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Sarah Flint Sandals Review Are They Worth It?

Sarah Flint Sandals Review Are They Worth It?

Sarah Flint flat sandals Mirjana white fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Everything you need to know about Sarah Flint flats before you buy

Sarah Flint sandals and pumps came onto my radar last year from seeing a photo of Margot Robbie wearing white high heel pumps and jeans. After getting the Sarah Flint perfect pumps which are so comfortable, I thought I’d try the Sarah Flint flats. I’d been looking for a pair or luxury sandals and was hoping that these would be just as comfy as her heels.

I just tried them on and wore them out for the first time. Here’s everything you need to know before you order.

Sarah Flint Shoes Review | Mirjana flat sandals

Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals Pros

  • These Sarah Flint flats run true to size.
  • Sarah Flint luxury sandals are all beautifully handmade in Italy.
  • Direct to consumer pricing makes them a lot more affordable than a lot of other luxury shoe brands.
  • These Sarah Flint sandals have elastic at the side of the upper so they fit most width feet.
  • Super cute bow detailing.
  • The outsole is made of lightweight and breathable leather.
  • Full rubber forepart of the sole for grip so I didn’t feel like I was slipping or didn’t have traction at any time walking in them even on tile.
Sarah Flint sandals Mirjana white fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals Cons

  • They only come in whole sizes.
  • The uppers didn’t come far enough/cover enough of my feet to give enough support. My little toe and sole actually hurt after wearing them as the sides didn’t come up far enough to cover my little toe joint. Not one other person mentions this in their reviews though so maybe it’s just me or since they’re made by hand mine got cut slightly differently.
  • Soles aren’t padded like the Perfect Pumps are so the soles are hard and not as comfortable as I’d have liked for flats.
sarah flint shoes Mirjana sandals white glamour gains stairs
Sarah Flint shoes | Mirjana sandals

“I make sure we source the most exceptional materials, from triple-dyed Italian suedes to jacquards woven in 300-year-old British mills. Once they’re crafted, our shoes then go through rounds of prototyping and fit-testing, because I won’t give you what I wouldn’t wear myself.”

Sarah Flint
Sarah Flint sandals Mirjana flats white fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Sarah Flint Discount Code

Use code SARAHFLINT-BAEVE for $50 off your 1st pair of Sarah Flint shoes.

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sarah flint fashion blogger Eve Dawes

These sandals were gifted to me as part of the Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador program.

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