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35 Best espadrilles 2024 | Womens wedges, flats & sandals

35 Best espadrilles 2024 | Womens wedges, flats & sandals

Best espadrilles womens fashion Castaner

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Eve Dawes

The espadrilles in style for 2024 | From women’s designer espadrilles to luxe for less, Chanel to Castañer, flats to wedges, these are the only sandals to be seen in this Summer

The best espadrilles for 2024 are all here. Are espadrilles in style 2024? Yes, espadrilles are still in style this season as wedges are making a comeback and yes, platforms and flatforms are still in style for 2024 too. However, some brands do them better than others. What’s an espadrille, which are the best women’s designer espadrilles and high street brands to wear this season? Chanel espadrilles made them chic and continue to do so with other brands like Castañer following suit. It was hard to narrow it down to my personal favorite styles for the espadrille trend 2024 but I got there. Here’s my top picks for the best espadrille wedges and flats for 2024 to help you find your perfect pair. Including lace up espadrilles, buckle ankle fastenings, bright colors, nude and black espadrille wedges and the most comfortable espadrilles for 2024.

This best espadrilles 2024 post contains affiliate links.

best espadrilles 2024 castaner wedges cream canvas
Lace up espadrilles Shop the outfit

What’s on the best espadrilles 2024 edit

If you don’t love my personal pick of the best espadrilles for 2024, I’ve listed all of the other ones I had on my best espadrilles shortlist from flat to wedges, designer to luxe for less. Along with trending metallic and crystal embellished styles so don’t feel limited to just neutrals this season. I also found some Castaner wedges with 60% off!

Castaner lace up espadrilles Carina 90 mm woman Bellagio conservatory
Castaner espadrilles wedges Carina
80mm wedges comes in 7 colors | 60% off
110mm wedges
More new Castanēr styles

These are my top picks of the best espadrilles and espadrilles wedges for both fashion and comfort. I’ve listed a few stores to get the Castaner wedges and Castaner Carina espadrilles sandals from as they sell out fast in both the 60, 90 and 110 mm.

Out of all of the women’s espadrilles at this price point, the Castañer wedge espadrilles are my favorite for a more affordable option. Specifically the Castaner Carina espadrilles 90 or 110 mm wedge sandal. Not only are they stylish but Castaner espadrilles are probably the most comfortable espadrilles for 2024 as they feel really well cushioned.

I’ve hunted down both espadrilles wedges and flats, closed and open toe options from both their old and new collections. A lot of these are now on sale and selling out fast.

best espadrilles 2024 comfortable flat gold See By Chloe Glyn
Women’s espadrilles on sale gold flats

Shop the 35 best espadrilles for 2024

I’ll keep updating this post as a lot of the original espadrilles listed were sold out as they’re always a Summer classic shoe. So if you’re wondering if espadrilles are in style for 2024, the answer is most definitely yes! I’ve scouted out both classic and fashion forward styles to wear the espadrille trend in 2024.

Look out for the gladiator style lace up espadrilles, the greek style sandals look will still be in style for Summer 2024. You don’t have to splurge on the best women’s designer espadrilles, I’ve also found some super cute luxe for less styles.

If you’re unsure whether to get a bright color, white, nude or black espadrille wedges think about what you’ll wear them with the most. I know I personally rarely wear black shoes with any of my summer outfits. However, on the plus side they show dirt less than lighter styles.

Use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout if you shop from Italist for a chance to win $500 store credit.

Are women’s espadrilles in style 2024?

Espadrilles and espadrille wedges are still in style in 2024 and a classic sandal that tends to always be in style for Summer. Whether they’re flat or wedges, lace up espadrilles or buckle fastenings, these neutral sandals are taking center stage for vacation and resort wear.

pink dress cream espadrilles wedges glamour gains marina

For a higher wedge, the Castaner Carina espadrilles are one of the most popular wedge sandals. With the added benefit that they’re not just on trend, they’re actually pretty comfortable and affordable too.

best designer espadrilles sandals black wedges lace up
Women’s designer espadrille wedges Black Saint Laurent FWRD | Full Saint Laurent espadrilles collection

For the best designer espadrille wedges, Saint Laurent and Valentino makes gorgeous wedge and flat styles that would be perfect to add to your resort wear looks or little summer dresses.

best designer espadrille wedges valentino garavani rock stud tan
Valentino wedges | Photo FWRD

Whether they’re neutral or black espadrille wedges, high or low, open or closed toe, this shoe style is a Summer essential. Not only are they super cute, they’re practical for walking on vacation. Especially if you’re going to a cobble stone European city or for a romantic beach dinner where stilettos mean breaking your neck and flip flops won’t cut it.

What’s better flat or wedge espadrilles

I don’t have a favorite when it comes to flat or wedge espadrilles, I’m a fan of both. If you’re looking for the most comfortable espadrilles for 2024 flats are probably your best bet. However, I think there’s a time and a place for both styles. Flats for walking and exploring and wedges for lunch or dinner.

Castaner Carina espadrilles 90 mm neutral
Castaner Carina lace up espadrilles 4.3″
Similar Castaner Chiara 4.25″ wedges

What’s the difference between wedges and espadrilles?

Wedges are any shoe with a heel that goes from the back to the ball of the shoe, in a wedge shape. They can be made of anything. Whereas womens espadrilles sandals are only espadrilles if they have the wedge covered with a woven rope braiding. They can be wedges or flat but the important factor is the rope detailing. So while some wedges can be espadrilles not all espadrilles are wedges.

What are Espadrilles 

Espadrilles are casual, rope-soled, flat, but sometimes high-heeled shoes. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. The esparto rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style.

Source Wikipedia
best espadrilles wedges in style 2024 eve dawes sunset Chile
Espadrilles wedges | Saint Laurent Tribute new season

The best wedge espadrilles

I fell in love with so many women’s espadrilles while hunting for this best espadrilles 2024 trend post. I’ve had my Castaner Carina lace up espadrilles (90 mm wedge) for a few years now. I got this brand as I liked the neutral color, closed toe, removable ankle strap, their price and height. I’m 5’2″ so I’ll take all the height boosting I can get. Plus heels make legs look more toned.

Castaner espadrilles sizing runs true to size so order your normal size. I have a trick for how to tie them so they stay on your heels on my Instagram reels.

I’ve listed brands from luxury women’s designer espadrilles to luxe for less super affordable styles. The more affordable styles are better if you’re going to be around water, sand, the lake or anywhere low key or where you’re worried about getting them dirty e.g. ketchup and chlorine at a 4th of July bbq.

The best flat women’s espadrilles sandals

Chanel does one of the best designer espadrilles. I had Chanel flats from 2015-2019 and wore them all over New York, Italy and Greece. I definitely got my fair wear out of them but I haven’t replaced my flats this year as I got 2 pairs of slides instead for walking around on my city breaks this year. Maybe next year but there’s only so many pairs of shoes a year in this girls budget and classic white loafers are next on my wish list.

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Saint Laurent also does a really lovely pair of classic white flat designer espadrilles for women which come in a few different colors.

Are Chanel Espadrilles worth it?

If you walk a lot or like comfortable shoes then yes, absolutely. These are about as comfortable as they come and the classic style means you’ll get lots of wear out of them. While the patterns and different textures like tweed are fun.

Chanel tends to lead the way when it comes to flat espadrilles from designer brands. The flat Chanel espadrilles that came out in 2013 really made them fashionable again and they’re still one of the best espadrilles for quality and comfort.

Chanel espadrilles from the resort and spring collections include quilted lambskin with patent leather toe caps, sequins, tweed and broderie anglaise effect.

If you’re only going to invest in one pair, the simple beige and black or white and black toe capped lambskin leather Chanel espadrilles are the ones to go for or plain black of they’re for work. If you’re going to change them every year then go for more of a statement pair that you love. I always think leather rather than patent leather looks classier.

The sole is also pretty durable as well, even though it’s thin. So if you’re looking for luxury, comfort and style Chanel espadrilles are your answer to nailing this trend in 2024.

The best espadrilles 2024 on sale

If any of these espadrilles wedges go on sale I’ll update this section. It’s normally towards the end of the season. These flat black Castaner espadrilles are on sale for under $150 and the sole is ever so comfortable.

castaner espadrilles sale Belky sandal
Castaner Tan wedge espadrilles on sale | Photo Revolve

I also found these black designer espadrille sandals from Saint Laurent on sale. They’re such a classic style you can wear year after year. Plus they won’t show dirt as much as white does.

designer espadrille sandals black saint laurent flats
Black Saint Laurent flats | Photo Italist | Use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout

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