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Solawave Review | Does Solawave work & what does the wand do!

Solawave Review | Does Solawave work & what does the wand do!

Solawave review wand serum eve dawes

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Solawave Review | The latest beauty tool I’ve been trying

Solawave review of the red light wand which is the newest beauty tool I’ve been trying over the last month but does Solawave work? I was gifted the Solawave and anti-aging serum to try so I figured I’d do a complete Solawave review not just an Instagram post. I waited 4 weeks to write this Solawave review as as they said it’d take 2 weeks to see results.

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Since I gave up on my LED mask and facial massager (too time consuming and it always needed charging) but like the concept of them I thought the Solawave advanced skincare wand might be worth a go. Especially as it comes with a cruelty-free serum that’s designed to work with it. It has hyaluronic acid in which is a daily essential for me living in an arid desert climate.

Solawave wand ombre serum
Solawave wand and serum

What is the Solawave wand?

The Solawave wand is like if a massage tool, microcurrent device and red LED mask had a baby combining all of their best bits. As it has red light therapy, microcurrent, therapeutic warmth and facial massage.

I’ve been loving the red light therapy beds I’ve been doing with my aesthetician. The point of the Solawave wand like the red light therapy bed is to deeply rejuvenate skin and improve it’s texture and vibrancy. I think most of us are always after a good glow.

The microcurrent is to stimulate the muscles and deep payers to help with the signs of aging and promote smooth, healthy skin. Yes please! The warmth is to help your products absorb more easily and reduce redness.

I have really translucent skin so get red easily which is why I use a lot of self tanner most of the year (which the wand doesn’t mess up). The massage is to reduce puffiness and boost radiance.

Solawave review solawave wand serum beauty blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains

Does Solawave work? Solawave review

I didn’t really notice a difference until I did the review and saw the after photos. As it’s not a device you see instant results from. I personally found that it took a good 2-4 weeks to see a difference. It only takes 5 minutes and I do it in front of the TV so it’s something that’s easy to stick with as it’s not adding any time to my skincare routine.

It’s really relaxing and makes me apply my serum nightly and not skip this step. As well as being convenient to use as the charge lasts around 12 uses so you only need to charge it every couple of weeks. It’s also a lot smaller than LED masks to travel with and takes up less bathroom shelf space.

To clean your Solawave wand, just wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth as the red light therapy device as microbacterial properties.

Solawave review update

Since 1st trying Solawave I’ve also used NuFace and ZIIP. Solawave is the most affordable and a great place to start to get both the benefits of microcurrent and red light therapy.

However, if you can afford to get both a microcurrent and LED mask, NuFace or ZIIP is the way to go. NuFace only offers microcurrent but I do love it for sculpting. ZIIP offers both microcurrent and nanocurrent and is my current favorite as I’ve seen a huge reduction in fine lines and my hooded eyelids using it.

Does Solawave work

Seeing it in action is the easiest way for me to do a Solawave review. I did half of my face to show the difference and then a complete review including some tips on how to get the best results out of it.

Solawave wand review

Can you only use the Solawave serum with the wand

No but you do need to use it with a serum as the wand can’t be used on dry skin. The wand will drag dry skin and you it’s designed to not turn on when used on dry skin. I personally really like the Solawave renew complex activating serum as it doesn’t pill under makeup and the aloe vera works well with the Solawaves heat. It’s also ultra-hydrating, vegan, cruelty-free and has convective properties to get the most out of the Solawave wand’s microcurrent.

I tend to use the wand at night watching TV and use this as my night serum and then use a different one during the day. Which always varies as I’m always trying new products.

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Solawave Review | Before and after photos

Both of these photos are with no makeup or photo editing as I think photos and videos are the easiest way to do a Solawave review than just text. The 1st photo is 4 weeks after my Fibroblast plasma pen treatment. The 2nd photo is after waiting 12 weeks from the fibroblast and after 4 weeks use of the Solawave advanced skincare treatment wand with red light therapy using their Renew Serum.

before after using solawave wand

Below: 4 weeks after using the Solawave wand (no makeup or filter).

after using solawave wand 4 weeks

Shop Solawave

The Solawave wand comes in rose gold, matte black and ombré which is the one I have. The Solawave serum isn’t a must have as you can use any serum with it but it’s more affordable than a lot of other serums and hydrating, vegan and cruelty-free so it’s definitely one I recommend trying at least once.


How to turn your Solawave on and off

SolaWave uses smart-touch activation, so there’s no power button. Just place the wand head against your face and neck after applying serum to turn on and remove it to turn off.

Does the Solawave wand head change positions

Yes, the SolaWave Wand forms two distinct positions: vertical and rotated which is the position I tend to leave it in when in use.

How to get the best results from your wand

For lifting and depuffing, use the wand gently in an upward and outward movements and use it with the Solawave Renew Serum.


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