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Sarah Flint shoes review | World’s most comprehensive guide

Sarah Flint shoes review | World’s most comprehensive guide

Sarah Flint shoes review heels flats

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Are The Perfect Pumps the most comfortable heels you’ll ever wear? The Sarah Flint shoes to Own, honest review & everything you need to know about this luxury shoe brand

Sarah Flint shoes review of this under the radar celebrity favorite brand. It might not be a name you’ve heard but I can pretty much guarantee you’ve seen her chic shoes. Sarah Flint shoes celebrity fans include Cindy Crawford in Sarah Flint sandals, Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga and Amal Clooney who all wear the Perfect Pumps, Karlie Kloss who wears the boots, and Emma Roberts in Sarah Flint flats and Emma Roberts in Sarah Flint flats. Probably most famously, Meghan Markle who’s been wearing the Sarah Flint Natalie flats almost since the companies beginning in 2012 and created a 25,000 person waitlist for them. Don’t worry, they’re back in stock now. Sarah Flint shoes are up there price wise so I put together this Sarah Flint NYC shoes review including Sarah Flint sizing so you can decide whether they’re worth it or not. I’ve become a Sarah Flint Ambassador so obviously I’m a fan.

celebrities wearing Sarah flint shoes

This review contains both affiliate links and gifted items.

Sarah Flint Shoes Review | Everything You Need to Know

Sarah Flint shoes are a celebrity favorite and her shoes, sandals and reviews are all over Glamour and Gains as I have so many. Here’s 6 of Sarah Flint NYC’s best selling styles side by side and everything you need to know including what size to order in each style and material.

Sarah Flint shoes collection heels flats sandals

The lovely people at Sarah Flint NYC also loaned me several more styles to complete this Sarah Flint review of their different styles. After trying all of them on, this is what I’ve learned about the:

  • Grear sandals
  • Perfect Jay pumps
  • Perfect pumps
  • Perfect sandals
  • Mirjana flats
  • Meghan Markle Sarah Flint favorite, the Natalie flats.
Sarah Flint shoes

What sets Sarah Flint shoes apart

Sarah Flint shoes are hand made in the same Italian factories as many other luxury shoe brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Hermes, and Christian Louboutin. But that’s where the similarities stop!

What sets Sarah’s shoes apart is that they’re packed with innovative comfort design, more on that below. The reason they no longer have the ultra luxury pricing, is that they cut out the retailer markup and are direct-to-consumer.

sarah flint shoes review black suede perfect pumps Eve Dawes
Sarah Flint Shoes | Black suede Perfect Pumps 100mm. Use SF-EVE-15 for 15% OFF

What makes Sarah Flint shoes so good | Construction

Every shoe is made with a delicate touch and a skilled eye. No less than 12 craftsmen perfect a single pair of shoes from start to finish. Each pair of Sarah Flint shoes comes with a handwritten note from the artisan that’s finished yours (mine were made by Alice).

sarah flint perfect sandals 100 gold
Sarah Flint Perfect 100 sandals gold leather heels

Sarah Flint works with different factories based on specific materials or shoemaking processes that they have perfected over the years. I love Sarah’s attention to detail and only accepting the best construction for her women’s shoes.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps 100 heels fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps 100 heels in sand calf leather.

Why I wear Sarah Flint pumps

Sarah Flint shoes only came onto my radar a few years ago and caught my eye for their elegant, feminine look and high quality. What stood out to me besides the styles when talking to the company was their discerning sourcing and commitment to how their luxury footwear is hand crafted in Italy using the most exceptional materials. As well as how they price their shoes, that they’re comfort driven, elegant and a durable investment piece.

My first pair of Sarah Flint shoes was the nude ‘Sand Calf’ Perfect Pumps 100 as I thought they’d be the most versatile style.

sarah flint sandals high heel nude
Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals 100 sand calf heels use discount code SF-EVE-15 for 15% OFF

I started this company because I wanted to make shoes women wore in their everyday lives that were actually comfortable and functional”

Sarah Flint
sarah flint perfect pumps 100 fashion blogger eve dawes
Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps 100 white leather heels

Sarah Flint Sand Calf AKA Nude Perfect Pumps

Since it’s Summer, I went with nude or more specifically ‘Sand Calf’. I’ve added the black suede 100mm, navy suede, white leather that Margot Robbie has and leopard print to my Sarah Flint collection now too. I love pumps with jeans and a blazer for cooler Summer days. As well as for transitioning both from Spring to Summer and Summer to Fall.

Sarah Flint heels Perfect Pump fashion blogger Eve Dawes red dress street
Sarah Flint heels ‘Perfect Pump 100’ nude leather stilettos

Nude pumps are hard to find, as they’re either the wrong shade (too yellow, brown, dark, light), the wrong material (I prefer matte leather to vinyl) or uncomfortable. I was nervous ordering online that the nude shade would look the same in person since every monitor is different and that they’d fit.

These are as beautiful in person as on screen and I’ve tried to keep the colors of them as true as possible in these photos so you can see exactly what they look like.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 100 heels blue box
Sarah Flint heels | The Perfect Pump 100mm

My favorite Sarah Flint shoes | The Perfect Pumps

The name says it all and it’s the Perfect Pump 100 in all colors that wins my vote! It’s such a classic shoe that I know I’ll wear year after year. As well as get so much wear out of them which brings down the CPW (cost per wear). The Perfect Pump comes in 3 different heel heights but being 5’2″ and my style being the more feminine the better, the 100mm is my personal choice.

what shoes wear skinny jeans womens fashion white stiletto pumps
Sarah Flint white pumps

I chose the sand calf-leather Perfect Pump 100 as I already have black leather and nude suede pumps but not nude leather which is way more practical. I wanted to try these pumps first and check out the fit and comfort.

Once I knew I loved the fit and comfort, I ordered the white heels I’d seen on Margot Robbie. When it comes to white stilettos, you really are better to go for a luxury brand. So that they look polished and not Essex girl (I can say that, I’m from Essex).

Sarah Flint heels perfect pump fashion blogger Vegas USA

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps are such a great heel for wearing with jeans, a simple top and blazer for everyday. The Cipria Nappa Still Life pumps are also on my shopping list as the feminine flower detail has my name all over it. Plus the color will go with pretty much any Summer dress or co-ord set.

Sarah Flint shoes review & unboxing | Sarah Flint Perfect Pump review

Since the Perfect Pumps were my 1st pair and I now have 6 pairs, I thought I’d start my Sarah Flint shoes review with them. As I mentioned before, Sarah Flints heels are designed not just for their elegant look but functionality and comfort. These 4″ heels have an expanded toe box (no squashed toes), arch support and 6 mm of extra footbed padding. But what does that actually mean when it comes to comfort?

sarah flint sandals 100 sand calf leather celebrity shoes
Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 100mm sand calf stiletto heels

Sarah Flint Shoes Review: I took the Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 100 heels on a test drive and these are the results. If you’re looking at the flats, here’s my full review of Sarah Flint sandals.

These heels do not feel as high on as they look. The arch support might feel a bit different if you’re not used to having it but it’s genius and so comfortable. I had zero pain trotting around in these shoes as the box didn’t squash my toes, the heel didn’t rub or slip and the rubber sole grips meant I wasn’t doing Bambi on ice.

How does sizing run in Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps

Sarah Flint sizing for this style recommends go up 1/2 size up in this heel because of the pointed toe. You want the initial fit to be snug but not tight as they’re made from supple Italian calf leather which will give with wear. However, that didn’t work for me…

Sarah Flint shoes black suede perfect pumps 100mm

I tend to be a 6.5-7 depending on the shoe brand and didn’t size up in the leather. I went with the 37 in the leather which is my normal size and was Cinderella perfect.

However, in the suede Perfect Pumps I actually had to size down 1/2 a size and ordered a 36.5. Expect to see a lot more of these shoes in my pics as they’re the most comfortable pumps I own and they go with everything.

Treat yourself to 15% off with discount code SF-EVE-15

Celebrity Shoe Crush | Celebrities Wearing Sarah Flint Shoes

celebrities wearing Sarah Flint shoes

Besides Meghan Markle, celebrities like Lady Gaga, Amal Clooney have all been seen wearing Sarah Flint shoes. It was the chic, white, Perfect Pump 100 Sarah Flint heels that Margot Robbie was wearing that made me go for the Perfect Pumps as my 1st gifted pair. As I was torn between these Sarah Flint heels or the Perfect Sandals. I now have them both in lots of colors.

Copy Margot Robbie’s white pumps

If you’ve seen the white leather pumps on Margot Robbie, I’ve reviewed and blogged all about the exact shoes she’s wearing.

how style stiletto high heel pumps
White 100 mm stiletto perfect pumps perfect pumps

Why it’s called the Perfect Pump

Sometimes when you hear comfortable shoes, you think frumpy. These couldn’t be further from that. It’s called the perfect pump because it combines feminine style and comfort to be the only pump you’ll ever need. The anatomical arch support does exactly what it says.

The additional 6mm of memory foam in the footbed makes wearing heels fun again rather than painful and the wider toe box means your feet don’t feel like they’re being crushed.

Plus they have a sexy v-shaped vamp that’s just the right cut; not too low, not too high. They’re actually heels you can wear all day and still feel and look good in as well as actually be able to walk well in, hence the hashtag #walklikeawoman.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump heels nude leather blue gift box
The Sarah Flint shoes beautiful elegant packaging. Use discount code SF-EVE-15 for 15% OFF

Sarah Flint Perfect Jay Pumps 100

These are very similar to the perfect pumps from the front and have the same heel height. The difference is the heel which is a stunning tortoiseshell and thicker than the perfect pump. If you’re looking for a heel you’re going to be in all day, the Perfect Jay might be better for you than the stiletto heel. Sizing runs true to size and the construction besides the heel is the same as the Perfect Pumps.

How much do Sarah Flint shoes cost? Luxury for Less

Sarah Flint sandals and flats start at around $295 and go up to around $550 for her most expensive styles at the time of writing this. You know I believe in investing in feminine classic styles that last. When it’s at this price point I expect good quality, durable shoes. Which is why the Perfect Pump 100 and Perfect Sandals 100 are my favorites.

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I love the highest heels but they have to be wearable. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house feeling fabulous and being miserable 5 minutes after putting your shoes on. Then spending the rest of the day/night in agony.

While Sarah Flint NYC is a luxury shoe brand it has a lower price tag than most designer brands as they’re direct to consumer only. Since this saves on overheads, they pass those savings onto us!

Sarah Flint perfect pump 100 nude leather comfort heels

Sarah Flint flats

You know the shoes are comfortable when Meghan Markle made the Sarah Flint flats her shoe of choice during her pregnancy! When she was first spotted out in the Sarah Flint Natalie flats with Prince Harry, the style sold out and created a 25,000 person waiting list! The elegant pointed toe flat with its cute bow details is back, fully stocked and available in 14 different colors.

The white lace Natalie Sarah Flint flats would be a beautiful bridal shoe if you’re changing to flats later in the day. As well as for baby showers, mammas to be, city breaks or just for women who prefer flats.

Sarah Flint flat sandals

Sarah Flint NYC makes both flat and high heel sandals from the Grear sandals to the Perfect Sandals 100 (which I have in several colors). The Grear sandals run true to size but only come in full sizes so they recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

sarah flint perfect 100 sandals gold
Sarah Flint Perfect 100 sandals in gold leather

What makes Sarah Flint shoes and heels so comfortable?

These are some of the shoes and boots key construction features that makes these beauties so comfortable.

  1. Anatomical arch support which supports the natural arch of the foot. I’ve been having arch pain from working out and my spin shoes so am grateful for this detail in construction.
  2. Foam cushioning: Sarah Flint shoes have an additional 3-6mm of memory foam depending on the style in the footbed for ultra comfort. Much appreciated by us girls who walk lots, especially over the London and Vegas cobble stones!
  3. Wider toe box on all of the styles from Sarah Flint flats (Mirjana review) to heels to boots to help preventing squishing your feet for all day comfort. Sarah wanted to design shoes you can wear all day, not be dying to take off and switch into flats.
  4. Rubber outsole: It’s amazing how many shoes don’t have this. The no-slip grip really helps with secure walkability and avoids the Bambi on ice effect.
  5. Steel rod stiletto: When it comes to investing in luxury shoes, besides looking and feeling fabulous, durability is key. The steel rod in the Sarah Flint heels makes these heels durable and improves the longevity of the heel. So no need to worry about the heel snapping off at an embarrassing moment!
  6. V-shaped vamp: A little toe cleavage is great, too much and it looks like the shoe doesn’t fit. I’ve found the Perfect Pump gives just the right amount of toe cleavage.
  7. Galvanized double zippers to ensure longevity of the beautiful gold hardware.

Made in Italy, but more importantly, made with care.

Sarah Flint NYC | Full shoe collection
Sarah Flint pumps high heels fashion blogger Glamour Gains dancing

How do choose the right size in Sarah Flint shoes

These are some Sarah Flint sizing tips for ordering the right size in Sarah Flint shoes:

  • Most of the Sarah Flint shoes fit true to size. There’s a couple of exceptions and they provide specific size recommendations on every style on the website, like the Rosie loafer and pointed pumps, which they recommend sizing half a size up in. I sized down 1/2 size in the suede Perfect Pump 100mm but the leather Perfect Pumps and Perfect Sandals I ordered my normal size.
  • When you first put on the shoes they should feel comfortably snug, but they will stretch in width with wear as the leather and suede softens.
  • The shoes are hand made in Italy and use standard European sizing. Here’s the US to EU size conversion chart.
  • If you need help finding your size, you can click connect at the top of their page to schedule a 30 minute private styling appointment via Zoom to ask any product or fit questions.
Sarah Flint shoes sizing guide conversions
Sarah Flint shoe sizing conversion guide
Sarah Flint perfect pumps luxury heels 100mm sand calf leather Glamour Gains
Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps 100mm in Sand Calf leather

Are Sarah Flint shoes worth it? Questions to ask yourself before investing in designer shoes

When you’re investing in shoes, it’s reassuring to know the quality. Sarah Flint shoes are hand made my experts from hand stitched outsoles to hand cut leather uppers. They’re made using the highest form of craftsmanship because they believe we deserve that extra special touch.

sarah flint shoes nude perfect sandals 100 fashion editor eve dawes

Whether it’s shoes, accessories or clothes, when you’re investing in luxury brands it’s good to think about these things first.

  1. Do you love it or just like it
  2. Is it classic – will you get lots of use form it in years to come
  3. Is it value for money? Does the quality reflect the price and will they last.
  4. Are they comfortable? You’ll actually wear them.
  5. What will you wear them with? Not just a wardrobe full of pieces but nothign to wear with them. White, black and nude heels, flats and sandals go with pretty much everything.

So whether or not Sarah Flint shoes worth are it will come down to how you answer those questions, how much you love them and how much you’ll wear them.

Sarah Flint Brand Ambassadors

I’m honored to be a part of the Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador program and represent this elegant luxury shoe brand.

This post is a gifted partnership with Sarah Flint NYC as a Brand Ambassador.

sarah flint honest review heels

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