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Leg and Butt Workout | Ultimate Toning & Strength

Leg and Butt Workout | Ultimate Toning & Strength

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Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Best leg and butt workout
Sculpt & Tone with NASM trainer & WBFF Pro Diva

Leg and butt workout to challenge your strength, sculpt and tone. There’s lots of leg and butt workouts out there but it’s always good to change it up and challenge your muscles. Toned legs and butts are always in fashion and more importantly functional! As a NASM personal trainer one of the muscle groups I get asked most about leg toning and the glutes. Which is why there’s quite a few ultimate butt workouts on the blog of different lengths with and without equipment.

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Leg and Butt Workout

Give this leg and butt workout a go for a tough and effective workout. Screenshot, pin it or save to your phone for whenever you’re ready to give it a go.

Leg and butt workout NASM personal trainer Eve Dawes black bikini

Why do these classic leg toning exercises

Classics become classic because they’ve been proven to be effective over the years, not just one that’s a passing trend. As a NASM personal trainer, these are the exercises utilized most often in training manuals, videos and with clients.

This leg and butt workout provides the ultimate toning and sculpting and goes back to classic exercises and away from all of the frills. So that you can concentrate on form and technique. Try to be mindful when working out and focus on the muscles that you are working rather than just going through the motions.

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle year round and not dieting means you’re always ready for your Summer wardrobe but sometimes work schedules, illnesses and vacations can throw you off track and we all need a little help. Plus, we all know it’s good to switch it up, to add in new exercises or routines to keep our muscles challenged, changing and strong.

Regardless of whether you’re ready or not to get those legs out, this workout will help show you how to build leg muscle and tone for shapely curves.

I didn’t say it’s a miracle worker. If you’re not eating to fuel your mind, body, and soul, no workout is going to save you!

Don’t forget all planes of motion and all of your muscles

Working out effectively means working your body 360°. What does that mean?

I’m an advocate of working the body 360° not just targeting mirror muscles. By working all of the muscles in the body, not only are you creating symmetry but creating a balanced, functional body with good posture.

Muscles attach to bone and pull them in certain directions, so keeping the muscles balanced through strength training and stretching goes a long way in helping your skeletal system. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

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Leg and Butt Workout Tips

Personalize this leg and butt workout to make it yours.

  • Feel free to change up the sets and reps to fit your current goals.
  • Don’t worry about how much you’re lifting, but concentrate on proper form, posture, and breathing.  It’s amazing the difference oxygen makes!
  • You’re aiming to fail at the required reps and not be able to lift more without compromising form; if your form goes, either lower the weight or the reps.
  • Remember to do a dynamic warm-up such as walking or running for 5 minutes and end the workout with static stretching and even some foam rolling. Foam rolling is a killer but the benefits are so worthwhile the pain.
  • Eat to fuel your goals. Make sure you’re getting the right amount e.g. of protein and calories to fuel growth, weight loss, or whatever your personal fitness goal is.

Leg and Butt Workout Instructional Videos

I love the videos as a more reliable source than YouTube plus they offer the anatomy of the exercise and key teaching points.

Smith Machine Squats by

Walking Side Squat

Single Leg Press

Single Leg Pressdowns with Nicole Wilkins IFBB Pro

Seated Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine are self-explanatory fixed-path machines.

Weighted Calf Raises 

Have you tried this ultimate butt workout?

This leg workout for ultimate toning and sculpting goes back to classic exercises and away from all of the frills so that you can concentrate on form and technique.

I love seeing your progress! Share your pics on my Facebook page and or Instagram and hashtag #glamourandgains

Eve Dawes | NASM Personal Trainer | WBFF Pro

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