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What is Microneedling? Expert answers to your top questions

What is Microneedling? Expert answers to your top questions

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Microneedling | Collagen Induction Therapy | Dermarolling

Everything you need to know!

What is microneedling? How does it work? Does microneedling work? Is it a good anti-aging treatment? What does it cost? What are micro needling side effects? All of these answers are more.

I had a ton of questions from all of you on my Instagram poll about Microneedling so I got the girl I personally go to for Microneedling, Licensed Aesthetician Kevini Scolari LE to answer all of your questions.

I’m 3 sessions in and have 1 more to go in this round that I’ll update this post with once done (posted 7/8/20). Normally it’d be 3 in a row, 1 month between each but coronavirus meant scheduling like that wasn’t possible.

I’ve put my before and after photos below, I’m already having regrets about sharing photos without makeup but it’s the best way to show you the scarring and pores that I’m so self-conscious about and the reason I’m having Microneedling done. Besides the collagen induction and anti-aging benefits.

If you‘d rather watch the interview than listen to the podcast, just scroll down to the video. Otherwise, you can also just read this blog post.

The Microneedling questions we’re answering

  • What is Microneedling?

  • What are the benefits of Microneedling?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Is there any down time?

  • What are micro needling side effects if any
  • How soon after microneedling can you have botox?

  • Can you use retinol at the same time?

  • Does it hurt?

Kevini answers all of these questions answered and more in the interview below. If you have any more questions about Microneedling, either message me on Instagram or drop a comment below and I’ll get Kevini to answer you.

Aesthetician Vegas interview black floral topAesthetician Vegas interview microneedling black floral top

I’m so happy I discovered this treatment. I haven’t noticed a difference in my fine lines yet but hopefully 4-6 weeks after the 3rd session. I also quit botox so obviously my lines are going to be worse so it’s not a fair comparison as it doesn’t offer the same results as botox and is not a replacement for it.

However, I have noticed a difference in my scar size and my sun spots seem to have disappeared so I’m on a mission to keep my face out of the sun and covered in SPF from now on.

A couple of questions I didn’t get to ask in the video that I’ll mention now are:

  • How long does it take? About 60-90 minutes as it takes about 15- 30 minutes from the application of the numbing cream before they start microneedling.
  • Is it covered by insurance? No
  • Is there anyone who can’t have microneedling? If you are pregnant, have certain skin diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema, have open wounds, have had radiation therapy recently or have a history of skin scars.
  • Do you have to keep doing the treatments to keep up the results? Yes, on average maintenance treatments every 6 months if needed.

Microneedling Before and After Photos

As you can see, one of the temporary micro needling side effects is redness. My face and neck was pretty red and warm immediately after microneedling for several hours. It felt like sunburn as the numbing cream wore off. I never thought I’d share photos with no makeup looking like this online but if it helps anyone, I’m happy to share.

Don’t panic, it doesn’t last long, by the time you wake up in the morning it’ll gave gone down a lot.

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Collagen induction therapy results before after eve dawes
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Microneedling results before after 1 week model Eve Dawes
Microneedling results before after 1 week model Eve Dawes

Strangely enough, the 3rd session was when I was the reddest (pics below) but peeled the least. As the other times I’d peeled quite a lot afterwards for up to 14 days. I think I used a more intense moisturizer, more liberally this time which obviously helped.

Beauty blogger Eve Dawes red face side effect after microneedling treatment
micro needling side effects redness after womans neck

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Have you tried microneedling or are you a licensed aesthetician? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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    • You might know it as Collagen Induction Therapy or dermarolling. It’s actually been around since 1905 when German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer invented it but it’s only really been used by Aestheticians in the last 20 years. I’m hoping to see more results the more sessions I have and will keep updating this post.

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