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Are Cave Bar More Dubrovnik & Restaurant More at Hotel More Dubrovnik worth a visit? Review

Are Cave Bar More Dubrovnik & Restaurant More at Hotel More Dubrovnik worth a visit? Review

cave bar more hotel more dubrovnik

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The 1 bar in Dubrovnik you absolutely must have a drink at

Cave Bar Dubrovnik and Restaurant More at Hotel More Dubrovnik are a peaceful and scenic escape from the overcrowded Old Town. Cave Bar More Dubrovnik is a cool natural cave overlooking the beautiful Lapad Bay and Adriatic Sea which makes it the perfect spot for sipping on a cocktail and watching sunset. Restaurant More is conveniently located a couple of floors above making it easy to bounce from drinks to dinner on their romantic terrace to keep enjoying these sweeping views.

Cave Bar More Dubrovnik sunset drinks water front

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Hotel More Dubrovnik is a luxury 5-star boutique right on the waters edge in Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s one of the more peaceful spots and a welcome escape from busy Old Town especially during the peak month of July.

The cave that forms Cave Bar More was found during the construction of Hotel More. The hotel layout is a little confusing because it’s spread out over a cliff and you need to use a few different elevators to access the Cave Bar.

Cave Bar More Dubrovnik inside hotel more

You can also reach the Cave Bar via the promenade in front. However, a taxi/Uber will drop you at the top at Hotel More’s lobby so just follow the signs to cave bar or Restaurant More.

A peek inside Cave Bar More at Hotel More Dubrovnik Croatia

Cave Bar More Dubrovnik review | What makes this buzzy bar so special

Let’s start with the fact that it’s a natural cave and I’ve never had a drink in a cave before. The bar is spread over three levels both inside and outside. It only seats 60 though so get there early as they don’t take reservations.

Besides the actual Cave Bar seating areas there is a separate cave with the highest ceiling you can have a look at.

cave bar more dubrovnik inside

Cave Bar More’s drink menu is pretty extensive cocktail wise. They also have soft drinks, tea, coffee, beers, a few wines and even port if cocktails or liquor aren’t your thing. Food wise, the menu’s a bit more limited.

Think pool bar food and they stop serving food at 5pm. After that you’ll have to head up to either Restaurant More or Tramuntana.

cave bar more dubrovnik drinks cocktails

It’s one of those buzzy bars that has ambience both inside and outside with music that’s atmospheric but not blasting. The outside terraces are beautiful for catching a few rays in the day or enjoying the evening air. The inside is lovely for enjoying the cool cave location. You can’t go wrong in any of the spaces.

cave bar more dubrovnik outside terrace travel blogger drink sun

We started outside for sunset drinks. There are some umbrella’s if you’re looking for shade. People were jumping in and out of the water too cool off. So don’t feel like you have to dress up during the day. Beach attire is appropriate too. As long as you’re wearing a coverup at your table.

inside Cave Bar More Dubrovnik

We then took a break from drinking to have dinner at the romantic Restaurant More (more on that below) before coming back for a nightcap inside the cave bar. They serve Port which is my post dinner go-to.

The special ambiance of our cave, together with the beach area, is an ideal spot for organizing various events – weddings, unforgettable proposals, celebrations.

Cave Bar More

Restaurant More review

We weren’t planning on eating here but once we saw it from Cave Bar More’s terrace we decided that was the easiest rather than going back into town to eat.

restaurant more hotel more dinner

They serve both Mediterranean and contemporary cuisine. We totally over ordered though as the hot appetizers are pretty much Entree/main course size. Both the beef carpaccio and tuna tartare were excellent. For my main I had the shrimp risotto which was creamy, rich and cooked perfectly but way too much food.

restaurant more hotel more romantic sunset dinner

Restaurant More offers both inside and outside seating but the outside terrace is where you want to be for the beautiful Adriatic Sea views.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12 (noon) – 11 p.m.

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Hotel More Address | Cave Bar More & Restaurant More

Cave Bar More and Restaurant More are both in Hotel More Dubrovnik which is about 3.5-5K from Dubrovnik Old Town depending on your starting point. It took us 15 minutes from our hotel Heritage Villa Nobile. Pro tip: It’s about half the price to take an Uber versus a taxi.


Hotel More
Nika i Meda Pucića 13
Dubrovnik, Croatia

luxury travel blogger Cave Bar More Hotel More Dubrovnik sunset drinks

Opening hours and reservations

You don’t have to be a guest of this 85 room modern hotel to visit Cave Bar More or Restaurant More. However, if you’re looking for a beach front hotel in Dubrovnik definitely consider this 5 star hotel.

Cave Bar More Dubrovnik don’t take reservations but you can contact them with questions. It gets really busy for sunset as it can only accommodate 60 people and the terrace even less. So get there early if you’re wanting to be there for sunset.

Cave Bar More Dubrovnik opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 1 a.m.

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