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Best beauty tools 2024 | Top 5 must have beauty gadgets that actually work!

Best beauty tools 2024 | Top 5 must have beauty gadgets that actually work!

best beauty tools 2023 must haves

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Eve Dawes

What are the must-have beauty tools & gadgets? These 5 have made the biggest difference to my skin

Beauty tools and gadgets for the face keep popping up promising better than ever results but which ones are actually worth it and which ones are a waster of money. My 5 must have best beauty tools for 2024 are the ones that have made the biggest impact to my skin and that actually get used. The best beauty gadgets and devices that keep it clear, smooth and help prevent aging. As well as some new beauty gadgets like NuFace that I put to the test last year and have stayed in my skincare routine.

None of these are miracle workers but they’re the best I’ve tried. I think we are all seeking the next best beauty device for anti-aging and luckily I get sent a lot to try so that I can share the results with you here.

This best beauty gadgets 2024 post contains affiliate links.

These are the beauty devices I love and the ones that are just gathering dust. I was really good about using Solawave everyday for well over a year but have been using NuFace for the last 5 months instead. Both made the list for 2024 as they’re both effective but at different price points.

However, you only really need one or the other. For me it’s the NuFace facial device that’s the 1 new tool that’s taken over from this for me, keep reading to find out more. As I’m only adding beauty tools here that I’ve had time to give a chance and see if I’m sticking to using it.

best beauty gadgets 2024 nuface microcurrent device

Top 5 best beauty tools 2024

My best beauty tools for 2024:

  1. Foreo UFO the best beauty gadget 2024 for at home facials.
  2. Dermaflash for removing deadskin and peach fuzz on the face.
  3. Beauty Eraser for removing makeup gently.
  4. Solawave red light therapy advanced skincare wand.
  5. NuFACE facial toning device luxury beauty tool

My beauty essentials VS beauty buying regrets

The beauty tools, gadgets, skincare and makeup I use everyday and the ones I totally regret buying.

Best Beauty Tools 2024

My top beauty tools 2024 and why. I’ve try to condense my beauty gadgets as much as possible to save time and to make packing easier when I travel with them.

1. Best Beauty Gadgets 2024 Foreo UFO

I met Foreo years ago at an influencer event at Nordstroms in Vegas. Which is how I ended up collaborating with them and having them as guests on the blog. Which meant I could get all of our questions answered and the best skincare advice right from the top beauty experts.

how moisturize extremely dry skin

As far as the best beauty gadgets 2024, I’ve been hooked on my Foreo UFO since the 1st use versus the Foreo Luna cleansing device I kind of just stopped using. As I find the Beauty Eraser works well (more on that below) but the Foreo UFO is a beauty tool I’ve used for my face religiously once a week since getting it several years ago. I use it either with the H20 overdose mask or Call it a Night mask which work out to around $3.30 each.

Another benefit of Foreo masks is that they don’t leave a greasy residue. So you can just massage in the serum afterwards and continue with your normal skincare and makeup routine as it doesn’t pill under makeup.

As much as I love spa facials, it get’s expensive and takes 2+ hours (driving & treatment time). So I tend to only do them a couple of times a year and when I do it’s at a med spa and something I wouldn’t be able to do at home myself.

best beauty tool Foreo UFO beauty blogger top pick

To use the Foreo UFO, you just choose the mask you’re using from the app on your phone and it guides you through the treatment.

There are so many things about the UFO I love. One is that it only take 90 seconds so it’s super quick and two that they don’t need washing off so they’re mess free.

I tend to repeat the treatment to max out the benefits as that still only takes 3 minutes. It’s super easy to clean, just wash it under warm water when you’re done and small enough to put away in your medicine cabinet.

Shop Foreo

Foreo UFO has replaced all of my other at home face masks as it takes home face masks to another level. This beauty tool offers heat, cryo, light and vibrational therapy that’s specific for each mask so that you can the most out of them. Full interview with Foreo.

2. Best beauty tools 2024 Solawave

I was torn between this and FOREO UFO taking the number 1 spot as I use both regularly and they both do different things. I use the Foreo UFO weekly for at home facials and I use the Solawave wand everyday with my serum. It was easy to work into my routine as I either do it in the morning while checking emails or at night in front of the TV.

Solawave review wand serum eve dawes

Since I gave up on my original LED mask and facial massager but like the concept of them I got the Solawave advance skincare wand (gifted) at the start of last year. It has red light therapy, microcurrent, therapeutic warmth and facial massage.

I’ve done a full review of it to let you decide for yourself whether it’s worth it or not for you but it did make my best beauty gadgets 2024 hit list and I always recommend it to people. It’s also easy to travel with as it’s so compact.

This year I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the deep lines around my eyes but I have done microneedling with RF, a fibroblast treatment and got the SBLA eye wand for hooded eyes.

Shop Solawave

3. Best Beauty Tools 2024 Dermaflash dermaplaning exfoliation device

Makeup artists always comment on how smooth my skin is and I put it all down to this miracle beauty tool. As I don’t use retinol or do peels. It’s the at home version of sonic dermaplaning, aestheticians will hate me for saying that. But honestly I get the same results doing it myself with this once every few months than I do from them and it saves me time and money.

Is dermaplaning basically shaving your face? Yes! But with the added benefit of exfoliating and getting rid of all of your dead skin along with the peach fuzz.

glowing skin beauty blogger eve dawes makeup

Go light handed with the Dermaflash. It’s an at home beauty gadget but it’s still a super sharp blade. I’ve definitely nicked myself a couple of times as you have to use a new blade each time. So it’s always super sharp but it’s so quick and easy.

Shop Dermaflash

The Dermaflash comes with the blades, a pre wash and post treatment cream so you don’t have to worry about buying anything else to use with it. Then you just order replacement blades as and when you need the.

4. Best Beauty Tools 2024 #4 Beauty Eraser

Once you use this you’ll never use a flannel/face cloth again. It’s so much softer, more absorbent and effective at removing makeup. Which is why it’s my must have beauty tool that gets used everyday.

Shop Beauty Eraser

This is the most affordable beauty essential on this list at $20. It comes in black and pink. As much as I love the pink, I also love black winged eyeliner so the black version stains less for me.

5. NuFACE facial toning device

I’ve been using the NuFACE mini religiously every morning as it’s touted as the 5 minute facelift. You can see my before and after photos to decide for yourself whether it works or not but right now it’s one of my favorite beauty face tools. It’s pushed my Solwave to the side for now.

However, I’ve shared both as this is more of a luxury beauty tool vs Solawave being a great more affordable option.

The Solawave is great for traveling. As it offers the microcurrent plus LED VS me having to take both my CurrentBody LED mask and NuFACE device. So it’s not out of use. However, at home I use the NuFACE in the morning and my LED mask 3 times a week in the evening. Which is different to the LED mask I mention below.

Use code GLAMOURCB for 15% off.

The beauty tools I don’t use that are gathering dust

Now I’ve shared my best beauty gadgets 2024, I wanted to share the misses with you. When buying new beauty tools and gadgets for my face I try to think of how I’ll fit them into my everyday routine. As no one as time to keep adding more things to their skincare routine.

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The 1st LED face mask I tried (with a caveat)

I wanted to love my original LED face mask as I thought I’d wear it watching TV every night and it was one of the more affordable masks. However, I should’ve got one with a better battery life. As mine needs constant recharging which I always forget to do.

It’s also a kind of thick plastic material that doesn’t fold to pack and my cats wanted to chew so I had to always put it away. It’s definitely one of the most affordable versions out there and a great way of seeing if you’d use it and like it.

However, I got my hands on the CurrentBody LED mask which has a much better battery life and is much more intensive. It’s the one you’ve seen on Emily in Paris. This one I do use a few times a week sat in front of the TV and travel with as it’s foldable.

It’s a no brainer as it doesn’t add time to my morning or evening skincare routines and I feel like it’s much more effective than the 1st one I tried.

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Shop LED face masks

The LED face mask is one of the most expensive at home beauty face tools so definitely do your research before buying. I have a feeling if I went for a more expensive one it’d be near the top and not at the bottom of my best beauty tools 2024 list. Use code GLAMOURCB for 15% off.

Jade and rose quartz facial rollers

I’d heard so many good things about Jade and Rose quartz facial rollers. Since they’re so affordable and shelfie pretty that I thought I’d give them a go. I put it on the table next to where I sit in the living room so I could use it watching TV. It doesn’t need charging just wiping down afterwards but do I use it? Rarely.

In the Summer I’m slightly better about using it as it’s cooling but in the Winter I skip it. I also like to see instant results from beauty tools and really didn’t find any benefits to this. Except for massaging my jaw if I’ve been grinding or clenching my teeth during the day.

Shop facial rollers

For $20-30 it’s worth giving facial rollers a go, especially if you’re into crystals. Lots of people love them, they’re just not for me.

Vibrating facial massager

This sounded good and I love a massage, so thought this could be another beauty face tool I could use at night watching TV. I don’t know how many beauty tools I thought I needed or could fit into an evening by the television but it was definitely too many. But being a cruelty-free beauty blogger I’ll pretty much try anything.

This does feel good and is supposed to be anti-aging by stimulating the muscles. However, it’s too noisy to use watching TV and looks a little dodgy sitting on your coffee table. The version I have works with contact with the skin but needs pressing pretty hard and sometimes won’t turn on.

It is an efficient Wrinkle Reducer, Spot Corrector, Collagen Booster & Face tightening tool that is ideal for all skin types


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Let me know your best beauty gadgets for 2024. Send me a message on Instagram so that I can check them out. I’m always looking for anything I can get my hands on to help fight aging.

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