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My London Packing List | London Fashion Summer 2023

My London Packing List | London Fashion Summer 2023

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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Eve Dawes

What I’m packing for Summer in London from day to night, casual to balls

My London packing list for Summer is very different to when I visit the rest of the World as the British Summer weather is a bit fickle. So packing for Summer means lots of on trend layers and frizz-proof hairspray as fashion in London is obviously a lot more fashion forward than a beach destination. Whether it’s casual or smart, I tend to lean more towards the polished British look from head to toe. Especially as it’s normally lots of lunch and dinner dates and events I’m dressing for, catching up with everyone back in England. Here’s what’s on my London packing list. I’ll add photos to this post as I wear them and share my travels.

Most of you know me as an American blogger but I was actually born in England and lived there until I graduated London Studio Centre at 19. My family are all still there so I go back as often as I can. Preferably during the Summer when the days are so long and light and there’s so much going on for the season from horse racing to balls to outside concerts and picnics in the park. It’s also better for walking around London and not getting rained on!

casual london fashion shorts oversized blazer set
White blazer and shorts set | White mules with heels that don’t sink into the grass!

London Packing List & London Fashion 2023

Here’s everything I’m packing for London fashion this Summer. I’m going for 5 weeks so there’s quite a lot I’ve bought online and sent to my Parents house from the Karen Millen sale. As well as products like self-tanner and purple shampoo so it doesn’t go all over my clothes.

I’ll add photos of the clothing below as I go and share my London visit and favorite new spots with you. I’ve had a lot of bars and restaurants recommended to me as the in places are always changing.

My London packing list for the day

London is such an easy city to walk around but it’s big, so comfortable shoes are a must. I tend to wear flats like slides to walk around and keep a pair of heels in my bag to change into.

The AC doesn’t seem to be as strong as it is in the US and a lot of building’s don’t have it but a blazer or something to layer with is another essential. Especially on days where we get all 4 seasons thrown at us in 1 day.

I normally take a few blazers (I ended up packing 5) as I prefer them to wearing a jacket in the Summer. English weather’s always hit and miss so I’m packing for whatever the weather decides to throw at me.

I tend to try and stick to a few colors when packing to make it easy to mix, match and coordinate outfits. This year it was white, pink and blue.

My style tends to be more dressy than casual and I don’t find denim comfortable for walking around all day and traveling in. London can also get humid if it gets hot, which is another reason I stay away from jeans unless it’s a really cool day.

London packing list for Summer days

  1. Slides that are comfortable to walk in but more stylish than sneakers.
  2. 5 blazers: 2 white as they get dirty fast in London, pink and blue and white check. Plus 1 white I ordered to my England address that I found on sale.
  3. A matching blazer and shorts set to mix and match to create more outfits with.
  4. Black and white bodysuits.
  5. Satin slip dress to wear from day to night.
  6. Loose Versace mini dress.
  7. White summer dress for lunches.
  8. White heel mules for lunch and pre dinner drinks with the girls.
  9. White Versace bag.
  10. Pink Versace bag.
  11. Sunglasses.
  12. Umbrella.
  13. Tan Luxe Face & Body.

My London packing list for Summer nights

  1. Tweed mini dress.
  2. Blazer and shorts sets
  3. Black summer mini dress that’s easy to dress up or down for the day to night.
  4. Hot pink matching blazer and shorts set. I sized down in the blazer.
  5. Black silky midi skirt with a bodysuit (add a blazer if it gets cold).
  6. Chanel long necklace.
  7. Chanel earrings.
  8. Balmain black strappy heels.
london packing list summer black skirt white top
White bodysuit needs a little playing around with to pull into place | Black skirt | Black Balmain heels

What I’m wearing to the Goodwood races

The races are a huge part of the English summer season and it’s where you go dressed to impress. They encourage blue and white at the Qatar races at Goodwood and I love a dress code or theme to follow.

Since packing a large hat is a logistical nightmare I tend to borrow one of my sisters as she has so many but you can rent one to save space packing.

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Shoe wise, they recommend kitten heels but I’m always one to bend the rules. I’m like white heel mules like these that have a chunkier square heel or white strappy stilettos with grass guards. Play around and see which looks better with your dress.

What I’m wearing to the Goodwood Ball

Being a pageant queen my eyes gravitate towards glitzy gowns but my family steered me towards a more elegant, simple gown. The fashion in London and at balls is not the same as in Vegas!

goodwood races green satin gown womens fashion

The style I ordered was great for my London packing list as it folds up small. I had it tailored so that the back wasn’t quite so low and added horse hair to the hem to give the train more structure. I also pack a hand held steamer to keep the satin pristine.

I’m styled it with matching evening gloves and over the top diamond and emerald earrings and matching necklace to make it more me.

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