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What are the best shoes to wear with skinny and slim fit jeans

What are the best shoes to wear with skinny and slim fit jeans

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Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Since skinny jeans are back in style and a 2024 fashion trend, I wanted to share with you some ideas for what shoes to wear with skinny jeans and slim fit jeans. Whether you’re looking for comfortable flats, sexy heels, knee high boots, athletic shoes to wear with skinny jeans or wondering if your ankle boots should be worn tucked into or over your jeans I have you covered. Please don’t be offended by the name of this cut of jean. It’s the term universally used for the cut so people know what style you’re referring to and what to search online to shop for and not who they’re made for!

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What shoes to wear with skinny jeans

The best shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans luckily go with most styles of shoes as the slim fit cut means you can see your shoes and they’re not hidden. These are some of my favorite shoes styles to wear with them from casual to dressier styles.

  1. Slingback flats are a big shoe trend this year and look more sophisticated than sneakers with slim fit jeans. To create a effortless yet perfectly put together try creating a monochromatic outfit.
  2. Slingback heels are just as on trend and a dressier option that works for both the day and night.
  3. Loafers will always be a classic and are a comfortable, chic option to wear with your skinny jeans.
  4. For Summer, flat slide sandals are comfortable and easy to pack on vacation.
  5. Another Spring/Summer favorite to wear with skinny jeans, especially white skinny jeans is flat or wedge espadrilles.
  6. Ballet pumps are still in style and make for a polished look.
  7. Sneakers are still the best athletic shoes to wear with skinny jeans. They’re perfect for a comfortable, casual look for running errands or an airport outfit.
  8. Stiletto heel pumps, a cute top, and blazer are a quick way to elevate your skinny jeans outfit.
  9. Strappy heel sandals are a cute and feminine option for warmer days and nights.
skinny jeans strappy heel sandals

What are the best boots to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and knee high boots are my go-to Winter wardrobe staple. Here’s some of the styles that work the best with them:

how wear ankle boots skinny jeans
  1. Cowboy boots are having a moment this year are work perfectly with skinny jeans. As you can see the whole boot, rather than hiding them under a looser cut pair.
  2. Ankle boots can look great but play around and see if they look better worn over or under your jeans.
  3. Flat knee high boots are perfect for Fall and Winter when you don’t want to wear heels.
  4. High heel knee high boots are another classic style to keep your jeans on rotation through the colder months.
  5. Over the knee boots can look sexy and glam but be careful with the material you choose and top you wear it with to avoid going into Pretty Woman territory.
double denim on denim outfit trend

Tips for wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans

When it comes to how to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans, this shoe option can be hit and miss. They can be trickier to style than straight leg jeans or wide-leg jeans which pretty much always go over ankle boots. As skinny jeans can go under or over but don’t alway look great if not done right or the fit’s off.

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Some basic things to consider are:

  • If you go for the jeans tucked into boots approach make sure your jeans are long enough to not come out or are short enough to sit clear above the top of the boots.
  • Wear your skinny jeans over the top of your boot only if they’re wide enough and long enough.
  • For an elongating more flattering look, style your high heel black ankle boots with black jeans. Wearing different color boots to your jeans will cut your legs off rather than creating the illusion of 1 long line.

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