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25 Best White Platform Sandals To Be Seen In This Summer

25 Best White Platform Sandals To Be Seen In This Summer

best white platform sandals high heel

The best white platform heels for Summer 2022 & the pair I’m wearing now

White platform sandals and heels are back! I love a good platform as I’ll take any help with my height I can get. I’ve worn so many different iterations of platform heels over the last few decades from chunky to stiletto to wedges. This time I’m doing white platform shoes a bit differently and going for more of a chunky heel than a stiletto. Versace does it best with their hot pink Versace platform sandals and white chunky platform sandals but I wanted a more affordable option like this ALDO white platform sandals (pictured). Since I don’t forecast the platform trend or bright pink color trend lasting more than a couple of years at most and prefer to invest in classic styles that’ll last.

white platform sandals 6" heels ALDO

I find platform shoes so much more comfortable than stiletto heels. If you don’t bash up your ankles in white chunky platforms that is. I remember having bruised ankles back in the 90’s from my chunky platform heels.

Best white platform sandals to wear in 2022

I was really looking for a pair of pink satin platform sandals and may still get those as well. However, I ended up with a pair of ALDO white platform sandals as they’re so much more versatile and I can wear them for both day and night. Whereas the pink satin are definitely more of a glam evening shoe.

aldo white platform shoes high heel eve dawes fashion blogger summer

Shop the best white platform heels for 2022

These are the most on trend high heel, open toe white platform sandals and closed toe white platform shoes to wear this Summer. From smaller platforms to white chunky platform sandals.

How to style white platform heels

Style your white platform heels with mini skirts, skorts, wide leg pants or low slung jeans for 2022. For the top, crop tops, bustiers, and tank tops all work with this 2022 shoe trend.

white platform sandals high heel ankle strap ties black suede studio
White platform sandals Revolve

More shoe trends to wear in 2022

If you’re not looking for white platform shoes, here’s the best of the rest and trending platform heels for 2022. As well as more classic styles to give your outfit a quick update.

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White platform sandals


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