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ZIIP Halo review | Does the Microcurrent and Nanocurrent™ beauty device work?

ZIIP Halo review | Does the Microcurrent and Nanocurrent™ beauty device work?

ziip halo review

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Eve Dawes

ZIIP Halo VS NuFace & everything you need to know before you buy

ZIIP Halo is the newest beauty device to hit my testing pile for review. After 4 weeks of use I can honestly say I’m addicted to using it like no other beauty device I’ve ever used. Look at the before and after photos below at the bottom of this Ziip Halo review and you’ll see why. When I was first asked to review it I was hesitant as I love my NuFace microcurrent device and have been happy with the results. So of course I wanted to know how the ZIIP Halo was different to NuFace and the main benefits. What I was told is that instead of using just 1 waveform tech, it uses ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology which means both Nanocurrent and Microcurrent in varying frequencies. Why does this matter? Is ZIIP Halo better than NuFace? I’ve been using the device for over a month now. So here’s my thoughts, tips for getting the most benefits out of it, if the ZIIP Halo works, an exclusive discount code, is worth it and whether it’s replaced my NuFace.

This Ziip Halo review post contains gifted items and affiliate links which do not affect my opinion or the price. Ziip Halo discount code: Use code GLAMOURZIIP for 15% off the ZIIP Halo device and ZIIP Gels.

Ziip Halo review | What are the benefits of ZIIP Halo

ZIIP Halo claims to offer many benefits. Similar to NuFace, some of the benefits are that it’s supposed to target multiple skincare concerns:

  • Lift and tone.
  • Tightened skin (so if you have a saggy jawline definitely use the targeted jowl treatment).
  • Brighten skin: dubbed the HALO effect.
  • Smooth.
  • Plump.
  • Depuff thanks to lymphatic drainage.
  • Even out skin tone.

However, it’s the length the results last that really sets the ZIIP Halo apart from NuFace. ZIIP’s website says that the dual waveforms give immediate results and lasting benefits that just get better over time. Honestly, I was dubious as it sounds too good to be true but if NuFace works (which it does for me) then this should in theory be even better right?

ZIIP is the only beauty device to give both immediate results and lasting effect. Achieve long-term skincare results through the power of nanocurrent, that just get better each time you us it.

ziip halo benefits anti aging skincare

How long does it take to see results from ZIIP Halo

The HALO glow doesn’t come until about 6 weeks of consistent use but I definitely felt tightened immediately after the 1st use.

  • 0-24 hours: Lifted and contoured.
  • 25-48 hours: Brighter skin.
  • 7 days: Increased lift.
  • After 6 weeks: Reduced lines and wrinkles, smooth skin glowing.

So is my skin less wrinkly, smoother and glowing? Let’s take a look!

What’s the difference between microcurrent and nanocurrent

While I’m not a doctor, my basic understanding is that Microcurrent is electrical waveforms that you can feel. They’re used in anti-aging beauty devices to stimulate the muscles to contract and relax, causing an immediate lift and instant skin tightening that lasts for up to 72 hours. I most definitely felt it in some of the treatments, especially around my mouth and the top of my forehead.

Whereas Nanocurrent are tiny electrical wavelengths that sync with the body’s natural current on a cellular level. You can’t feel them like you can microcurrent but they say they blur fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and even out your skin tone for long-term results and the HALO EFFECT.

ZIIP HALO uses 900nA, which has been found to give the best results—especially for long-term skincare benefits.

ziip halo microcurrent nanocurrent device

It takes around 6 weeks of consistent use of their Dual Waveform Technology™ to really achieve what they call the HALO EFFECT which is brighter, more balanced, rejuvenated skin. 

Of course their website is going to talk about all of the benefits, but does it actually work? How’s my skin looking after 6 weeks? Is it just hype or a hit? I’ll get to that with my before and after photos and videos.

What’s the difference between ZIIP Halo and NuFace Mini

Is ZIIP better than NuFace? I’ve spent a lot of time using both devices and ZIIP Halo is definitely the clear winner for both my Mum and I for many reasons. My Mum saw instant results especially on the fine lines on her upper lip! I didn’t think anything would make me want to switch but I’m a convert.

zipp vs nuface whats better
  • NuFace only uses microcurrent VS ZIIP Halo which uses both microcurrent and nanocurrent wavelengths for longer lasting effects and the HALO glow.
  • ZIIP is smaller and feels lighter making it easier to hold and travel with.
  • The ZIIP Halo light is more easy to see than NuFace so it’s easier to see when the power’s on or off.
  • Both microcurrent beauty devices offer a free app. However, I wish the ZIIP app had the option to take before, during and after photos to track your progress like the NuFace app does.
  • Both NuFace and ZIIP offer long full facial treatments, as well as targeted treatments.
  • You can feel the ZIIP microcurrent most of the time (except for nanocurrent only treatments which you can’t feel) VS NuFace which you’re not supposed to feel, if you do use more serum.
  • ZIIP serum doesn’t dry out while you’re doing the treatment so you need less VS NuFace serums which dry out quickly.
  • ZIIP basic serum has no skincare benefits and needs washing off VS Nuface serums which offer skincare benefits. More details below.
  • ZIIP auto programmed with 4 minute facelift treatment VS NuFace 5 minute treatment. 
  • You use ZIIP 3-5 times per week, with a maximum of 6 times per week when following a short term treatment plan like the 30 day plan VS Nuface 5 x per week for 5-20 minutes for the first 60 days.
  • For the long term, you use both ZIIP and NuFace 2-3 times a week.
  • You do need to keep using either device to achieve and maintain long-term skincare results.

As much as I like the long treatments, I really enjoy the targeted treatments for a quick fix. Especially in the morning e.g. before photoshoots or shooting YouTube videos. I find it quite addictive rather than being a chore as you can actually feel it working and it’s quite relaxing.

How choose which treatment or program start with on the Ziip beauty app

There are so many options for the auto programmed 4 minute face lift to full facials and targeted treatments. After watching the ‘Learn Your Halo’ device, a great place to start. I jumped straight in the deep end with the 30 day plan.

The 30 day plan is a great way to get into the routine of using it regularly and trying all of the treatments. My favorite treatments are the targeted eye treatment and brow lift as I have hooded eyes and I feel instantly more awake after these.

There’s also a quick 4 minute ‘The Lift’ treatment the ZIIP HALO is programmed one you could do in the morning for a quick boost. It uses both nanocurrent and microcurrent and it doesn’t matter how you do it.

ziip halo review

Ziip Halo review | Getting started | How to use your ZIIP Halo

What’s in the box:

  • ZIIP Halo
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Electric Complex Gel (50ml)
  • User manual
ziip halo device box contents

It took a little while to get used to how to hold and use the device but it’s super simple to use with or without the app.

To use you ZIIP HALO facial at home:

  1. Start by applying 4-8 pumps of the ZIIP Electric Complex Gel to clean, dry skin.
  2. If you’re using the app press the power button located between the silver globes when instructed to. It’ll light up and beep when it’s connected. If you’re not using the app just turn it on to activate the 4 minute THE LIFT treatment. It will activate once both globes touch your skin.
  3. Either follow the instructions on the app or start on one side of your face, gliding both silver globes upwards from your jawline to forehead. It’s important both globes are in contact with your skin for it to work.
  4. Once you feel the device vibrate (every 5 seconds), move your ZIIP HALO and repeat the movement.
  5. When you hear the single beep, move to the other side of your face and repeat.
  6. When you hear the double beep the lights and device will turn off and your treatment is complete.
  7. Wash off the gel.
  8. Clean your device without water (see more details below)

The main things to remember with any of the treatments is to make sure both silver globes are in contact with your skin. They also just suggest making sure the strokes are going upward and outward, you don’t want to drag down. Safety-wise, don’t use your ZIIP on top of the eye, at the center of the neck, on the chest, breasts, groin or on skin that is raised, bleeding, or painful.


The ZIIP app is how I use the device 95% of the time as I prefer either longer full treatments or targeting areas than just a quick 4 minute fix. Although I’ll probably do more of those when I’m traveling.

The ZIIP App which is available on both IOS & Android is where you’ll find both longer and shorter more targeted treatments that sync with your device. The clinic level facials include:

  • 7 full facials that are 4-12 minutes each.
  • 6 targeted treatments that are 2-3 minutes focusing on specific areas of your face.
  • 3 treatment plans that last 7-30 days and are skincare regimens that let you try the different treatments and set a routine.

The intensity of the levels of microcurrent and nanocurrent wavelengths varies (900nA to 400µA) with up to 26 unique combinations by the treatment you choose. E.g. using a lower level in areas where the skin is more fragile like the eyes. Some of them like ‘Jowls’ I find ultra intense but I kind of like it as it feels like it must be working!

The only downside is that you can’t manually alter the intensity, it’s set for you by the treatment you choose. You can however make faster sweeping passes for it to be less intense or go slower for more intensity.

ziip beauty app

To clean your Ziip Halo device

Cleaning the device is super quick and easy. After every treatment you’re going to want to wipe down your device with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth misted with rubbing alcohol or use disposable alcohol wipes. As it ends up pretty greasy from the serum. Whatever you do, keep it away from water or any other liquids.

Pros and Cons

Like most things there are always pros and cons so it’s only fair I cover both in this Ziip Halo review. However, the pros far outweigh the cons for me personally:


  • Lightweight, easy to hold and use.
  • App is easy to use and offers both full facials and targeted treatments.
  • Has both micocurrent and nanocurrent.
  • The ZIIP basic conductive serum is cheaper than NuFace serum.
  • ZIIP Electric Complex Gel doesn’t dry out while you’re doing your treatment.
  • Instant lifting
  • Long term glow
ziip halo microcurrent nanocurrent device review results
Results after 4 weeks using Ziip Halo device


  • You can’t manually adjust the intensity.
  • The ZIIP Electric Complex Gel is too greasy to leave on.
  • In case ZIIP is reading this, one suggestion I’d love to see would be to have the ability to take before, during and after photos in the app to track your progress like you can in the NuFace app. I find that feature really helpful.

Tips for using your ZIIP Halo and getting the best results

Definitely use it as often as suggested and try to keep up with it. You do need to keep using it to maintain results. You also need to use one of their conductive gels. Do not try to use it without one.

I tend to use mine either in the morning before I shower for a boost throughout the day, especially if I’m doing a photoshoot or video. As the serum does need washing off as it’s quite greasy.

I’ve also been loving the results of using the ZIIP and then following it with my CurrentBody LED mask. It’s a habit I got into with my NuFace and great for getting your glow on.

ziip halo device tutorial review

I’ve found the charge lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how many treatments I’m doing and the length of them.

Ziip Halo review| Before and after photos | Does it work

I’m now thoroughly converted to ZIIP Halo, sorry NuFace! I’m so blown away by the results. Especially around my eyes, my upper eyelids and the overall plumpness and radiance. I really do feel like it’s the best microcurrent device on the market after trying Solawave, NuFace and ZIIP Halo. I’m honestly shocked by the results!

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I feel like my eyes look less hollow underneath and that I have more of a glow. I’m not saying to rush out and buy it if you already have a microcurrent device but definitely consider this when it needs replacing or if you’re not currently using anything. I definitely think it’s worth it and that it works.

What I will say is that when I came home after a week in California my Mum asked what I’d done to my skin as it looked so good. The only change had been that I’d started using ZIIP while I was away. Another friend complimented on my glowing skin 3 weeks later. So ZIIP or coincidence I’m going to credit ZIIP for the changes.

These are my before and after photos after 4 weeks:

ziip halo before after results 4 weeks
Ziip Halo before and after 4 weeks use

ZIIP HALO review

Here’s my honest ZIIP Halo review after using it for 30 days and whether I think ZIIP or NuFace is better. I’ve talked about microcurrent for skin tightening and my experiences with Solawave, NuFACE and professional Microcurrent and RF Microcurrent treatments before. So how does ZIIP Halo compare to NuFace? Is it as good or better than NuFACE? Why does it use both microcurrent and nano current?

ZIIP Halo discount code for all of their devices, ZIIP serums and gels: use code GLAMOURZIIP for 15% OFF.

Ziip Halo device review and tips for getting the best results

What are the different ZIIP Halo serums

There are 5 different gel formulas to choose from, all of which act as amplifiers to generate electrical flow, that vary from $25 to $129. It’s going to depend on the skincare benefits you’re looking for and what you’re using right now as to whether just the basic gel or one of their skincare gels are right for you.

It comes with the ZIIP Electric Complex Gel but if you want to upgrade to one of the others for more skincare benefits you can. It gets a bit confusing so I’ve tried to explain the differences below. You just have to use one to act as an electrical conductor. I’m sticking to the cheapest one since I wash it off anyway and love the serum I’m already using.

ZIIP Electric Complex Gel $25

Is basic but gets the job done. The Electric Complex Gel has a unique, highly conductive formulation, which allows the Dual Waveforms to pass effectively through the skin. 

ZIIP Gold Conductive Gel $129

The golden conductive gel is the most expensive and created with ingredients that are designed to relax fine lines, fill and firm the skin. The active ingredients include 5 growth factors; a combination of wrinkle-reducing peptides, 24-carat gold, Aloe barbadensis, leaf extract, and hematite. So if you’re all about your anti-aging skincare, this is the one for you.

ZIIP Silver Conductive Gel $50 

The Silver Gel promotes collagen production, and is great if you’re wanting hydration and an instant glow. It’s ingredients include finely crushed pearl and a new low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid from Japan.

ZIIP Crystal Gel Vegan ZIIP Nanocurrent™ and microcurrent conductive gel $80

This gel is designed to be the most brightening. As well as to shield against pollution, soothe stressed skin (cedar bark), build skin barrier endurance, fade hyperpigmentation and increase cell repair.

ZIIP Crystal Gel $80

This is designed to brighten, repair and calm with 80% organic and 100% vegan ingredients. Glutathione for a glow, veronica flower derived collagen, and cedar bark extract for damage repair and environmental stress prevention.


The best results I’ve seen are when I use both the ZIIP Halo followed by my CurrentBody LED mask since ZIIP doesn’t offer red light therapy. You can save money by buying them together as a CurrentBody Skin x ZIIP Lift & Brighten Kit. CurrentBody is the exclusive retailer for ZIIP

Don’t forget to use Ziip Halo discount code GLAMOURZIIP for 15% off the ZIIP Halo device and ZIIP Gels.


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