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Is Radley London a good brand? My honest handbag review, shopping guide & where to shop

Is Radley London a good brand? My honest handbag review, shopping guide & where to shop

radley london handbag fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Radley London review | Why this handbag brand that needs to be on your radar!

Radley London handbags aren’t something we hear much about in America so I wanted to share my Radley London review and whether or not it’s a good brand. Having grown up in England where the brand is well known and highly regarded, it’s not new to me. However, since a lot of you have been asking for more affordable price points I wanted to share this brand with you as they offer a lot of quiet luxury looks without the high price tag. As well as both quality, style and value since most Radley London purses prices are under $300. With some being a lot less in the Radley London outlets and when there’s a Radley London handbag sale. It’s one of those brands that once you buy a bag, it won’t be your last. They have something of a cult following and now I own them I can see why.

radley london handbag liverpool st 2.0 blue fashion blogger Eve Dawes

This Radley London Bag Buyer’s Guide post contains affiliate links and gifted items which do not affect the price or my opinion in any way.

Radley London review 

Radley London was founded in 1998 by Lowell Harder in Camden Lock Market which was when I was living in London and training at London Studio Centre. Their Scottie dog mascot has been on every design since day one as a mark of the brands quality and attention to detail.

Radley scottie dog mascot bag detail
Scottie dog mascot bag detail

Radley London review | Quality

The first thing I noticed when my Radley London bag was delivered was the quality in the details. It wasn’t just the exterior leather but the inside was also beautiful suede. The gold hardware felt quality and the details like foot studs to protect the base was there. They’re thoughtful, well constructed pieces in every way and what makes that even more impressive is their price point!

radley london handbag black leather
Shop Radley London online

I pretty much have every designer bag brand: Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Versace, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, etc and Radley London handbags stand up well compared against them. Which isn’t surprising when you learn more about how their bags are made. What’s surprising is the affordable price tag!

Radley London outlet bag sale scottie dog mascot
Radley London outlet bag with their Scottie dog mascot

The bags are designed in their London Design Studio in Mayfair and take about a year from concept to construction. With every piece being made by as many as 20 craftspeople.

I’ll keep adding to this Radley London review so that I can be as thorough as possible with each collection.


radley london outlet tote bag large black Vegas

Radley London Bag Review | Liverpool St 2.0

As you can see I’m quite drawn Radley’s Liverpool Street 2.0 collection! I have this Radley London purse in both blue and beige. The blue was full price and the beige was a sale find at the Radley London outlet in Las Vegas.

radley london handbags sale outlet

It’s one of those classic styles that won’t date and if you read Glamour and Gains you’ll know how much I love structured, medium size bags. They’re perfect for both day and night and work with my petite frame.

radley london handbag white celebrity eve dawes

This one might not be designer but it feels luxurious with it’s tonal suede lining, gold hardware and zippered section to keep everything safe. There’s a shoulder strap but I tend to just carry mine by the top handle. If you’re looking for just one bag from Radley London, this purse is my top pick for a style that will last you for years.

radley london liverpool st 2.0 blue bag

Is Radley London a luxury brand

In my opinion Yes Radley London is both a good brand and a luxury brand! Brands don’t have to have an exorbitant price tag to be a luxury brand. What makes something luxury to me is the quality, design, materials and craftsmanship. So while it might not be a designer brand, the quality is still there.

From the moment I felt my Radley London handbag I knew it was quality. So if you’re looking for a quality bag, timeless or fashion forward style and not so much of a designer name or a logo, they’re definitely a luxury brand to check out.

radley london outlet vegas influencer eve dawes
Radley London handbag sale find from North Las Vegas Premium Outlets

What Is Radley London known for

Radley is known for their classic, timeless, elegant styles as much as their more fun and themed animal bags. Which often include their mascot Scottie. The name is synonymous with quality and luxury at a fair price point.

Is Radley London a high street brand or a designer brand

I’d say it’s more of an elevated high street brand than designer or high street. Think more along the lines of Reiss, Ted Baker and Karen Millen than Top Shop and definitely not H & M. Because of the feel and quality Radley London feels more like a luxury brand regardless of their pricing.

Are Radley bags a good investment

It depends on how much you’ll use them but I personally think they’re great value for money. Will they hold their value as much as a designer brand like Chanel on the resale market? No. Are they durable and will they last you for years (if cared for)? Yes.

Whether you’re looking for a classic style or just want to pick up a seasonal fashion purse that you don’t want to fork out designer prices for they’re a great option. I don’t think they’re necessarily a good investment but definitely value.

I’m still devoted to my designer brand bags but this is a bag brand I’m not afraid to use in cities and it never looks brash or like you’re trying to hard. While still looking polished.

radley london bag tote large black leather

Is Radley London an eco friendly brand

Not all of the bags are eco conscious but they do have an eco friendly range if that’s important to you. Using recycled materials in their sustainable Radley Responsible collection. They’re also making an effort to change their day-to-day practices including packaging and transportation. 

And we never stop striving to set a new standard for quality. Both in our classic leather styles, and our new non-leather alternatives as part of our Radley Responsible collection. Made from recycled plastic bottles.

Radley London

Are Radley London handbags real leather

Yes most of Radley London purses, handbags and wallets are made of real high quality leather. However, they do have a sustainable Radley Responsible collection which uses recycled materials like recycled nylon and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles and not real leather.

If you do choose the genuine leather you can rest assured it’s made from durable leather that’s been sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Radley London uses only responsibly sourced leather from tanneries accredited by the Leather Working Group.

radley london outlet bag metallic silver fashion editor eve dawes

What I really like about how they source their materials is that the leathers they use are always a by-product of the food industry and that there is no waste. Cuttings go into their other goods like keyrings and small accessories.

radley london clutch black

Where to shop for Radley bags

There are lots of Radley London stores in the UK but in the US they have store locations in:

  • Desert Hills Premium Outlets® – Cabazon, CA
  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets® – Las Vegas, NV
  • Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets® – Orlando, FL
  • Sawgrass Mills® – Sunrise, FL
  • The Mills at Jersey Gardens® – Elizabeth, NJ
  • Wrentham Village Premium Outlets® – Wrentham, MA

The outlets are obviously great for great for Radley London handbag sale finds.

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You can also shop the brand online:

  • Radley London (websites for different countries including the US and UK)
  • Macys
  • Shop Premium Outlets
radley london outlet vegas sale white leather bag
Shop Radley bags

Shop my Radley London handbag picks

Radley London collections can get a little overwhelming as there are so many. So definitely try and filtered by category, color or size as otherwise you’ll end up with about 10 bags in your cart.

Radley London handbags are so varied and they keep coming out with new styles. I went down a total rabbit hole once I started looking as there’s so many styles I love. The purses at the top of my wishlist are:

  • Sloane Street woven zip top satchel which would be perfect for my Caribbean cruise in December.
  • Anchor Mews bag in ink blue to go with my new navy suede heels.
  • Black Sloane Street medium leather grab bag is such a classic for everyday.
radley london good brand painted top handle handbag

If you’re going to the Kentucky Derby they have a whole Kentucky Derby collection of Radley London purses but this is my favorite vanity case bag. As I love the structured vintage aesthetic and white and gold are perfect for that time of the year.

Radley London wallets make great gifts and are at a really affordable price point. They range from classic styles to fun animal, floral, London and vacation themed styles. The Radley London outlets have the best deals on them but you can also shop for outlet and Radley London handbag sale finds on their website.

How much do Radley London bags cost

Radley London bags prices vary quite a lot but are all under $500 with many being under $100 at the Radley outlet shops.

Radley London women’s footwear

Radley London also does footwear which includes flat sandals, block heels, loafers which are super cute, timeless and on sale for under $100, Wellington boots, ankle boots, sneakers and slippers. 

Sale finds | Radley London outlet and sales

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets has lots of pieces that you can’t find in their outlet section online. They have a really extensive selection from including top handle bags, shoulder purses, clutches, backpacks, wallets and tote bags at the best prices. They also run a lot of Radley London handbag sales too!

radley london handbag black quality leather

Pro tip: They get new deliveries every Monday, so the best day to visit is on a Tuesday to check out what’s new in store before they sell out.

Radley London outlet handbags and purses

Why is Radley London’s logo and mascot a Scottie dog

The Scottie isn’t just cute but there for several reasons. It’s a mark of the brands quality and attention to detail. The Radley dog has been on every single design since their beginning. It’s also a nod to the British humor and gives a little character to all of their designs.


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