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Your Vacation Essentials | Stylish Fashion and Beauty Packing List

Your Vacation Essentials | Stylish Fashion and Beauty Packing List

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Your vacation packing list must haves

Vacation essentials for the beach, romantic meals and exploring. All of the fashion, accessories and skincare you need for mood boosting summery look. I’m so excited to be able to travel again this year as it’s one of my husband and my favorite things to do. Him for beaches, me for culture, food and exploring. This beach vacation packing list is part fashion for the perfect pics and part practical to avoid sunburn and over exposure. Vacation often means a more laid back, summery style and time to play with colors and flowy fabrics. You’ll notice a lot of items on repeat in the images as I’m all for packing as light as possible and leaving room for vacation shopping.

The Vacation Essentials | Style Icon Edit

Beach glam vacation essentials summer fashion 2021
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Beach Glam


What would a beach vacation packing list be without a swimsuit, unless you’re visiting a nudist beach. There’s so many stylish swimsuits and bikinis but when in doubt a simple black swimsuit is elegant and flattering. Plus it looks gorgeous styled with gold jewelry and oversized cat eye sunglasses. After a year of luxe athleisurewear being in trend, glam looks are ever so welcome.

Giant sun hat that’ll survive your suitcase

Avoid getting too much sun exposure and keep your rosé cool under this giant sunhat. It rolls up for when you want to walk and see and also to throw it in your luggage without worrying about crushing it or carrying it on the plane. Plus it makes a stylish photo prop.

oversized sun hat Amazon beach vacation packing essentials


For the pool, beach, walking and casual meals. Slides are the multi tasking vacation shoe that’s more lightweight and summery than sneakers. These are the top 19 slides from luxe to luxe for less, pool and beach friendly or the trending style of 2021.

Beach tote

One of the must have vacation essentials, especially if you’re headed to the beach! The beauty of a beach tote is their size and that you can use it as a carryon. There are so many stylish options it’s hard to choose. Consider where you’re going before buying; sometimes a designer tote is out of place and other times it’s all just part of the jet set scene. Here’s 16 beach totes to suit every budget and destination.

Gold jewelry

Gold layered necklaces, hoop earrings and bangles take am ordinary vacation outfit to stylish and golden goddess status. If you don’t normally wear gold, try it. It really compliments a tan more than silver.


I always take 2 pairs of sunglasses with me. 1 designer for lunches and walking around cities, etc and one for the beach that I don’t care if they get scratched or lost.

small cat eye sunglasses womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes versace outfit
Luxe for less sunglasses

Vacation Essentials For Your Skin | Sun Protection

Glow Screen face and body

If you don’t want to wear makeup but want a golden glow this face and body sunscreen is perfect. It leaves skin even toned and glowing without leaving a white film or being sticky. It’s like Sally Hansen leg spray but with SPF and a golden goddess glow. I also like a SPF setting spray or SPF powder if I’m wearing makeup to keep my SPF topped up throughout the day. All of these are Supergoop as I like using products from the same line as they’re normally designed to work together.

As with most SPF setting/refresher sprays then do smell a little of alcohol due to the ingredients and can tingle when you first spray, it’s completely normal. If it bothers you, go for the SPF powder instead.

Cute long sleeve SPF top | Rashguard

No matter how much sunscreen I wear, I always seem to catch the sun on my chest on the first day. This top is a great vacation essential for the second day so that you can still be outside but not get anymore sun as well as for water sports and snorkeling. I always go for long sleeve rather than cap sleeves so that I don’t end up with weird tan lines.

After Sun Care

Don’t forget the hydrating after sun lotion. Coola does a lovely one thats also 70% organic.


A neutral coord set or playsuit is a comfortable option for exploring and walking. I’ve included 2 bag options, as sometimes a belt bag is a safe option for exploring places that are busy like market places and leaves your hands free for eating ice cream and shopping.

vacation packing essentials neutral summer outfit
Neutral vacation essentials for exploring

Romantic Evenings

Romantic White dress

Nothing looks better with a tan (real or fake) than a summery white dress. One that’s stylish and flowy as flowing material looks so gorgeous especially on breezy nights. You’ll look like a golden goddess.

Day to Night Bag

Use your day bag if you’re going more low key or add some classic chic for a more upscale dinner with the trending Bottega Veneta purse or similar padded bag. Accessories and bags have the power to completely change an otherwise simple look.

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I tend to look at the instagram of the resort Im going to get a feel of what girls are wearing and the dress code. Most of the time, unless you’re going to a city, heels end up unworn. Cobblestones in Europe, laid back in the Caribbean, etc. Espadrilles and wedges are the answer, they give height but are less likely to give you a broken neck.

Tanning drops

If you self tanned before you left these are great for keeping your tan topped up during your vacation so you don’t go through that awkward fading unevenly tanned phase. I use it the whole time to cheat my holiday tan as I don’t sunbathe. Tanning drops are much easier to use than fake tanning solutions and friendlier on the hotel sheets. They’re also smaller to pack.

romantic beach dinner outfit white dress gold accessories summer fashion

Jet Set | Stylish and Practical Vacation Essentials

I’m always cold on the plane and in the hotel AC so a coverup that doubles as a wrap is perfect. Throw it over a jumpsuit so that you can sleep in comfort and comfortable but fashionable slides so that if you have to run to the gate you can.

vacation packing essentials flight travel outfit

Cover up | Pareo

Another multi tasking vacation essential for your packing list. Use it on the plane when you get cold when going from the beach to lunch and poolside and on cool evenings.


Pretty much any of these will work for the flight and beach if you’re trying to cut down on the amount of shoes you pack. Otherwise, fresh white sneakers are an option if you don’t mind a more casual look and are planning on lots of walking. Valentino has a cute white pair on sale right now that are linked in the carousel above.

Vacation Essentials – Check!

Now that your beach vacation packing list is covered, you can check one more thing off of your vacation essentials check list.

beach vacation fashion essential stylish large sun hat blogger Eve Dawes

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