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Gucci sandals review | Are these designer women’s shoes worth it?

Gucci sandals review | Are these designer women’s shoes worth it?

gucci sandals womens high heels black crystal

Last Updated on October 24, 2023 by Eve Dawes

What you really need to know before you invest in new Gucci sandals for women

Gucci sandals for women review of the new black satin and crystal high heel Gucci shoes for women. Women’s Gucci shoes used to always be my go to brand but I haven’t bought anything from them for ages. I’ve been buying Dior and Sarah Flint instead but as soon as I saw these stunning black Gucci high heel sandals with crystals in Ibiza I had to have them. These high heels were more expensive than I was expecting them to be. Although the fact that they were duty free offset some of the guilt. Are these women’s Gucci shoes worth it? Do Gucci shoes run true to size? Are Gucci shoes comfortable? Here’s everything you should know before you buy and my honest, unsponsored women’s Gucci sandals review.

This post is NOT sponsored but it does contain affiliate links which do not affect the price in anyway.

Gucci shoes for women | What’s in my closet

I seem to have quite the women’s Gucci shoes collection even after I said I haven’t been buying much Gucci recently. However, because I tend to save them just for special occasions and they last well I had more pairs than I realized in my closet until doing this Gucci shoes review.

I got my very 1st pair of Gucci shoes for women when I was about 22. It was a beautiful pair of Emerald green satin D’Orsay Gucci heel sandals that I still have. I just don’t wear them very much as they’re a 3″ heel and I tend to prefer a higher heel but they’re too pretty to part with.

gucci sandals womens green satin gold horsebit crystal

I also have black satin high heel stiletto pumps with a crystal zipper that I find run true to size. An ivory satin and gold crystal horsebit pair of Gucci high heels that I wore for my wedding. I didn’t care if anyone could see them, they made me feel special and were comfortable all day.

As well as a pink floral print and bamboo horsebit pair of Gucci D’Orsay peep toe horse bit heels, and leather cream and gold kitten heels. These black Gucci sandals with crystals are my latest addition.

gucci sandals white satin bridal crystal horesbit

Gucci sandals with crystals review

In this women’s Gucci sandals review, I’m sharing my thoughts and specs for the new Gucci women’s black satin heel sandals with crystals. I tend to do a shoe review whenever I get a new pair, designer or not, to help you decide whether they’re right for you or not.

I personally think that these shoes are expensive even by designer shoe and Gucci standards but sometimes love outweighs the price tag. Which is how they ended up in my closet.

Of course new shoes means an obligatory Gucci shoes unboxing, try on, review, whether I think they’re worth it or not or regret buying them. As well as everything else you should to know before splurging on these Gucci women’s shoes.

  • Do the black Gucci sandals run true to size?
  • Are Gucci stiletto high heel sandals comfortable or not?
  • How much do they cost?
  • How to care for your Gucci sandals.Care tips and where to get them.
  • Are they worth it?
gucci high heels sandals black satin crystal
Gucci US | Gucci UK site

Gucci high heel sandals (women’s) | Specs and details

It’s all about the pretty details on these crystal encrusted black satin Gucci high heel sandals. From the dainty ankle strap with the pretty and iconic Gucci crystal Double G detail. To the dazzling clear crystals covering the upper of these 4.5” heel Gucci sandals for women.

If you’re looking for other colors, these Gucci high heel sandals with crystals also comes in what they call silver satin. However it looks more like champagne or blush than silver both in their photos (see ‘Shop’ below) and in person. The high heel version also comes in the prettiest emerald green, the same as the Gucci heels I’m wearing above. 

If this style of Gucci sandals is too high for you, they also come in a 2.5″ heel as a slide sandal in black, fuchsia and blue. The lower heel version of the Gucci slide sandal with crystals also has a more sculptural, sturdy heel but the crystal upper looks the same.

womens gucci shoes black crystal

Women’s Gucci Sandals Specs:

  • Satin upper and heels
  • From the Gucci Women’s shoes collection
  • Leather trim
  • Multi-sized crystals
  • Crystal Double G on ankle strap fastenings
  • Smooth leather sole
  • Adjustable buckle ankle closure
  • 4.5″ heel height
  • Made in Italy
womens gucci shoes soles high heel stieltto

The soles on these Gucci heel sandals are really smooth and don’t offer much grip. So you might want to consider having them resoled with something that will give you more grip and to help protect the soles from wear.

Read Gucci’s website for each color in this style as they all run slightly differently. It says that these black Gucci sandals run small and to consider sizing up. However, I find they run true to size and even sized down half a size to a 36.5.

I normally wear a 37 in Gucci but either because of how this style runs or because I have narrow heels, the heels gaped on the 37’s. The satin emerald green heels in this style say that color runs true to size. So it’s definitely best if you can try them on in person.

womens gucci sandals black crystal heels

Are Gucci sandals comfortable

Ok, we’re talking about 4’5″ heel women’s Gucci sandals that are narrow stilettos here so I’m not going to say you can walk for miles comfortably in them. The sole is pretty thin and it’s not particularly cushioned. However, I managed 4 hours out to dinner in them with no problems and found them pretty comfortable. Although the escalators were a different story!

The sole on these shoes is thick enough not to feel the floor and I didn’t get any blisters or sore spots. The ankle strap although dainty does give a decent amount of support without cutting your circulation off.

luxury fashion blogger eve dawes gucci
Gucci UK site

I’ve always found all of my women’s Gucci sandals and shoes to be pretty comfortable as far as heels go. There’s lots of other designer shoe brands I’ve worn once and had to consign as they were so uncomfortable.

If you find high heels uncomfortable, give the Gucci slide sandal with it’s lower mid height heel a go instead. That style comes in black, blue and fuchsia.

How to care for women’s Gucci sandals

When it comes to caring for shoes, especially satin heels there’s a few things to consider:

  1. Lighter colors are hard to care for and keep clean.
  2. Satin and suede are a lot more delicate than leather.
  3. Try to avoid driving in them or anything that could create friction on the satin.
  4. When you’re not wearing them, they suggest filling the shoes with tissue paper to help maintain their shape and absorb humidity.
  5. Store in the Gucci shoes bag and box they came in whenever possible.
  6. Replace worn heels with the spare heel caps provided.
  7. Try to store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

While these care tips all sound good in theory, I like to display my shoes on my closet shoe shelves. Luckily there are no windows or direct light but they’re still going to get dusty as they’re definitely not an everyday pair of shoes.

I will try and keep them stuffed with tissue paper whenever I remember to though. As well as getting them resoled to give them more traction and hopefully a longer life span.

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Are women’s Gucci sandals worth it?

Obviously pricing comes into factor when doing a Gucci sandals review and deciding whether they’re worth it or not. The price of women’s Gucci sandals varies a lot depending on the style and details and these are the most expensive pair I’ve bought from them yet,

The price of these particular Gucci high heel sandals with crystals varies from country to country from £880 in the UK to $1250 plus tax (depending on the state) at the time of writing this. The total in Nevada after tax is $1,354.69 VS $1120.59 (£880) in the UK and that’s even without them being duty free in the UK now.

Are Gucci shoes worth it? It’s such a personal question and answer as it depends on your budget, what you’re comfortable spending and how much you think that you’ll wear them. In all honesty, as much as I love designer shoes and bags, I was a little uncomfortable spending this much on evening shoes to be honest. As I know they won’t get much wear.

If these women’s Gucci sandals were a style I knew I’d wear everyday it would make them feel better value. However, hopefully they’ll at least last as they’re a classic style that won’t get worn too much.

I just need to make the effort to remember to wear them and get dressed up more. Which is one of the reasons I like to keep my shoes on display shelves and not in boxes. So that they don’t get forgotten!

Shop women’s Gucci sandals

I’ve linked both the high heel sandals and mid heel crystal mules in all the available colors. If you’re looking for flats, check out these designer slide sandals instead. The shopping guide below shows US prices but you can just change the country you’re shopping from at the bottom of the Gucci website to see the pricing in your currency and shop from the country you’re in.

If you’re looking for a more affordable pair, check out Fashionphile’s selection. As they’re shoes come with a lifetime authenticity guarantee.

How to style Gucci heel sandals

When it comes to styling these crystal Gucci sandals they’re more versatile than you might think. Whether it’s to dress up a pair or jeans, add a more glam look to pretty much any outfit or to finish off a black tie look.

I tend to like these crystal heels as the focal point of the outfit as they’re so pretty and too much sparkle can be overkill even here in Las Vegas.

Gucci sandals review | Luxury shopping guide


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