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Funboy Floats For An Instaworthy Summer| 13 Best Pool Floats

Funboy Floats For An Instaworthy Summer| 13 Best Pool Floats

Funboy floats best pool float golf cart

Funboy Floats Review, How to Inflate Funboy Floats & The Cutest Styles for 2021

Funboy floats are the instagram sensation that made we want to buy pretty much everything on their website. The first funboy pool float I fell in love with was the giant gold crown pool float that seats 5 (in my pageant days), then the lip shaped ones for my cosmetic company and the giant cabana for the lake. I didn’t end up with any of those, mainly as Mr. Dawes nixed those plans due to that fact they’d take up the entire pool and he knew he’d be the one doing the inflating and deflating. What I did end up with was the Barbie Funboy golf cart float. This pink Funboy X Malibu barbie golf cart float is hands down the best pool float I’ve ever owned as well as the cutest.

Barbie Funboy golf cart pool sun canopy on Glamour Gains

The Funboy golf cart fits 2 people comfortably, has 2 cup holders (which are small but fit cans), 3 handles, a rope and a removable sun canopy. The Funboy X Barbie golf cart float is also great if you to stay dry but float around and take a siesta or have a cocktail in the pool without getting your hair wet!

What more could a girl want? But does the quality live up to the price tag? Does it actually inflate in just a few minutes or is it a pain to deal with?

Funboy floats pink barbie golf cart pool
Funboy X Barbie golf cart float

Funboy Float Review + How to Inflate and Deflate a Funboy Float

Here’s everything you need to know about the Funboy golf cart float. Including how to inflate the Funboy float and what you’ll need. Sorry about the sound outside, we got caught in a thunderstorm.

Funboy sells electric air pumps but my husband and I like this portable air pump as it comes with a car adaptor. This is handy for lake days, camping etc as the pool float won’t fit in a regular car or SUV inflated.

The Best Pool Floats | Top 10 Funboy Floats

These are my top 10 best pool floats by Funboy for their design and features. They also have a whole line of floats for babies, kids and dogs too! Seriously, they’ve thought of everything! A lot of these floats are in their 4th July sale and selling out fast like my pink and white Funboy X Barbie golf cart float. However, they do restock them and you can set a ‘notify me’ email alert so you can be first in when they get them back in stock.

Funboy golf cart barbie pink white pool

Dog Floats

Ridiculously cute pool floats for your dog. If you’re looking to spoil your dog or for some adorable, unique Instagram photos, these pool floats plus your fur baby will do that.

How do you inflate Funboy floats?

I was a bit skeptical that this pool float would inflate as fast as they said it would but with the electric pool pump we got the Funboy X Malibu barbie golf cart float inflated in 3.5 minutes. it probably took a total of 5-6 minutes from taking it out the box to launching it the first time we did it. The floats have rapid inflate-deflate valves which make it really quick and easy.

Glamour Gains blogger Funboy floats review

They are quite heavy, so it’s either a 2 person job if you’re little like me or just enlist your other half if they’re stronger than you.

How do you deflate Funboy floats?

These pool floats are simple to deflate and it took just over 3 minutes to deflate the Funboy golf cart. Just wipe it dry then pull the plugs and squeeze the air out. The valves on this pool float are all towards the back so you can roll it to squeeze the air out. We couldn’t get it small enough to fit back in the box it came in but it did fit in a trash bag.

The sun canopy on the pool float is removable and ties onto the 4 corners for when you want shade. We found it easiest to tie it on and take it off by getting on the float and doing it from the inside as the fringing makes it hard to see what you’re doing from the outside.

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What are the best pool floats?

best pool floats Funboy

When it comes to what the best pool floats are a lot comes down to personal preference but to me they should be:

  1. Durable
  2. Well designed
  3. Fun
  4. Easy to inflate and deflate
  5. Use non toxic materials
  6. Be ethically made and pay fair wages.
Barbie Funboy golf cart pool float water

Funboy float sale

There’s a July 4th sale going on right now (June 2021), so snap them up while you can as my pink Barbie Funboy golf cart floats already sold out. I’ve shared another version of the Barbie Funboy golf cart above but in a different color.

Best pool floats Funboy golf cart USA

Where is Funboy made?

Funboy is a family owned business based in Venice, CA with factories both in the USA and abroad.

Born from a deep appreciation for unbridled joy—and the restorative powers of truly kicking back, unplugging, and letting loose. 

Barbie pool floaty summer fun kids adults

This Funboy X Malibu barbie golf cart float post contains affiliate links.

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