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Protect & Prime

Supergoop glowscreen SPF & Primer


A 2-in-1 SPF & Primer cuts down the amount of products which also makes getting ready quicker.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation & Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Foundations are worth spending more on so they cover not cake. Tarte concealer is full coverage & creases the least out of the ones I've tried.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara

My fine fair lashes need a good mascara. This cruelty-free mascara does what it says but if you're blessed with great lashes save vs splurge on mascara.


Splurge Vs Save

This is 1 product I haven't found much difference on whether I save or splurge. I like Kat Von D, Charlotte Tilbury & Urban Decay as they're all cruelty-free but you could also try E.L.F

Blush & Highlighter

I find the type vs brand more important for this & love a liquid highlighter & blush as they don't sit in my lines as much as powder.


Whether dark or the trending bleached out look you can totally save vs splurge on brow makeup as long as it's a good color match.

Setting Spray

My go to is Iconic London Prep Set Glow as it's super dewy & golden. You can also use it as a primer & refresher throughout the day.

Setting Powder

A lot of people find they can skip this but I get super dewy & this keeps my makeup in place. It's a product you don't have to splurge on to find a good one.

Lipstick & gloss

I find a big difference in lipstick brands & think it's worth spending to avoid dry lips & chemicals as they're closest to your mouth.

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