super glam feather trim pajamas are the slinkiest loungewear that will make you never want to get dressed again

Feather pajamas are one of those sleepwear slash slinky loungewear items that are too beautiful just to wear to bed. Plus they’re so comfy you’ll never want to get out of them. I won’t judge you if you wear them out with heels, in fact a lot of people are doing just that. I’ve been wanting them since I first saw glam satin feather trim PJ’s on Instagram but held off as I assumed they were elegant but super impractical when it comes to cleaning and not having them turn into a cat toy. But I was wrong! These are some of the best feather pajamas sets I found during my search and a lot of them are machine washable and have removable feathers. They’re also perfect for brides while getting ready, bachelorette parties, Christmas morning, lounging around on your hotel balcony or just at home.

feather pajamas black satin button down pants
Feather pajamas

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white feather trim pajamas set

White Feather Pajamas Set

These stunning white feather pajamas aren’t just comfortable and perfect for brides while they’re getting ready on their big day but for anyone who loves this trend. Plus they’re machine washable!

Luxe lounge & sleep wear | The best feather pajama sets to wear at home or out!

I found my feather pajama set during the Black Friday sales. The 3 features I was looking for were:

  1. Machine washable. No one wants to have to deal with dry cleaning sleepwear.
  2. Satin or silk not cotton for a more glam and comfortable style.
  3. Removable feathers to make them easier to wash & in case the cats decide it’s their new toy.
feather pajamas pink matching set
Pink feather trim pajamas

The prices range a lot on these beauties from under $50 to over $300 so you can really choose whatever suits your needs or style the most. I know mine will be more for lounging around hotel balconies during our Summer vacation or for the start of GRWM reels.

If you’re looking for best for budget satin feather pajamas, Nasty Gal’s are machine washable and have removable feathers. They’re also under $40 in their 70% off sale but selling out fast. My size has already sold out which is why they didn’t end up in my cart.

If I didn’t have a budget I had in mind for them and if you don’t mind them being dry clean only, this hot pink feather PJ set by Sleeper would be top of my list.

feather trim satin pj set sexy black
Feather trim pajamas

I find this set runs true to size and they’re machine washable. They do shed quite a bit at first though, so get ready with the vacuum!

28 Best Feather Pajamas

These absolutely fabulous feather trim PJ sets are perfect for Christmas morning, photos, lounging around your hotel breakfast over a leisurely breakfast or throwing on with a pair of heels for a night out. These are the most glam styles from under $30 to over $300 when you you’re looking to slip into something comfortable but prettier than sweats. PS: The satin bridesmaid PJ set would make great gifts for bridesmaids.

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Custom bride and bridesmaid feather PJ sets

There’s also some stunning bridal white feather pajama sets around which look gorgeous in your wedding photos when you’re getting ready on your big day or even for your bachelorette party. This bridal set’s on sale for under $30 and they also have matching ones for your bridesmaids.


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