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25 Best Heels To Wear With A Black Dress

25 Best Heels To Wear With A Black Dress

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The heels to wear this season & a pair of chic Balmain heels for 58% off!

Knowing the best heels to wear with a black dress can be difficult. The best way to decide on what heels to wear with your black dress pretty much comes down to the style of the black dress you’re wearing. As well as the occasion you’re shopping for. Strappy black high heel sandals are going to look the best at a formal event or red carpet with an LBD or black lace dress. Whereas closed toe pumps are going to be more appropriate with a black work dress than your strappy sandals. If you’re looking for something to make more of a statement than black strappy stilettos add a pop of color. Any one of the heels below in florals, animal prints or bright colors would be perfect. Tie them into your look with your bag, lipstick color or accessories.

heels wear black dress perfect strappy black sandals Rebecca Romijn
Curtesy Sarah Flint

Black strappy heels have been on my shopping list for a few months. As I was finding it hard to find a pair of heels that went beyond the basic. There’s lots of plain black strappy high heels around but finding ones that were a little special or unique is a lot more challenging.

Finding the perfect pair of heels to wear with your black dress

I looked through literally thousands of pairs of black strappy sandals, pumps and heels. These are the most lust worthy, high heeled, fashionable styles I found. Including a super comfy pair Rebecca Romijn’s wearing above and I’m wearing below.

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We both wear Sarah Flint, so I can vouch for their comfort and arch support. I’ve listed best shoes, stilettos and cone shaped heels from luxe to luxe for less. For me, they’re worth investing a bit more in, as they’re a shoe that gets so much use. I’m all about the CPW.

Find your perfect pair of black strappy heels

From simple black strappy heels like the ones Rebecca Romijn’s wearing to more embellished womens sandals and platforms. These are the shoe styles I have my eye on for 2022 to wear with my little black dresses.

Including a couple of black strappy stilettos with the padlock and chain trends that pretty much go with all of my black outfits and jeans. 

I’ll update this as new styles get released. Right now my 2 favorite pairs are the black Tom Ford padlock sandals which I love for the gold touches and padlock. As well as the Christian Louboutin stilettos. They’re classic but a great option that won’t date quickly for the office and nights out with their iconic red soIe.

Use code SARAHFLINT-BAEVE to get $50 off the Sarah Flint black perfect sandal 100mm shoes or any shoes on their website.

7 Designer black strappy heel sandals on sale!

hair bow black sequin dress strappy heels winter 2021 fashion blogger

You know I love a good sale and these designers black strappy high heel sandals are all on sale now. Some of the sizes are already sold out or have limited stock, you know how it goes with sales.

There’s some cone heeled ones which give a more casual look as well as stilettos. Both are shapes that are in fashion for Fall.

Best black pumps to wear with your black dress

These classic black pumps are anything but basic. Whether it’s a unique cut out, detail or trending platform heel. There’s lots of different styles of heels to create different looks depending on the black dress you’re wearing and where you’re going.

For more sophisticated black heels go for leather or suede and save the patent and transparent styles for going out. These shoes are also great for wearing with black tights in Winter or your skinny jeans to add some extra height and for a more elegant look than sneakers.

Use code SARAHFLINT-BAEVE to get $50 off the Sarah Flint black pumps above. I love the lace up detailing on the back, the extra arch support and ball padding and the unique shape of the sides.

Christian Louboutin black stiletto pumps black outfit

Shoes that take center stage with your black dress

If you want something a bit different from black strappy stilettos or pumps these beautiful shoes are the best choices for making a statement and adding a pop of color. As well as creating a stylish look that’s on trend.

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I’ll keep updating the strappy black heels and pumps to wear with a black dress on here with new styles as they get released. As well as any that go on sale and the black strappy stilettos I finally end up with.

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If you want something more statement making and sparkly than simple black heels, these Cinderella shoes are some of the most beautiful heels I’ve ever seen.

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If you find any that aren’t on this list that you think should be, send me the link on Instagram @glamourandgains. I’ll check them out and add them if I think that they’re the right choice to wear with your black dress. Thanks lovelies.

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