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17 Pageant Makeup Tips & Tricks | Behind the scenes of a beauty pageant

17 Pageant Makeup Tips & Tricks | Behind the scenes of a beauty pageant

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Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Beauty Pageant Secrets, Tips & Tricks of the Trade from Pageant Queens Everyone Can Steal

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Pageant makeup tips and tricks from beauty queens. Pageant women share their top beauty secrets that everyone should know as these beauty queen beauty secrets are helpful for prepping for special occasions, events, and vacations, not just for pageants.

I haven’t covered butt glue, camel not, extensions, injectables, etc in this pageant makeup tips article but instead I’ve stuck to beauty pageant tips, tricks and hacks that are actually practical and useful everyday or for special occasions that everyone can use. These beauty pageant secrets are also great beauty hacks for forever queens, beginners and pageant first timers.

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Beauty Queen Beauty Secrets with 1 of Pageant Planets Top Pageant Coaches

I was Mrs. England World 2021 and Mrs. Nevada United States back in 2017 and have stayed involved in the pageant world ever since in one capacity or another, normally via pageant coaching or charity events.

I could go on and on about the pageant makeup tips I’m sharing and go into the full beauty routine, fitness training, and nutrition. However, if you’re a regular listener of Glamour & Gains podcast you’ll know they’re always short and sweet 10 minute, action based episodes. I share a lot more beauty secrets, fitness and nutrition tips on Instagram and throughout this blog.

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Pageant makeup tips and tricks from a beauty queen

  1. Use vaseline on your teeth so lipstick doesn’t stick to either your teeth or your lips to your teeth. We smile forever on stage and a stuck Cheshire cat grin isn’t what we’re going for.

  2. Pageant makeup tip: If you have more mature skin, go for dewy makeup instead of matte. Dewy makeup creates radiance that reflects light and creates that youthful, lit within glow.

    Just don’t go overboard with the highlighter and make sure that it’s not too light for your skin tone. You want to glow not glitter or look oily.

  3. Double sided tape! The must-have item in every woman’s purse! I use it to keep my tops in place, do an emergency hem, and remove lint and fluff.

    There’s a few brands but Hollywood Fashion Tape has the most staying power and I the little tins are perfect for the smallest purses.

  4. Don’t drink carbonated drinks, chew gum (not even sugar-free gum), or eat cruciferous vegetables 48 hours before your event. This will help avoid bloating.

  5. Avoid shaving the day of your spray tan! Try and shave at least 12 hours if not 24 hours before to help prevent the tanner going into your hair follicles and leaving behind those brown dots.

  6. Get a spray tan! Whatever color your skin is, spray tans cover imperfections and create a flawless even skin tone. Plus, you can contour with it and it makes teeth look whiter, and if you have blonde hair, makes it look blonder.
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  7. Use shimmer lotion (not glitter) on your shins, shoulders, and collar bones to look slimmer. You can also use shimmer bronzer powders. I tend to use the lotion on my legs and powder on my upper body to get a more accurate application.

  8. If you’re drinking alcohol during pageant prep, go for low carb wines and cocktails (tequila, lime and soda, or an Aperol Spritz are good options).

  9. Exercise: just like you can’t out train a bad diet, you’re not going to look toned and fit through diet alone. Lift weights or do bodyweight exercises to tone up and do cardio for your heart muscle and to burn excess calories.

  10. If you’re not sure what color to wear on your nails, a light pink mani/pedi always looks classy and polished. Especially the more sheer colors.

  11. Choose clothes in colors that compliment your coloring, that you feel confident in and that fit! We always look way less confident when we’re tugging at our clothes.

  12. If you wear nylons/tights – always have an extra pair in your bag. There’s something about runs that totally ruins an otherwise polished look. Clear nail varnish is always a good thing to have at hand when wearing these too, to stop the run/ladder getting any bigger before you can change.

  13. Hydrate inside and out – water and moisturizer (which will also extend the life of your self tan).

  14. Always remove makeup – so predictable but I know so many girls who still don’t bother. Give your skin a chance to breath, unclog your pores, prevent breakouts and then douse your skin in hydrating skincare products.

  15. Don’t try new beauty treatments or nutrition plans week of event! Seriously…just don’t! Unless you want to risk allergic reactions, breakouts, upset stomachs and all of the other side effects.

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  16. This ones probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you don’t have an eye mask, pop some tea bags in the fridge and use them under your eyes for 15 mins to help de puff your eyes.

  17. Be kind! Inner beauty always shines the most. The Congeniality Award is one one the most coveted awards.

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Ask your beauty pageant tips questions

If you have any questions about any of the 17 pageant makeup tips tips I covered or have any beauty secrets you want to share, send me a message on Instagram so that and share more Q & A’s here.

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Beauty Tips & Skincare Advice with Foreo

Having great skin to start with will ensure you get the most out of these pageant makeup tips. If you need help with getting hydrated, healthy skin, I chatted with Foreo skincare experts to get all of the the answers and their best advice for our cruelty-free skincare routine.

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Share your beauty secrets and Fashion | Join in the #glamourandgains Instagram sharing

I love sharing your successes and fab looks! Tag your photos with #glamourandgains and @glamourandgains on Instagram so I can share your best makeup, beauty secrets, and outfit pics, biggest gains and successes of the week.

It can be anything or any moment you’re proud of or new goal achieved whether that’s personal, business, financial or fitness.

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