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Like To Know It | How to Use, Search & Shop The LTK App

Like To Know It | How to Use, Search & Shop The LTK App

LTK how use like to know it app rewardstyle influencer Eve Dawes

How to download, use, search & find what you’re looking for on the Shop LTK app

Like to know it is now known as Shop LTK and makes shopping your favorite Instagram photos super easy. It’s really simple to use, search and shop both on Instagram and in the LTK app once you know how. Once you have it the Like To Know It app AKA LTK app installed on your phone, you just take a screenshot of your favorite images on social media that have been linked. How do you know which images are liketoknowit enabled? How do you use the Liketoknowit app? What are the best Like To Know It rewardstyle influencers accounts to follow? Keep scrolling…

I spend way longer on Instagram and on Shop LTK than I’d care to admit. Probably because I spend so much time passing time doing cardio or at the airport and I love shopping and style stalking.

How to use Like to Know it and the LTK App to shop instagram

Like to know it / Shop LTK allows rewardstyle influencers to share shoppable links with their audience. To shop their looks, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Download the LTK app

You’ll need to download the LTK app to shop Instagram and to shop the like to know it app feed posts.

2. Search and follow your favorite Instagram and rewardstyle influencers in the LTK app

how use shop LTK app like to know it

3. Search for what your looking for in the LTK app or on Instagram

In the LTK app you can search by entering what you’re looking for in the search bar on the home page or on the rewardstyle LTK influencers page.

On Instagram, search your favorite influencers or search using hashtags and screenshot what you’re looking for to receive an email with the product details. This only works on photos where you see an LTK link in the caption.

search liketoknowit app for what you're shopping for evedawes

4. Favorite to save in the LTK app

If you’re not ready to shop, click the hearts on the images that you love in the LTK app to save them to your favorites list for when you’re ready to shop or future style inspo. You can also create folders e.g. wedding guest dresses to keep everything organized and easy to find.

favorite products LTK app save shop later style inspo

5. How to Shop LTK on Instagram and in the LTK App

You can shop either from Instagram or in the LTK app. To shop instagram just screenshot the photo you want to shop and you’ll receive an email with a link to the shoppable post in LTK. For the LTK app just click on any of the products below the outfit images you like.

how shop LTK liketoknowit posts instagram

What is Like To Know It?

The Shop LTK app is a shopping discovery app that allows you to shop your favorite looks you see on social media and rewardstyle approved blogs by taking screenshots of Like To Know It enabled images.

How many outfits have you seen on Instagram and wanted but have no idea where it’s from? Shop LTK is a social shopping service that lets rewardstyle influencers on blogs and social platforms like Instagram share what they’re wearing and gives direct links to their outfits, makeup and decor. Not all influencers can be on Like To Know It as it’s an invitation only app ensuring users the best content. Once you’ve downloaded the liketoknowit app, every time you screenshot an enabled creators image you like, you’ll receive a push notification with ready-to-shop product information from the Shop LTK influencer.

How do you know if a photo is LTK enabled on social media?

If a blogger or influencer has uploaded a photo to the Shop LTK (previously app, enabled it and tagged the clothes and products etc, you can tell either from their caption or by looking for the Shop LTK logo in the bottom right corner. The logo will be a white or black circular logo. Not all influencers choose to use the logo so you have to check the caption for a hyperlink.

If a photo is enabled and the blogger uses the Shop LTK LIKEtoKNOWit logo it looks like this:

Enabled like to know it post summer dress rewardstyle influencer Eve Dawes walking Italy

What happens after you screenshot a Like to Know it photo on Instagram, facebook, etc

Once you’ve screenshot an image of an outfit or home decor, you’ll get a notification on your phone and an email when the image is ready to shop. Sometimes it’s almost instantly, other times it can take a few minutes or more.

Every time you screenshot an influencer’s enabled photo on Instagram you’ll receive an email with the shoppable link to purchase the item(s).

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How do you shop blogs with Like To Know It?

I post all of my favorite cruelty-free beauty products, fashion finds and sale alerts on my LTK* profile and Shop My Instagram page to make everything on the blog and IG easy to find. Most bloggers will have a:

  • Dedicated Shop My Intagram page
  • Shop the Blog section inside a blog post so you can shop everything they mentioned in that particular post.
  • Enabled photo within the blog you can click to shop directly or carousel photos you can click to shop.

You help bloggers to be able to keep blogging and providing free content by shopping their links so they can make a small commission from their sales.

Thanks for shopping any of my links, it means the world to me as I love writing and creating content for you.

If you still have questions on using the LIKEtoKNOWit app

Just drop me a comment below or on Instagram and I’ll get back to you.

Eve xo

*LTK stands for Like To Know It, which is the apps previous name.

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