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25 Best Skorts 2023 & How to Nail The Skort Trend

25 Best Skorts 2023 & How to Nail The Skort Trend

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Cheat the Mini Skirt Trend With These Super Cute Skorts

Are skorts in style 2023? Yes and I’ve rounded up the best skorts for 2023 here! Skorts like a lot of other 90’s trends are back in fashion for 2023 and the best skorts look like minis but are way more practical. I’m all about the mini skirt and platform trends this year but am loving cute women’s skorts and rompers even more. Skorts make it even easier to make it look like you’re wearing the shortest mini without worrying about flashing! Plus they’re easier to move, sit and get in and out of the car in. Whether it’s a colorful or black skort, casual or dressy style, these are the best skorts for 2023 and everything you need to know about the Skort trend or just jump straight to shop the trend.

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What are skorts?

Womens skorts are basically just a pair of shorts with a layer of material over the top to make them look like a skirt. They’re normally always available in sports stores for tennis and golf, etc but the more tailored, dressier versions come in and out of fashion.

black skorts womens fashion blogger eve dawes glamour gains
Amanda Uprichard black skort | Braided bag | Gold chain Chanel belt

What is the point of skorts?

Sporty styles like Lulu Lemon skorts are always around in the atheltics world for sports like tennis and golf but the more tailored types tend to come in and out of fashion. I’m hoping the trend sticks around for a while this time as they’re so practical and leg lengthening. Plus I live in one of the windiest cities in the world and like to keep my modesty in tact.

romper pink white floral revolve amanda uprichard fashion blogger
Pink and white floral romper skort

Skorts were developed to provide more freedom to do activities (such as sports, gardening, cleaning, or bike riding), and give the appearance of a skirt.


Why are skorts better than skirts or shorts?

I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re are better than mini skirts or shorts and they’re all in fashion for 2023 but the best skorts 2023 do have some major benefits. They also tend to look dressier and more feminine than shorts if you go for dress skorts not the athletic kind.

I got a lot of wear out of all of mine in Europe this Summer as they were so much more practical than skirts to get on and off of trams, cars and walk around it.

are skorts in style 2023 skort romper pink white Amanda Uprichard eve dawes
Pink and white floral romper skort

5 reasons to give the skorts trend a go

  1. They’re easier to sit in than skirts.
  2. You don’t have to worry about them blowing up on indy days.
  3. They make getting in and out of the car easier.
  4. If you want to go from a game of golf to cocktails, they’re easy to dress up if you go for a less sporty material.
  5. You can wear a shorter hemline while keeping everything covered.

This black skort is the best black skort for 2023 that I could find for price, quality, fit and being on trend. It also comes in pink and the prettiest green satin which worn with a white button down shirt and gold necklace would be total Carrie Bradshaw vibes. It’s one of those styles that’s easy to dress up or down in any of the colors as dressy skorts or more casual. I sized up so that it was slightly longer.

skort green satin amanda uprichard
Green satin dressy skort

Are skorts in style 2023?

Yes!!! Women’s skorts and mini skirts are both in fashion for 2023 but I’ve been leaning more towards skorts for all of the reasons above. I have a super low car to get in and out of so cute skorts are my new best friend.

cute skorts womens pink white Amanda Uprichard
Pink and white floral romper skort

Shop the best skorts 2023 | My favorite womens skorts

These are the womens skorts I’m wearing this year and some others I’m crushing over that nail the skort trend. Revolve has one of the most extensive selections and some of the best skorts for 2023 in so many different colors and materials.

dressy skort black fashion blogger street outfit
Black skort Amanda Uprichard | Black bodysuit | Prada tote bag | Over the knee black suede boots (I suggest sizing down 1 whole size)

As always there’s styles from luxe to luxe for less, casual and denim styles to dressy skorts in lots of different colors. I think they’re going to become my Summer go-to as you can see from the black skort and pink and white playsuit I’ve been wearing on repeat.

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How to style skorts

To nail the skort 2023 trend, it doesn’t matter whether you wear yours with flats, gladiator sandals, pumps, strappy sandals or platforms. The beauty of women’s skorts is that they’re easy to dress up or down. Wear them with a blouse with a bralette underneath or a satin cami with a blazer and pumps for work and simply take off the blouse and blazer for the evening.

I also love them with bodysuits and sneakers for the day or camis for a slightly dressier look. I’ve been wearing mine with a gold chain belt or a gold Versace safety pin a lot to give it a more 90’s retro vibe and make it a little different. In Winter look for warmer materials like the leather black skort below or style with tights and over the knee boots and a blazer.

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hot pink skort Eve Dawes american cancer society red carpet
Hot pink skort

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