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Best Botox Alternatives | How to Get Youthful Glowing Skin

Best Botox Alternatives | How to Get Youthful Glowing Skin

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Last Updated on May 23, 2024 by Eve Dawes

The best anti-aging botox alternatives, skincare treatments and how to get better results than botox alone

The best Botox alternatives either instead of or to compliment your botox are some of the most effective anti-aging treatments without going under the knife. The problem is, that you can do these botox injectables and filler all day long, but if your skin isn’t clear and glowing it’s like whacking trainers on with a cocktail dress or foundation without any moisturizer or primer. You’re not going to look your best which is where botox alternatives such as dermaplaning, microneedling and laser treatments for glowing skin come in.

The best Botox alternatives and how to get glowing skin

How do you get glowing skin? Peggy Pruchnicki, founder of Simply Radiant Med Spa Las Vegas and Advanced Nurse Practitioner and I sat down to discuss not just the best botox alternatives like dermaplaning but how to get the most out of your botox.

How do we make our skin look its best and help prevent, not just mask, aging?

I wanted to know what the most effective treatments are right now with minimal downtime. Peggy shared her favorite botox alternative anti aging skin treatments for the face for clear, glowing skin and age prevention. They can be done on their own or to maximize the results of your botox and filler. As well as to create a smooth canvas for our makeup. Because who doesn’t want to get the most out of their most and look their best?

I’ve been doing a lot more in office esthetician treatments since blogging more about beauty and also turning 40. Every time I learn about something new I want to try it. On a side note, the photo for this blog is after microneedling (not botox, filler or any other treatment below).

Beautiful skin is more than Botox, learn how to get glowing skin

Peggy and I are talking:

  • Lasers
  • Dermaplaning (aka face shaving treatment)
  • Plasma facials (made famous by Kim Kardashian when she had the Vampire Facial).
  • Microneedling

I’m new to microneedling but noticed a big difference in my aging sun spots after 3 treatments as well as noticeably more glowing skin. Friends asked what I’d been doing as they noticed a difference too.



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The Best Botox Alternatives & Beautiful Skin Treatments that Compliment Botox

1. Dermaplaning / Dermablading

I’ve done dermaplaning both in office and at home and no it’s not just ‘face shaving’ and professional dermablading is different to at-home dermaplaning. It’s not really a botox alternative as it gives different results : smoother, hair free skin versus freezing facial muscles but it compliments your botox for more youthful glowing skin. So you’re probably going to want to look at doing both botox and dermaplaning to get the smoothest skin.Is dermaplaning a Dermaflash alternative? I absolutely love my Dermaflash that I use at home and it’s great for in between dermatologist visits. But in office professional treatments are going to give you far superior results. As they should for the difference in price.

When dermablading is done professionally, it’s done with a sharp, surgical-grade blade, not really something I personally want to be trying myself and secondly it involves swift, delicate strokes that the aesthetician’s been trained to do.

What is dermaplaning?

Yes, dermaplaning removes facial hair but it also exfoliates in a non-abrasive, chemical-free way, and removes hair, leaving you with a baby soft face that looks and feels smooth. Since dermaplaning removes the entire top layer of dead skin (reducing the impact of acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation) it’s also classed as an anti-aging treatment.

Does dermaplaning hurt?

Dermaplaning is fast, painless and takes less than 30 minutes and no, your hair wont grow back thicker or darker, people love a good myth. If you prefer your face hairless, this is for you but if you want to get rid of acne scars, etc, you’re better off with Microneedling or laser treatments.

Is dermaplaning safe?

There will always be some people out there practicing while they shouldn’t be but generally speaking yes, Dermaplane facials performed by estheticians are generally safe. I always pick my esthetician based on referrals not off of a discount site. They’re great for a lot of things but when it comes to my face and eyes I like to play safe. I’ve never heard of anyone having dermaplaning regrets but if you’ve had a positive or negative experience leave a comment below.

How to dermaplane at home

If you’re more of an at home treatment person, the device I use is Dermaflash (affiliate link $199 at Sephora). This is a Dermaplaning exfoliation device that painlessly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris and that embarrassing peach fuzz. You could use hair removing creams as alternatives to dermaplaning but these don’t remove the dead skin cells.

One of my friends got me hooked on it and whenever I use it, my makeup artists always comment on how soft my skin is. It also gets rid of all of the peach fuzz. Don’t go too hard with it so you don’e end up with grazes like I did the first time.

  1. Prep your skin – Dermaflash actually comes with both a cleanser and moisturizer so you can prep your skin and moisturize it afterwards.
  2. Go gently with the blade in light short movements, Dermaflash comes with a really easy to follow guide.
  3. Avoid acne breakouts or irritated skin
  4. Moisturize when you’re done with a super hydrating rich moisturizer.
  5. Use SPF everyday to protect your baby fresh skin.

botox alternative Nurse dermaplaning

2. Botox Alternatives | Laser Treatment Options

One of the treatments we talk about on the podcast as a botox alternative or complimentary treatment to botox is laser treatments. Laser treatments can be customized for your skin types and needs and the downtime varies. The price varies depending on the intensity and what you have done. Peggy explains it in depth on the podcast but so you have a brief summary:

Lasers are for skin resurfacing and use dermatologist laser technology to give your skin a younger, healthier appearance. Also known as Laser peels, they do require a prior consultation as well as home aftercare instructions and the healing can take anywhere from one week to six months and can help with everything from crows feet, wrinkles, acne scars, warts, eyelids and blemishes. All the things that Botox can’t, so it’s not really a botox alternative but complimentary treatment as it focuses on different things.

Laser skin resurfacing removes skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cells that form during healing give the skin a tighter, younger looking surface. The procedure can be done alone or with other cosmetic surgeries on the face. WebMD

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Nurse giving anti-aging laser face treatment botox alternative in office

3. Microneedling / AKA Collagen induction therapy

I had a ton of questions from my Instagram poll about Microneedling so I got the girl I go to for Microneedling, Licensed Esthetician Kevini Scolari LE to answer all of your questions.

I’m 3 sessions in so that should see me through for a year. I’ve put my before and after photos below. I’m already having regrets about sharing photos without makeup. But it’s the best way to show you the scarring and pores I’m so self-conscious about and the reason I’m having Microneedling done in the first place.

  • What is Microneedling?
  • What are the benefits of Microneedling?
  • How much does microneedling cost?
  • Is there any down time?
  • How soon after can you have botox?
  • Can you use retinol at the same time?
  • Does it hurt?

Kevini answers all of these questions answered and more about this anti-aging treatment. If you have any more questions about Microneedling, either message me on Instagram or drop a comment below and I’ll get Kevini to answer you.

how to get glowing skin microneedling anti aging treatment before and after results Eve Dawes fitness blogger

My microneedling before and after photos. The top photos are the day after, the bottom photos 1 week later. I’ll add some more after photos the next time I have the treatment without makeup so you can see better.

botox alternative results anti aging microneedling face treatment fitness blogger Eve Dawes

Where to find Peggy | Simply Radiant Skincare

Simply Radiant Med Spa, Las Vegas

Simply Radiant Instagram

If you’re not ready for Esthetician skincare, I interviewed Foreo to get their best at home skincare tips and treatments. I know not everyones as concerned with age-prevention as I am. If acnes more of a problem for you, check out these tips for helping adult acne.

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