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25 Best Tweed Dresses for A Chic & Classic But Fashion Forward Look

25 Best Tweed Dresses for A Chic & Classic But Fashion Forward Look

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Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Eve Dawes

The Modern Take on Boucle Dresses

Tweed dresses have been around for decades but the latest iterations look fresh but still chic. Chanel made them a timeless classic and the latest cuts and styles have me adding them to my wardrobe more often than not. From pink, blue and white mini bouclé dresses with matching blazers for summer to darker black tweed dresses for Fall and Winter. It’s quickly becoming my go to style, especially as they don’t need ironing!

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Look for pearl buttons for a more luxe look or cut outs for a more relaxed look. My personal favorites are matching dress and blazer sets which look effortlessly chic and so put together. Plus they’re perfect for going in and out of the AC or heating or the British weather which often changes through all 4 seasons in a day.

The 25 most on trend tweed dresses to wear now

Don’t think that tweed has to mean modest or for workwear. There are some super sexy cut and backless bouclé dresses on this list. As well as the strapless dress and matching blazer set that I have that’s easy to dress up or down or change the look of with how you accessorize it.

Shop the tweed dress edit

It doesn’t have to be designer to look good. Although Chanel and Balmain’s tweed dresses are stunning there are some super cute styles on this list under $20 too.

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Black tweed mini dress Majorelle | Balmain heels on sale

Majorelle and Assignment have some of the most fashion forward, mid price range styles out right now and are my go to brands for this style.

How to style tweed dresses

Tweed dresses can vary a lot in their vibe from stuffy to super cute and sexy. So go for a style that works for you and what you want to wear it for. I chose the blue and white set as it works well for day to night, formal to going to dinner as the strapless dress is a little sexier than a long sleeve, pearl button version that looks more formal.

I also have a pink bouclé mini dress with cut out details and matching cropped blazer on order as it’ll be super cute for lunches or business meetings (with the blazer on).

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The shoes you wear make a big difference too. Low pumps can look a bit matronly with this look so either go for a higher heel or something more fashion forward to keep this look fresh and more on trend.

Are tweed dresses in style

Yes! Tweed dresses are still in fashion and are still seen a lot in Chanel and Balmain’s runway shows and ready to wear collections.

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