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5 Outdated fashion trends I’m saying goodbye to & their 2024 swaps

5 Outdated fashion trends I’m saying goodbye to & their 2024 swaps

outdated fashion trends what to replace with in style 2024

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Eve Dawes

What’s out of style for 2024 and what to wear instead

Outdated fashion trends don’t mean ditching your whole wardrobe. I’m keeping most of mine on rotation but there’s a few fashion trends from 2023 I’m leaving behind for these fresher looks for 2024. As much as I love my platform heels and any way to add height to my 5’2″ frame, classic slingback heels have always had my heart. I’m also loving that brooches and 80′ statement jewelry is back in style. So I’m definitely embracing the Dynasty aesthetic that I was too young for the first time around. Here’s what is out of style for 2024 that’s hitting my storage and what’s getting added to my closet for 2024.

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Dior slingback pumps pink ribbon fashion blogger Eve Dawes Vegas

As a former Mrs Nevada and Mrs England I’m never going to completely ditch my crystal chandelier earrings but I also adore the 80’s gold and bold hoops and sculptural earrings. Love it or hate it, Y2K is phasing out and the ’80s are coming back. As seen at Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Ferragamo.

outdated fashion trends crystal earrings in style gold earrings
Crystal earrings are taking a hiatus

I’m here for the sculptural gold earrings, shoulder pads and leggings. Yes! They’re back too and ready to embrace my Dynasty and Dallas era I missed the first time around. I mean, my hair was meant for big blow outs.

whats in style 2024 80's gold sculptural earrings fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Gold 80’s statement earrings are back in style

2. Out Body Chains | In Brooches

I haven’t worn a body chain since the first time they were in fashion back in the 90’s and for 2024 they’re definitely an outdated fashion trend. I’ve always been more of a brooch girl. Whether that’s a crystal Chanel brooch, YSL logo brooch or gold Versace safety pin brooch. I actually have a Versace safety pin dress I use the pins off of rather than buying more.

brooches replace outdated fashion trends belly chains

Body jewelry is always going to be a trend that goes in and out of style quickly and only works in Summer. Versus brooches which are timeless and can be worn for every season. I know where I’d rather invest my money.

in style 2024 brooches luxury fashion blogger eve dawes

For 2024, don’t just think designer or logo pins. A bit like the jewelry trends for 2024, also work in sculptural pins fastened to your blazer or coat or thigh high leg slit.

3. Out denim maxi skirts | In Column Skirts

I never really got into denim maxi skirts. They’re a bit too grungy for me and normally swamp me.

what is out of style 2024 denim maxi skirts

For 2024 it’s column skirts that are replacing denim maxi skirts. The trick is to find a length that works best for you. Whether that’s a midi or maxi. Think of column skirts as they’re more elegant sister. For the most on trend styles for 2024 look for black, sheer or metallic maxi skirts.

While platform heels might be an outdated fashion trend, my platform heels aren’t going far. As I love any excuse to add inches but they never felt like they were my style.

best white platform sandals high heel

I’m definitely more of a classic style girl which is why the return of slingback shoes of all heel heights from flats to kitten to stiletto heels makes me happy. Just don’t forget a callus removing pedi since this is the only part of your foot you’ll see.

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slingback heels in style 2024 dior

Prada, Versace and Dior have some of the best slingback shoes around for 2024 but Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and Tony Bianco also do some really good more affordable luxe for less styles. Including metallic slingback heels which checks off both the metallic and slingback shoe trends for 2024.

what's in style 2024 slingback heels crystal versace
Shop the pink outfit

5. What’s out of style for 2024 – neons | In style – metallics

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know my style ethos is the more glam the better. So give me all the metallics and crystal embellishments.

While neon is out of style for 2024, metallics, sequins and crystals are most definitely in style. Don’t save these looks just for the night. 2024 is the year to wear them for everyday too.

What’s out of style for 2024

By all means don’t throw out all of your favorites just because they’re out of style right now! Either rotate in the pieces that are more in style or save them for the next time they’re back in style.

  • Platform heels
  • Baggy jeans
  • Neon
  • Denim maxi skirts
  • Crystal chandelier earrings
  • Sporty sunglass frames

Shop the outdated fashion trend swaps

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