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25 Best Women’s Mules To Update Your Summer Wardrobe In 2022

25 Best Women’s Mules To Update Your Summer Wardrobe In 2022

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The hottest women’s mules to wear this year

Mules shoes for women are everywhere for 2022 from on trend square heels to classic stiletto heels. They’re the easiest heels to slip on this Summer even if they’re not for running for last train. The best womens mules for 2022 include braided heeled mules which are still very much in fashion. White always looks fresh or go for one of this years trending bright colors like lime green, yellow, pink or blue for Summer or darker shades and women’s black mules for Fall and Winter. My white heeled mules have had so much wear this Summer as they go with everything. They make a tweed dress more fashion forward and are perfect for walking on grass without sinking in as they have a square end to the heel! Here’s the best women’s mules shoes to wear this year.

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Are mules in style for 2022

Yes, heeled mules shoes are still in fashion for 2022 especially braided heeled mules and unusual shape heels. Like the ones I’m wearing that are narrow but end in a square which are perfect for occasions where you’ll be on grass like horse racing, BBQ’s, wine tasting, weddings, etc.

white heeled mules womens fashion blogger glamour gains eve dawes summer outfit
White sandals braided heeled mules | White dress | Pearl earrings

What color heeled mules and heel height are in style

White and one of this years bright color trends are perfect for summer. Moving into neutral shades, orange, forest green and black for Fall and Winter. For the mule heel height think higher than a kitten heel but not so high that you can’t walk in them as they’re not the most supportive of heels.

Thin heels with square ends are not only practical and on trend but they worked well on the cobbled streets in Portugal.

The best women’s mules shoes to shop for now

Whether you’re looking for something sparkly for a wedding or date, a colorful braided style or versatile neutral, here’s the best women’s mules to wear this season.

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Bottega Veneta do the braided heeled mules that kicked off the trend and inspired lots of copy cats but there’s lots of other budget friendly styles on this list starting at $24.

best womens mules white braided square heel
White mules Raye heels under $200

Shop the best womens mules

I’m wearing the Raye Valeria white heeled mules which I find runs true to size as some of their styles run small. They’re one of the best mules for summer not just because the white goes with everything but because the square heel doesn’t sink into grass!


womens mules shoes heeled white braided fashion blogger style
Womens mules shoes square heel

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