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10 Reasons To Jump on The Womens Shorts Trend This Summer

10 Reasons To Jump on The Womens Shorts Trend This Summer

best womens shorts summer

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Eve Dawes

25 styles that will make you want to jump on the shorts trend this summer

Women’s shorts and womens skorts have replaced skirts as the hottest trend to wear this Summer. Forget just vacations or the gym, the latest styles have shorts reimagined, are made for all occasions and have me stocking up. I’ve rounded up the 25 best pairs of womens shorts, so whether it’s biker shorts, high waisted tailored shorts, statement shorts or women’s skorts there’s a style here for everyone this Summer.

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I’ve actually been into shorts since about 2014 and moving to Vegas. Since we get random super windy days here, shorts are a must unless you want to flash random strangers (not recommended). Plus I find them more comfortable and casual for everyday.

I love shorts and skorts for a lot of the same reasons I love rompers/playsuits for everyday over dresses and that you can mix and match to create so many different looks with them.

Tailored shorts puff sleeve top Vegas 2021
Holland Cooper black tailored shorts and slides | Black top | Prada tote

Womens shorts can be super stylish if you choose the right style and are so easy to dress up or down. Once you find a couple of pairs you love they’ll probably become the your hardest working items in your wardrobe, my black high waisted tailored shorts definitely are.

I still tend to wear some of my more wintery style shorts like my thick houndstooth ones during Winter with tights and over the knee boots. I’m super happy over the knee boots are back in fashion this Winter. They were all over the runways from Koche to Coperni to La Metamorphose.

denim shorts black blazer fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Similar denim jean cut off shorts | Black tote | Black blazer

Anyway, back to the shorts. I’m going to start with the 25 best shorts to wear this Summer and then why to wear them, how to shop for the most flattering shorts and how to style shorts for all seasons.

Tailored shorts blazer fashion blogger street 2021
Holland Cooper shorts | white strapless camisole | pink bouclé blazer | black Prada tote

25 best pairs of womens shorts and skorts to rock this Summer

From women’s biker shorts to tailored shorts to statement shorts and womens skorts, these are the most on trend, flattering and best womens shorts to wear this Summer. Styles that are sophisticated not sloppy and easy to pull off. A lot of these are on sale so grab them while you can.

As always, I’ve tried to put them priced high to low and included the prices so that it’s easy to jump to what you’re looking for. I haven’t included any blue denim shorts as I did a blog post recently on the top denim jean shorts.

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10 Reasons To Wear Shorts This Summer

If you’re on the fence about wearing shorts or skorts, especially womens biker shorts, here’s 10 reasons you need shorts in your life!

  1. They’re trending for Summer and will give your wardrobe a fresh, on trend look.
  2. Shorts often have pockets which you know I’m a fan of. So I can put everything I can’t fit in a mini bag or my husbands pockets in them.
  3. Shorts and womens skorts will protect your modesty on windy days whether that’s where you live or with an island breeze.
  4. You can create more outfits with shorts than with dresses and playsuits.
  5. High waisted shorts styles are super flattering.
  6. Shorts are easy to dress up or down. Especially if you shop for a 2 piece shorts set or more tailored shorts.
  7. Biker shorts are a great multitasker. Wear them for the gym, or with a white button down shirt for everyday or even a blazer. These are such an easy and comfortable way to wear shorts. Plus the right pair will give your booty a little boost.
  8. Statement shorts are a great way to show your personality and add a little flair to your look.
  9. Women’s shorts are less restrictive than skirts. Want to do a random twirl, high kick or dance on the bar, go ahead.
  10. The right pair will make your bum look fantastic!
womens biker shorts white shirt Eve Dawes
Black biker shorts | Prada tote bag

How To Choose the Right Shorts For You

A few helpful tips for shopping for shorts to find the pair that’s most flattering for you.

  1. Choose a length that’s flattering on you. Petite ladies tend to look better in shorter and mid length shorts to create proportion and elongate your legs. Taller ladies can pretty much pull off anything including longer lengths like Bermuda shorts. This is just what’s most flattering but wear what you feel most confident in.
  2. Choose a length of women’s shorts that you’re comfortable wearing.
  3. Choose a material you’re ok with the maintenance of. For example, if you don’t like ironing, linen and linen-blends aren’t for you.
  4. Always check the fit and length of the back as well as the front. Shorts can range from super flattering on the booty (that you’ll feel confident in and your partner will love) to super frumpy.
  5. Try sitting in them when you try them on to make sure they’re comfortable and not digging in anywhere. This is especially important when it comes to denim jean shorts which are always a little less soft.
  6. If you’re a pocket girl, narrow it down by choosing styles with pockets large enough to be practical not just faux pockets or tiny ones only a credit card will fit in.
  7. Don’t buy a pair of shorts that are too small hoping they’ll fit. They’ll just be uncomfortable and dig in all the wrong places and have you tugging them down all of the time.
  8. Choose quality over quantity. You can tell the difference in quality shorts from their cut and material and they’ll last you longer.
  9. If you want your legs to look longer, wear your shorts with heels or wedges that are nude or neutral colors and don’t have ankle straps.
  10. There’s no such thing as age appropriate! Wear the shorts that make you feel fabulous.
womens shorts trend summer 2021 fashion blogger walking Vegas
Similar denim cut offs shorts | white thong bodysuit | Veja white sneakers

6 Ways To Wear Women’s Shorts

  1. Wear your womens shorts with a simple top for everyday.
  2. Wear them with a blazer for a smart casual European look.
  3. From a more polished look that’s office appropriate, shop for a 2 piece coordinating set that has tailored shorts.
  4. With a sweater in cooler months.
  5. Wear your shorts with tights and boots for Fall and Winter
  6. To make biker shorts look smarter and less like you’re headed to workout, wear them with a button down shirt or bralette and blazer.

Are shorts the new pants?

No, shorts and pants both have different uses for different seasons. So grab your womens shorts for Summer and pants for the cooler months.

casual shorts white top fashion blogger street style
Denim shorts | white thong bodysuit | Veja white sneakers


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