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Edible Beauty review & skincare tips from the Founder

Edible Beauty review & skincare tips from the Founder

Edible beauty skincare products clean beauty

Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Edible Beauty Review | Take the skincare quiz for your custom internal and skincare regime

Edible Beauty Australia cruelty-free, vegan skincare products came onto my radar last year. As a cruelty free beauty blogger, I’m always on the look out for new product to share with you. I started with the Edible Beauty Deep Sea Collagen elixir and I’ve been working my way through trying all of their toxin-free luxury products ever since. One because I love them and 2 to be able to give the most comprehensive Edible Beauty review. What makes Edible Beauty AU one of the best clean skincare brands is not just the fact that they’re cruelty-free, vegan and so clean they’re ‘edible’. But also the beautiful glass packaging, fresh spa like scents and how they feel when you use them.

What I didn’t realise was that there’s an easier way to know exactly which skincare products and nutrition is right for you. I wish someone would have thought of this sooner! As it would’ve saved a lot of time and money and got me better results from my skincare. The solution to finding the right skincare for you is via a naturopathic skin consultation or their virtual skincare quiz for those who prefer not to talk.

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edible beauty skincare products serum moisturizer

After all, you absorb 60% of what goes on your skin. What you put in your body radiates through your skin. We call it inside – out beauty.

Anna Mitsios | Naturopath and Founder Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty review | Naturopathic skin consultation

Another factor that makes Edible Beauty AU stand out as one of the best clean skincare brands is that they offer naturopathic skin consultation. As well as a virtual skincare quiz. These are designed as a holistic solution to skincare and wellness. It’s not just skincare product recommendations. The founder Anna addresses internal factors that may be contributing to your skincare problems. To transform your complexion from the inside out and outside in.

This was my first naturopathic skin consultation. I braved it going bare faced on Instagram live to share the experience with you. I chatted with the founder of Edible Beauty, Anna Mitsios, who’s background is as a naturopath.

Anna listened to all of my skincare concerns, looked at my skin and went through my nutrition to build me a personalized ingestible and topical skincare routine. As well as answering all of my questions, finding alternatives to certain things that wouldn’t work for me (Kimchi and anything spicy) and giving me tips on how to naturally fight aging.

Edible Beauty best clean beauty brands skincare line

How to book a naturopathic skin consultation

You can book a free 15 minute live video or phone skincare consultation with the founder of Edible Beauty Anna Mitsios. She’ll email you all of your personalized recommendations, like mine below. Then you can use my code GLAMOURANDGAINS20 to get 20% off of all of your Edible Beauty skincare and beauty supplement recommendations.

If you prefer to do it online than to talk to the founder, you can take the virtual skincare quiz. Afterwards you’ll be sent your personalized topical and ingestible product recommendations. But personally, I’d recommend when you get the opportunity to talk to the founder herself jump on the opportunity.

As a Naturopath working in a Sydney fertility clinic, I was fed up with the lack of skincare that was safe and clean, especially for pregnant women. So, I created a range of products that is so pure you could eat it.

Anna Mitsios | Founder Edible Beauty

My personalized Edible Beauty skincare products and ingestible recommendations

After my virtual video consultation, these are the suggestions that Anna made.

Edible Beauty Beauty Supplements and Ingestibles

These are pretty easy adaptations for me to make, especially as I already take a protein powder. So it’s just a case of swapping out the one I’m using to the Edible Beauty vegan protein powder.

Skin quiz results nutrition recommendations

Anna doesn’t just recommend their beauty supplements and products after your virtual consultation or skincare quiz. She recommends the best product there is in that category to address your concerns.

One of mine is the bloating from eating so much broccoli so she suggested digestive bitters and/or pineapple and Papaya. You also don’t have to buy everything at once (with both supplements and skincare products).

It’s not about purging everything but replacing things as they run out. As well as knowing exactly which products are right for you so you don’t have to try lots of things to figure out what works for you.

Use code GLAMOURANDGAINS20 to save 20% on everything on their website.

Edible Beauty Review & Skincare Products

I’m already using Edible Beauty’s Cleansing Milk and No. 3 Serum so it’s just a case of adding a couple of specific serums for my skin. Like the Edible Beauty Deep Sea Collagen elixir, Beauty Drops and Intensive Masks.

All of those suggestions are totally do-able and since I find it the best clean skincare brand I don’t have a problem layering their products. Especially as theirs feels like a luxury spa treatment. I really enjoy the scents, feel and process and taking a little self-care time.

Edible Beauty Products Tip

If you have an LED mask, wash your face, pop your Edible Beauty Deep Sea Collagen elixir (or serum you’re using) and moisturizer on in the evening and then use your mask for 20 minutes watching TV, doing housework, etc.

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I like doing my skincare routine a little bit before bedtime to save me time when I go to bed. It also fits into my routine better and gives the products time to absorb into my face and not my pillow.

Edible beauty skincare product recommendations

The Basking Beauty SPF and Edible Beauty Drops aren’t in Sephora but you can get them on on Edible Beauty’s website and use my code to get 20% off.

Edible Beauty Review | Do the recommendations actually work?

I’ve been using Edible Beauty since last year but I’m going to be your guinea pig on the personalized suggestions. Once the products all arrive, I’ll take before photos and after photos a month later both without makeup and let you decide.

I’m really excited to try the Edible Beauty Deep Sea Collagen elixir and collagen supplements to help my skins elasticity. Anna and I have also agreed to circle back after the month to see what’s working and what’s not. Then we can make any changes that need to be made or leave it as is.

This is something anyone can do. You can book as many virtual consultations or take the Edible Beauty skincare quiz as often you want.

Glamour Gains beauty blogger using Edible beauty No.4 serum

Edible Beauty Australia is a holistic solution to skincare and wellness that addresses the need for an inside and outside approach. Because true beauty means more than simply looking good – it’s about caring for the health of your body, mind and environment.

Anna Mitsios | Founder Edible Beauty

More about Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty skincare products have been in Sephora Australia since 2014 and are available in Sephora US now as well. The ingestible’s launched back in 2020 which include liver support, a naturopath formulated elixir to strengthen your hair, skin and nails, and beauty teas. I’m excited to get my hands on these.

If you want to know more about Edible Beauty, their beginnings and what makes them one of the best clean skincare brands, the founder Anna shares her story with her adorable son Dimitri.

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