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10 jeans alternatives that are comfy and fashion forward

10 jeans alternatives that are comfy and fashion forward

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Stuck on what to wear instead of jeans? Here’s 10 alternatives to denim for when you’re sick of your jeans

Jeans alternatives are something I got asked to cover recently as someone who rarely wears blue denim anymore. Jeans will always be a classic but if you’re either sick of wearing them, looking for some outfit inspo or find them uncomfortable you’re not alone. I find most jeans really uncomfortable compared to cotton, leather or silk pants, leggings or combat pants, which are back in style for Fall/Winter 2022. So tend to wear theses alternatives to jeans instead. The beauty of them is most of them work with the tops you’d wear with your jeans so there’s no need for a complete wardrobe overhaul.

jeans alternative black leather joggers

Now I’m not saying to ditch your jeans. I still wear my blue, white and black ones occasionally but I like to change it up rather that to wear the same thing over and over. If I’m not in jeans or a dress, it’s in one of these pants styles below more often than not. From designer to luxe for less, chic styles to casual joggers. Add these to your closet for whenever you want to take a break from your denim and change it up.

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10 alternatives to jeans

There are so many comfortable alternatives to jeans that can be styled from ultra casual to fabulously chic. I haven’t included skorts, shorts and skirts etc as they’re not really an alternative as they’re normally worn for different reasons to jeans.

  1. Leather pants
  2. Leather joggers
  3. Joggers
  4. Cargo pants
  5. Wide leg pants
  6. Leggings
  7. Faux leather leggings
  8. Chinos
  9. Jumpsuits
  10. Skinny pants
jeans alternative skinny black pants chic
Black skinny pants
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Jeans alternatives | Leather pants

Leather pants and leather joggers started to replace jeans for me in Fall and Winter a few years back. I find them way more comfortable. Leather pants are easy to style infinite ways both for the day and night. E.g. in the day with a t-shirt and blazer or at night with heels and a sexy top.

alternative to jeans leather pants
Black leather pants | Black feather top

There are also some super affordable as well as vegan options around. Don’t feel limited to just black, especially this year when bold colors are in. If you haven’t worn them before, here’s some outfit inspiration and ways to style leather pants and joggers.

what wear instead jeans skinny pants fashion blogger street

Leather pants come in different weights so you can get the appropriate thickness for the season you want to wear them to replace your jeans for.

Jeans alternatives | Leather joggers & joggers

Leather joggers are more of my casual go to for the day but they’re also super versatile and easy to dress up or down. They’re what I throw on to go to the grocery store or work for home but I’ve also worn them out at night with heels. They’re so much less restrictive and softer than jeans are. Plus the elasticated waist is great for eating out!

black joggers faux leather luxe fashion glamour gains

Regular joggers are obviously a lot more casual and would be a great alternative to when you’d normally just be wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

jeans alternative joggers
Cashmere joggers use code EVEJS10 for $10 towards your purchase

On trend alternatives to jeans | Cargo pants

Cargo pants are back in style and way more comfortable than your average jeans. Plus they come in more material options from luxe satin to leather to more casual styles in every color imaginable. I have my eye on a black silk looking pair I’d wear with stiletto pumps but they’d look just as good with sneakers and flats.

Jeans alternatives | Leggings and faux leather leggings

Leggings work better than jeans with longer length tops or for when you want to feel less restrictive, e.g. for flying and long car trips. For a dressy alternative, faux leather leggings can look just as dressy as jeans depending on how you style them. Think high heel boots and a sexy top with a blazer for the evening or a simple t-shirt for the day.

spanx faux leather leggings

If you’re worried about the crotch area when wearing shorter tops with leggings go for Spanx which don’t have a center seam. These shiny black faux leather leggings looks amazing styled with a pair of trending chunky boots.

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Jeans alternatives | Chinos

While chinos aren’t exactly trending right now, they’ll always be a classic for casual everyday wear. They’re a good alternative to jeans in Spring or Summer. Look for a more tailored cut to make these look more chic than the more sloppy styles. For a comfier fit, go for a mid-rise instead of high waisted styles.

Spanx does chino’s that have tummy control, 4-way stretch and buttery-soft fabric for ultimate comfort. Another great reason to take a break from your jeans.

Jeans alternatives | Jumpsuits

cute travel outfits womens fashion grey jumpsuit

Ok, so they’re not technically a pants alternative but a whole outfit but since they’re a current fashion trend I couldn’t not include them. They’re so much more comfortable and there are so many super glam dressy jumpsuits as well as casual versions it’s easy to find the aesthetic you’re going for to replace your jeans with.

Smart alternatives to jeans | Skinny to wide leg pants

Pants aren’t just for work or going out they work just as well as jeans for both casual or dressy day to day outfits. Wide leg pants tend to be comfier than skinnier styles depending on the material, just watch your step! Style them the same way you’d style your jeans to create more looks with what you already have in your closet.

best wide leg pants trousers womens fashion


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