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Can we talk about Instagram fashion trends that just DON’T work in real life or do they?

Can we talk about Instagram fashion trends that just DON’T work in real life or do they?

how make instagram fashion trends work in real life

Last Updated on January 18, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Instagram fashion trends come and go faster than a rat up a drainpipe and while some are super cute others seem to be totally impractical and unflattering. There’s even a Reddit thread on Instagram fashion trends people are hating on and can’t figure out how to make work in real life. To be fair not all of them do. From tape to bulldog clips, lighting to posing and FaceTune there’s a lot that goes into it but some actually work better than you might have found at first attempt. From high cut bikini diaper butt to cape jackets, here’s how to make these Instagram fashion trends work in real life. That is, if you want to. The beauty of fashion is to express who you are, not just follow the flock or be uncomfortable, so do what you love and leave the rest on social.

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instagram fashion trend micro mini thigh slit

The Instagram fashion trend: cape jackets

The problem: People are hating on this as they don’t feel like they’re warm enough or they can’t keep them on.

For me, it’s when fashion influencers on Instagram wear their coats/jackets draped over their shoulders like a cape. Let’s be real, NOBODY walks around in the cold like that all day!

instagram fashion trend how wear cape jackets
Proof I wear jackets as capes in real life but normally for lunch not running around. Similar blue and white tweed blazer use code RF-220X-D9218D for a chance to win $500 store credit.

The fix: I actually love this look and wear it a lot and not just for photos. Although I wear it in Spring and Summer more than in Winter. Make sure the shoulders aren’t too narrow as that’s one sure fire way to ensure they fall off. Ones with shoulder pads seem to stay in place. Failing that, cheat and look for actual cape jackets that have arm holes like the one I’m wearing rather than draping a blazer, coat or jacket over your shoulders.

Sustainable fashion blogger Eve Dawes black cape saint laurent clutch versace shoes

The Trend: Huge chunky knit sweaters tucked in

The problem: We’ve all seen this, where the content creator has a cozy chunky knit sweater effortlessly to a tight pencil skirt or pants with no lumps to be seen. However, when you try it yourself you end up with an unflattering, bulky look.

How to make this Instagram fashion trend work: Don’t actually tuck your sweater in! You can create the illusion that it’s tucked in without creating bulk by fastening a skinny belt over the sweater, then pulling it through until you can’t see the bottom of the sweater anymore. That way it looks like it’s tucked in but it’s not. I’ll add a video tomorrow so it makes more sense!

The other way is to do a half tuck and leave the sides and back out. The last option is to look for a material that’s not as thick and is a shorter length so that it creates less bulk but options 1 or 2 are way better.

The Instagram fashion trend | High cut/high waist bikinis

The problem: High cut bikini’s can either have the effect of elongating legs or leave you with diaper butt or wedgie depending on what style you go for.

instragram fashion influencer high cut bikini balmain

The fix: You don’t have to settle for a style that just looks good from the front or in certain poses. Look for a high cut leg cut and cheeky coverage but not so tiny it turns into a thong rather than full bum or thong bikini’s. Beach Riot has some really good bikini’s to nail this look.

The other secret is Bikini Bite. I learned this trick back in my fitness competition and pageant days. If you’re wondering how they all keep their swimsuits and bikini bottoms in place on stage, it’s down to good old butt glue.

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The Instagram fashion trend | Micro minis and thigh high slits

The problem: I’ve seen this trend go wrong way too many times. From people on the street to pageant girls on stage in gowns flashing more than they bargained for. Slits up to your thigh and super short satin skirts aren’t going anywhere, although column maxi skirts are in trend now too and much easier to pull off. However, if you’re wanting to wear this trend and be able to walk, sit and get in and out of the car try this:

The fix: Skorts! Such an easy fix. It gives the same aesthetic but provides full coverage. I have skort dresses, rompers and regular skorts as we have a lot of windy days in Vegas and these keep my modesty in tact!

best skorts women black Revolve fashion blogger Eve Dawes street
Shop women’s skorts | Exact black skort (comes in more colors)

The IG trend: A face full of make up at the beach

Problem: Blocked pores, running makeup, makeup that doesn’t last and looks out of place. The list goes on.

How to make this IG trend work: Firstly, you might want to start with a more natural, bronzed look that looks more in place at the beach or by the pool. Secondly, a good SPF setting spray goes a long way in being able to top up sun protection throughout the day without messing up your makeup. As well as keeping your makeup in place rather than looking like a Panda by the end of the day. I love Panda’s but don’t want my makeup to resemble one.

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