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Platform loafers are the shoe trend you need to know for 2024

Platform loafers are the shoe trend you need to know for 2024

best platform loafers womens black

Last Updated on December 27, 2023 by Eve Dawes

25 Best womens platform loafers to rock the 2024chunky loafers shoe trend

Platform loafers and chunky loafers are in style and just as on trend for 2024 as classic loafers and platforms and a way to combine both trends into one. So if you’re wondering are platform loafers in style 2024, the answer’s yes. I’m not really a flats girl and so I’m welcoming in the platform loafers and the womens loafers trend. I was trying not to buy more shoes than the basics that needed replacing this Winter but being a fashion blogger and scoping out all of the latest shoe trends I ended up falling victim to buying more than I intended. Which happens more often that not to be honest! Whether you’re looking for black Gucci platform loafers, classic Dr. Martens or something more colorful or affordable, these are some of the best ways to wear the loafer trend in 2024.

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womens platform loafers black
Black Tony Bianco womens platform loafer heel

I’ve always loved classic loafers but haven’t owned them since the 90’s. I had both the classic style flats as well as platform loafers that I wore in high school. I was always pushing the uniform rules!

Classic loafers will always look stylish but for 2024 it’s the chunky loafers that are trending and have had a style upgrade that makes them fun, fashionable and comfortable for creating bold looks this season.

They don’t have to be towering platform heels. Chunky platform soles are also in style too and Dior Boy Platform Loafer and Prada Monolith Loafers are best designer ones for both comfort and style in my opinion.

What platform loafers are in style for 2024?

The platform loafers in style for 2024 range from platforms to chunky soles to classic flats. Prada, Versace and Gucci platform loafers seem to get the most attention for designer iterations of this shoe trend and it’s not just women wearing them. Damson Idris wore a pair of white Prada platform loafers to the Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo.

What color women’s loafers are in style 2024

Black, white and bright colors like green, blue and pink are all in style with fashion influencers embracing both neutral and more colorful chunky loafers for 2024. Influencer and fashion consultant Gabriella Berdugo wore blue shiny varnished leather platform loafers and Canadian-born fashion blogger and influencer Miki Cheung wore bright green ones at Paris Fashion Week.

If classic black and white is more your style, you can’t go wrong with those either. Jenny Walton and Jaime Xie both wore some beautiful white Tods leather loafers with contrasting brown platform soles during the Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week. Whereas Spanish model Teresa Andres Gonzalvo opted for the highest black and gold horsebit platform loafers at the Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week.

However, my personal favorite is Versace’s. They’re so feminine and also come in pink which is what I have my eye on.

Whether it’s Prada or a luxe for less pair they’re a practical heel for Winter that actually have a good tread on them. If you can call them a heel since they’re not really that sloped thanks so their chunky soles. Meaning less chance of ending up on your butt on Wintery days. Although I’d still go with boots versus loafers on colder days as I always have cold feet and lug sole boots are still in style.

chunky loafers in style black patent leather gold logo
Black flatform loafers use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout to be entered to win $500 store credit | Black loafers more sizes

What’s fab about the loafer trend 2024 is that this shoe trend is set to last through Spring so you can keep them on rotation for more than one season. They’re also incredibly versatile and work both as a work shoe with a cool wide leg pant suit. As well as with jeans for a laid back look or mini skirts for a more dressy look that’s equally on trend.

Shop the best women’s platform loafers

Here are my favorite chunky platform loafers that nail the loafer trend of 2024 to shop for right now. At a variety of price points from designer to under $100. Steve Madden is killing this trend if you’re looking for more affordable options. If you’re looking for more of a platform heel, Versace has the most stylish pair of pretty pink ones. Now I’ve seen them I can’t stop thinking about them and they’d go with my pink Medusa bag.

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Splurge or save on the platform loafer shoe trend

If you’re wondering whether to splurge or save, bear in mind this trend might not stick around for long. So you’re probably better to invest in classic loafers and save on platform loafers.

Are platform loafers in style now? Yes. Will they be in style in a year? Who knows but for now celebs and Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 attendees were still wearing them en mass with everything from slouchy ankle to knee high socks.

chunky platform loafers black gold horsebit
Gold horsebit black platform loafers Jeffrey Campbell | Revolve

I did order the Valentino white loafers as are white loafers are still in style for 2024. I did a whole new article on those if you’re considering buying those.

What classifies as a shoe trend?

I scout out the latest runway shows and see which style of shoes are being worn the most. From there I see which styles celebrities, street style stars and influencers are wearing and compare my shoe trend notes to other fashion editors to make sure most of us are in agreement.

Not all shoes that get shown a lot on runways end up becoming a shoe trend as they don’t get adopted IRL. Either because they’re impractical or there’s other styles people are loving more.


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