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40 Best Chunky Boots for 2023 | Functional Edgy Fashion

40 Best Chunky Boots for 2023 | Functional Edgy Fashion

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Last Updated on December 24, 2022 by Eve Dawes

The comfiest boot trend for 2023 | Womens chunky sole boots

Chunky boots and chunky platform boots were a massive trend last year and lug soles are here to stay for 2023. Yes, stiletto heels are in but thick grip soles do much better in the ice and snow. Chunky sole ankle boots AKA lug soles are everywhere from the runway to the high street to Instagram. As much as I’m a higher the heel the better kind of girl I can still appreciate this edgy, cool girl, functional fashion and boot trend. Women’s chunky sole boots are great for Fall, Winter and transitional season style. If you’re looking for a city or country walking boot or taking a break from your heels these are the boots to do it in. Designers like Ganni, Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Prada have released some of the best chunky sole boots for 2023 that are ultra practical but cool. It doesn’t matter if they’re lug sole Chelsea boots, embellished with edgy gold buckles, white, black, rubber knee highs, chunky heel boots or Prada lug sole boots. It’s all about the tough chunky silhouette whether they’re flat or a heel.

Keep reading or jump straight to shop the black chunky boots or white lug sole boots edit.

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Why are chunky boots so popular

The beauty of womens chunky sole boots is that they go with pretty much everything and it’s not just chunky black boots that are in fashion for 2023. Bright colors like white, red, orange and green were all over the Spring Summer runway shows.

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How to style chunky boots | 7 Chunky boots outfits

There are so many ways to style your flat, heel or lug sole platform boots. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday outfit or something edgier. They’re one of those versatile boots that work so well for everyday.

  1. With your sweater dresses and either bar legs or tights.
  2. With leggings & a sweater.
  3. Transitional season style: chunky boots + bike shorts + jacket.
  4. Casual everyday chunky boots outfit: with skinny jeans.
  5. Model on & off duty outfit: with a cocktail dress or gown. Models are loving the edgy juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, soft and hard aesthetics.
  6. Under a maxi dress.
  7. With a matching blazer and skirts or shorts set.

If you’re looking for the most practical chunky sole boots, go for a waterproof boot you can splash around in the puddles and to avoid being Bambi on ice in the snow.

What’s a lug sole boot?

It’s what most of us are just calling a chunky sole but a lug sole is defined by the material, depth and width of the ridges. Lug sole boots are meant to be practical, stable, give traction and stand up to the snow. So they should be made of rubber and the indentations need to be deep to give enough grip.

There’s no specific measurement and a lot of lug boots don’t call them that in their description so if you’re not sure but like them, that’s all that matters.

A thick rubber sole that has deep indentations in a pattern designed to provide good footing and is used on sport and work shoes.


Best black chunky sole boots 2023 | Ankle to knee high

A lot of these chunky black ankle and knee high boots ship really quickly. So if you’re looking for a last minute gift or going to visit family back East, Europe or going to a ski resort there’s still time to order.

chunky heel boots white ankle amazon
Chunky heel boots Amazon

Ganni is not only one of the leaders of the womens chunky sole boots trend (along with Prada, Dior and Bottega Veneta) but does one of the most affordable designer pairs. Their rubber lug sole chunky Chelsea boots are under $500.

For an instantly recognizable, iconic pair Prada chunky sole ankle boots come in black, white and tan. If you’re looking for a designer pair of boots with gold hardware, Fendi’s Fendi graphy boots or Versace’s gold safety pin boots are hard to beat. Both the Prada and Fendi pairs are more expensive but they’re a bit less clunky, smarter and more stylish than some other styles.

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They don’t have to be flat or designer. Platform heel boots are also in style for 2023. A lot of these boots are now on sale, starting at under $50, so snap them up while you can.

Shop the best chunky boots 2023

The best chunky boots for 2023 from flats to platforms, white to black, designer to styles under $50.

Neutral & chunky white sole boots

White flat or chunky platform boots look so fresh and crisp and I’m glad I finally jumped on this trend. If I was, splurging it would be the white Prada Monolith boot as I love my JustFab white lug sole ankle boots (pictured). I love the cute little purse on the ankle and bright white color. They’re giving me total ski lodge vibes.

Chunky heel white ankle boots

If I was going to the Christmas markets in Europe it would probably be in these or the black Versace gold medusa safety pin lace up boots (above).

The best shoes and boots trending for 2023

The shoes and boots I’m eyeing this season. Some have already made their way into my closet, others are on my wishlist.

womens lug sole chunky sole boots fashion blogger winter snow forest
Best chunky sole boots winter trend womens fashion faux fur coat

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