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The Row Margaux bag is the It-bag of the moment but is it really worth it?

The Row Margaux bag is the It-bag of the moment but is it really worth it?

the row margaux bag designer bag dupe

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Eve Dawes

The Row Margaux bag review and more affordable options

The Row Margaux bag is the designer it bag everyone’s been talking about. Although in all honesty I have no idea why. It’s about as bland and as basic as they come even as far as quiet luxury, logo free styles go. If you really want it get it, you’ll be in good company as it’s a celebrity favorite. However, I couldn’t help but notice that it looks remarkably like the back of my Radley Liverpool St bag which I’ll get to later. If you’re looking for quality over a brand name and a solid top handle bag definitely consider Radley Liverpool Street 2.0 bag as an alternative to save yourself not just some money but thousands of dollars. Just because I’m someone who loves designer brands and has way too many bags, doesn’t mean I don’t know when to splurge and when to save. Here’s everything you need to know about The Row Margaux 10, 15, 17 and how other brands compare.

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The Row EW Margaux bag black
The Row EW Margaux black bag | FWRD

Who makes the Margaux bag

The Row which was founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2006 makes the Margaux bag and yes they’re handmade in Italy.

Is The Row Margaux bag worth it?

The Row Margaux bag is a hefty chunk of change but an average price for a designer bag. However, I definitely think you should consider more affordable options as it’s really such a basic bag that doesn’t have any stand out qualities.

What’s a more affordable option to the Margaux bag

A more affordable option to The Row Margaux includes Radley London Liverpool Street 2.0. They’re both top handle bags but the Radley also has a detachable cross body strap meaning it can be worn multiple ways. I personally prefer the look of the Radley as I prefer more structured to slouchy handbags.

The Row Margaux bag dupe affordable alternative

The front of my Radley is also way prettier. So if you’re looking for a more affordable version of The Row Margaux bag, save yourself some money and flip the side you carry your Radley.

Why I’m skipping The Row Margaux bag and sticking to my Radley Liverpool St bag

Most of The Row Margaux bags are made from either matte grained calfskin leather or smooth saddle leather versus Radley smooth leather. They’re both real leather but at different price points.

The Radley Liverpool St features a triple compartment interior versus The Row Margaux’s 2 interior card slots and 1 zipper pocket. I love a bag that’s organized and where I can find everything.

the row soft margaux 17 bag white
The Row Soft Margaux leather bag in white | FWRD

I also like that you can zip the Radley shut versus The Row Margaux only having a toggle closure and 1 zippered pocket. A zip just feels so much safer.

radley london top handle structured bag tan leather

When it comes to designer and where they’re made the Radley Liverpool St bag was created back in 2017, before the Margaux which was launched in 2018. The Row Margaux bag is handmade in Italy whereas Radley bags are designed in the UK and handcrafted in India.

What sizes does The Row Margaux bag come in

The Radley only comes in 1 size versus the row which comes in several sizes (the number denotes the length of the bag in inches):

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  • The smallest size is the Margaux 10
  • Margaux 12
  • Margaux 15
  • Margaux 17 is their most spacious bag.
the row bag size versus radley bag size
Radley London Liverpool St 2.0 bag

How much does The Row Margaux bag cost

The Row Marguax bag varies in price depending on the size. However, if you’re looking for a more luxe for less affordable option the Radley leather handbag is in the hundred versus The Row being in the thousands:

  • The Row Soft Margaux 17 bag in leather $5090-6090
  • The Row Soft Margaux 15 bag $4390-5190
  • EW Margaux bag $5300-6810
  • Radley London Liverpool St $186-328
the row margaux bag alternative cheaper
Carrying Radley London in reverse

What celebrities have a Margaux bag

It’s thanks to all of the celebrity sightings carrying the Margaux and media hype that’s made it gain such popularity and turned it into the current it-bag du jour.

Although it was actually launched back in 2018. It’s more due to the current quiet-luxury and stealth wealth trend that it’s really having a moment. Some of the celebrities that have a The Row Margaux bag include:

  • Kendall Jenner carrying different ones on separate occasions. Namely a black leather Margaux and tan Margaux.
  • Jennifer Garner with the The Row’s Margaux 15 Bag in oxblood.
  • Jennifer Lawrence also has them in more than 1 color having been seen both with an oversized slouchy oxblood leather Margaux bag and a  warm brown Margaux 17 Leather Tote.
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carrying the The Row Soft Margaux 10 Bag in Leather.
  •  Zoë Kravitz carrying The Row’s Margaux bag in black.
  • Emilia Clarke with a light cream/white Margaux bag. 

Shop The Row Margaux Bag and more affordable options

From The Row Margaux to more affordable leather top handle bags, this is how to get the quiet luxury aesthetic this season whatever your budget.


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