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Fashion Color Trends 2022 | 68 Ways To Nail The Green Trend

Fashion Color Trends 2022 | 68 Ways To Nail The Green Trend

green bags color trend 2022

From Kelly Green to Lime Green these bags, dresses, shoes & accessories check all the boxes

Fashion color trends 2022 are bright, fun and head turning so its no surprise Kelly green, lime green, grass and bright green shades all made the cut. Green dresses, bags and accessories are all easy ways to wear this spring/summer 2022 fashion color trend. Which adds to the other bright colors trending now like yellow, pink, lavender and blue. From lime green to Kelly green bags and dresses to the coolest green shoes and platforms for women. It’s the color to wear this season. Green outfits are playful and perfect for Summer whether it’s a pop of color with a green Balenciaga bag or full on head to toe monochromatic moment including green nails. There are so many shades of green that there’s one to suit everyone. These are my top picks to embrace this fashion color trend.

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color trends 2022 green dress mini lovers friends
Green dress photo courtesy Revolve

I had hardly any green in my closet until this Spring. I’m normally a pink girl but have been wearing more yellow, green and blue this year and sometimes a mix of all of them. I’m loving how colorful and fun fashion is this year with all of the 90’s and Y2K outfits, platforms and vivid hues.

spring/summer 2022 fashion color trends grass green bag hobo floral dress glamour gains

What shade of green is in fashion 2022

Green is one of the top fashion color trends 2022 thanks to Bottega Veneta’s acid turquoise and grass green bags and shoes. As well as the hourglass Balenciaga green bags. The bolder the better like lime green, but honestly pretty much any shade of green is in fashion for 2022. If paler’s better for you, you do you, or move the color away from your face by wearing a green bag instead of clothes.

Lime green, saturated yellow, classic Kelly green and sunset orange are all trending hues incorporated on the Spring/Summer 2022 runways.

fashion color trends 2022 grass green bag hobo vegan leather jw pei

From Kelly green to lime green bags, designer to luxe for less these bags are an easy way to wear this 2022 color trend. Whether it’s just to add some green to your outfit or to create a monochromatic coordinated look.

grass green ruched hobo bag vegan leather
Grass green bag vegan leather hobo

The vegan leather green hobo bag I have is under $100 and big enough to fit your iPhone. if you’re looking to splurge both Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have some of the best green handbags for 2022 in both slouchy and structured styles.

What shades of green are in for 2022

The most in style green dresses are Kelly green or lime green as color trends for 2022 rather than paler shades. When it comes to the style mini dresses, cut outs, bodycon, voluminous shoulders and strappy details are all on trend.

Matching sets, tweed, bouclé and suiting is still in, so if that’s more your vibe, there are some super chic ones around to embrace this spring/summer 2022 fashion color trend. Clashing bold colors like vivid blue and green are another way to have fun with this color trend.

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How to wear this spring/summer 2022 fashion color trend | Best green dresses 2022

I have the emerald green gown below for a ball this Summer which runs true to size but is slit super low at the back so it’s currently being tailored. I’ve also added a couple of sweater dresses if you’re like me and plan ahead.

Best green tops, bottoms and matching sets 2022

If you’re looking for a green outfit rather than a green dress to nail this fashion color trend for 2022 I’m absolutely in love with the pale green tweed shorts set which is such a classic. Living in Vegas I tend to go for shorts and skorts more than loose mini skirts as it’s so windy here. However, if you love color go for a bright lime green this season and wear this color while it’s still trending.

Best green shoes for women 2022

You’ve probably seen this color trend all over instagram especially the Bottega Veneta grass green mules. These green shoes for women include fun heels to complete your look from casual dressy. Whether you’re looking for a classic style that’s still fashion forward, a trending platform or comfy flat.

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