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25 Coziest Cashmere Hoodies & Jogger Lounge Sets To Snuggle Up In

25 Coziest Cashmere Hoodies & Jogger Lounge Sets To Snuggle Up In

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Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by Eve Dawes

The softest luxe cashmere blend & cashmere loungewear sets from designer to under $80

Cashmere hoodies, sweaters, joggers and lounge sets are synonymous with luxury and comfort. Matching cashmere loungewear sets make it easy to put on something cute and sumptuous to cozy up in once Winter hits and they alway look and feel a little more luxe. There’s a lot of different options out there, including cashmere lounge pants, shorts, sweaters, camis and bralettes. Some of the super luxe sets below are designer, others are more affordable. Whether they’re 100% cashmere or a cashmere blend, proving they don’t need to cost the Earth to look and feel good.

This post contains affiliate links & items gifted by Summersalt.

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Why cashmere?

I run really cold and my husband likes the AC much higher than I do. So warm loungewear sets are my go to once the heels and makeup are off for the day. I tend to overheat in regular wool which gets too warm for me and can be itchy but cashmere tends to be just about one of the warmest wools while still being breathable.

cashmere lounge set womens matching sweater shorts black
Recycled cashmere hoodie black lounge set sweater and shorts

What’s so great about cashmere wool is that it tends to be softer than sheep’s wool. It’s also popular for traveling and airport outfits as it’s not only warm for cold planes but wrinkle resistant.

Cashmere is about 8 times (YES, 8x) warmer than a regular wool sweater. It is arguably the warmest fiber you can wear.


The Best Cashmere Hoodies, Joggers & Lounge Sets

I know you’re used to more glam styles on here but it’s always fun to change it up. Let’s be honest, most of us spend at least some time in loungewear.

Yes, you can just buy a cashmere sweater but a set is a no brainer when it comes to getting out of your work wear at the end of the day or throwing something on for weekend mornings to go and grab coffee. Matching sets always look so much more coordinated and sophisticated too.

I live in Vegas where it’s often too hot for a cashmere sweater. So I tend to have both sweatshirts and cashmere joggers for colder days, as well as shorts and tank tops with a long line cardigan that I can take on and off as needed.

The beauty is so many companies are now offering so many different iterations of cashmere lounge wear sets that they don’t have to be just sweaters and joggers.

cashmere loungwear set pants sweatshirt black
Cashmere blend black joggers and hoodie use code EVEJS10 for $10 towards your order.

Summersalt cashmere hoodie and joggers loungewear set review

Summersalt has some super cute new cashmere blend hoodies and jogger loungwear sets this year that come in a few colors. I just ordered the joggers and hoodie in charcoal, here’s my complete review of them.

What I liked about Summersalt’s lightweight cashmere lounge set is that they’re machine washable as a lot aren’t and their materials are sourced using cruelty free animal practices. Their cashmere is a blend of 90% Extrafine Merino Wool and 10% Cashmere which make them super warm. They’re also supposed to be breathable as wool can sometimes get a bit too hot and sweaty.

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The protein-based fibers of wool and cashmere allow this product to biodegrade without contributing to microplastic pollution. Natural fibers of wool and cashmere have a long lifespan allowing you to wear them again and again! 


If you’re not sure what to add to your Dear Santa list this year or to gift someone, cashmere hoodies and joggers lounge sets are a great option. They make luxe gifts you know will get used and that make you look like a generous and pro gifter.

Shop the cashmere lounge set edit

From affordable cashmere lounge wear starting at under $80 to the most luxurious sets from Burberry and The Row. These are the matching loungewear sets I want to snuggle up in this Winter.

If you buy anything from Summersalt, use code EVEJS10 for $10 towards your order.


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